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Google has recently been rolling out improvements to the Play Store that make it easier to find and manage beta apps, so if you're eager to try out some cutting edge features and are prepared to put up with a few additional bugs, there's never been a better time to get started. Here are 12 apps worth checking out.


Not every app of the week is always new — sometimes even updates to apps are deserving enough for some fresh attention. This week there are a few updates to old goodies in the Windows Phone world, Android users can choose to take a step back in time to the days of analogue video recording, and iOS has a newbie that lets you easily make comic book pages.


This week's favourite apps have you covered for a lot of different scenarios. You need to book a flight for cheap? Check. Or maybe you've got some down time and want to watch a bunch of great videos that were picked out by professionals — there's an app for that. We've also got an old favourite that's finally being beta tested on a new mobile OS. But OK, that's enough of an intro, time to check out the apps.


Those @aol.com email domain names? With apologies to dad, they're total jokes! AOL hopes to change that however, and it started today with its attempt to, hrm, freshen up its fledgling brand. Meet Project Phoenix!


Google's working on an update to its Gmail app for Android, adding a floating header/reply bar for usability and some real overall speed improvements. A beta of that better version is in the wild, and phones running Froyo (2.2) can try it out.