Drink Any Beer Like It's Octoberfest With This Stein-Style Can Holder

Octoberfest is just round the corner and now you have the perfect way to practice. Made from plastic resin designed to look like traditional pewter, the Das Can-in-Stein lets you drink any can like it’s a stein.

Oh Dear, Someone's Selling A 99-Pack Of Beer

Because everything is bigger in Texas, an Austin brewery has made a 99 pack of beers for 99 bucks. Ninety-nine beers, in one case. God bless America.

Every Beer Label In The US Is Cleared By Just One Guy

If you’ve ever brewed beer commercially in the United States, chances are you’re familiar with a one Kent “Battle” Martin. Because as far as brewers are concerned, he is the Alpha and the Omega of beer labels — without his approval, you’re effectively screwed.

Fermenting Beer Time Lapse Shows One Beautiful Breathing Sludge Monster

Watching the fermentation process of beer is a lot like seeing a brown sludge monster grow in strength. It’s not pretty. But then you remember how delicious beer tastes and how wonderful it makes you feel and you forgive it for looking so unsightly. Or at least I did. I think this time lapse is beautiful.

Beer Pong Ball Washer Solves Every Uni Student's Worst Nightmare

There’s two problems with beer pong. First: drinking beer blessed by a ball that’s been rolling around on an apartment floor. Second: the lack of Kickstarter daydream machines to solve problem number one. Behold the solution to exactly one of those problems: the Clean Cup.

Happy Hour: How To Drink An IPA, One Hop Flavour At A Time

If you’re a fan of modern IPAs (PBR drinkers: Go stand in the corner) then you are no doubt a friendly familiar of hops, the magical bud that gives beer its bitter bite. But with hundreds up hops varieties and some brews using upwards of a dozen of them , it’s hard to know which hop is imparting which flavour unto your beer.

The Differences Between A Budweiser And A Craft Brew (In GIFs)

We all sort of have an idea of how it works: craft brew is lovingly hand-coaxed into existence, while commercial brew is rattled around in big, scary machines, right? Well let’s see with our own eyes. The good folks at St Louis Public Radio have done a fun GIF series peeking inside the operations of both Anheuser-Busch and a tiny microbrewery.

Happy Hour: Using Yeast DNA To Unlock A Better Beer

Beer may be as old as civilisation itself, but modern molecular biology could teach craft brewers some new tricks. Troels Prahl, a brewer and microbiologist with White Labs, is currently analysing the full DNA sequences of yeast from 2500 batches of beer in hopes of finding the yeast genes that explain why a lager becomes a lager or an ale an ale.

How England's Yeast Vault Saved A Brewery After A Disastrous Flood

A commercial brewery is really a factory. Raw ingredients like grain and water go in one end, flow through pipes and tanks, and beer comes out the other side. But you could gut and replace all those pipes and tanks, switch from one grain supplier to another, swap out the walls and the controllers, and the same beer would still flow from the taps, metaphorically speaking.

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