Cambodia's Angkor Wat Might Be The Prettiest Street View Yet

Fresh out of Cambodia, Angkor Wat is the latest addition to Google Maps’ already considerable portfolio of beautiful places you can explore using Street View. It’s one of the most stunning places on the entire planet, and Google stepped up its game accordingly.

The Fantastic Worlds And Alien Cities Of Christian Lorenz Scheurer

These are the fantastic worlds and cities of Christian Lorenz Scheurer, an artist whose latest work include Thor 2 and Man of Steel. His work is beautiful, his architecture very organic and evocative. But without further ado, please feast your eyes upon his art.

This Time Lapse Of Fireflies Is Art In Motion

If you’ve been stressing out or if you’re getting swamped at work or if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, here’s how you fix it: by watching this lovely time lapse of fireflies by Vincent Brady. Just put it on full screen, zone out and watch fireflies (or lightning bugs if that’s what you call them) paint the world with light and create mesmerising art.

In Wales, A Floating House On The Edge Of A Vast Forest

Kelsey spotted this beautifully simple house that is suspended on a minimum concrete structure on the edge of the Brecon National Park in Wales, United Kingdom. It’s so minimal and beautiful. I want it. Badly.

The Awesome Spaceship And Vehicle Concepts Of Scott Robertson

Scott Robertson is one of my favourite concept designers of all time, a true master (both figuratively and literally). Anyone who loves science fiction and space and cars and mechs and any kind of awesome vehicle should own at least Blast and Drive. Here’s a tiny sample of his extraordinary work.

Can You Imagine The Day When This Is A Common Scene Around Earth?

“The Patrol cutter Hercules and two rescue boats over Nu Sera,” reads the caption by concept designer Isaac Hannaford. I really like Isaac’s work because the design and the finish is not only beautiful — it feels solid. I see the above image and it seems as real as NASA photo of the space solid.

Photo Wizard Warps Reality, Invokes Interdimensional Wormholes On Earth

What would it look like to travel through a wormhole? Maybe a little bit like this new photo series from Randy Scott Slavin. “Alternate Perspectives Two” challenges the very definition of panorama, turning simple landscapes into 360-degree spheres of beauty. You almost want to fall right into the photos, just to see where in the universe you’d emerge.

These Beautiful Underwater Monsters Will Haunt Your Dreams Tonight

These worms were collected by Alexander Semenov on various research expeditions, in locations like the Great Barrier Reef. I wonder how different — or similar — life could be under the oceans of Jupiter’s moon Europa. If there’s any life down there, that is.

Watching Complete Strangers Kiss For The First Time Is Really Beautiful

Um, wow. I don’t know if it’s the song selection or because it’s in black and white or the fact that everybody in this video is so attractive, but what started out as incredibly awkward, seeing two strangers meet each other and kiss, turned into something pretty damn beautiful. The premise of the video, called First Kiss and directed by Tatia Pilieva, was to get 20 strangers and have them kiss each other for the first time. It gets electric.

These Unbelievable Monsters With Seven Legs Are Actually Real Frogs

Brandon Ballengée made these beautiful prints of “terminally deformed frogs found in nature” using a clearing and staining process. He then scanned the bodies with a high resolution scanner. The results are fascinating.