Goddesses Materialising Out Of Nowhere

Oliver Oettli says that he usually doesn’t do stuff like his Power Winds photo series but these photos became his most well known project. And rightly so. They feel magical, as if these women were supernatural beings. No digital tricks here: Photoshop was only used to adjust colour and contrast.

Gorgeous Guardians Of The Galaxy Concept Art Revealed

Olivier Pron was the lede matte painter for Guardians of the Galaxy. His concepts for the movie sets — and other movies and personal projects — are extremely cool.

Fantastic Landscape Photography Makes Earth Look Like A Magic Dimension 

Greg Boratyn captures landscapes with absolute perfection. The photo above, taken in Patagonia, Argentina, using multiple exposures while the rising moon was hitting at the right angle, is a perfect example. This gallery has a lot more.

Amazing Drawings Are Actually Made Of Insanely Complex Cut Paper

Maude White shows impossible skills and infinite patience in her beautiful series of illustrations made entirely up of paper, with no pencil or ink. She turns the paper into the lines of the drawing by subtracting tiny pieces out of it with an X-acto knife — an extremely delicate process.

I Want To Live In One Of These Spectacular Cabins In A Norwegian Fjord

Look at this. It’s so perfect it seems artificial — some illuminated display inside a “Visit Norway” booth at a travel fair. It’s actually the view from a cabin in the northwest coast of Norway, 250 miles northwest of Oslo, a paradise in the middle of a fjord. It is now one of my dream homes, too.

New Building In The Arabian Desert Looks Like An Alien Spaceship Fleet

This is Zaha Hadid’s latest building, the headquarters for UAE’s environmental management company Bee’ah, in the emirate of Sharjah. The company says that Hadid’s “design team found inspiration in sand formations created by the wind’s movement and direction.” I say aliens.

Add This Spectacular House To Your List Of Dream Homes

Casa Los Algarrobos. Perched on the moutains of Puembo, Ecuador, this 8,966-square-foot (833m2) house is yet another dream home to live in and have peace, food, and sex forever. The views, the materials, the distribution — I like it all. But it’s that bedroom that took my heart away. I want to wake up there so badly.

Impressive New Image Of Saturn From Above The Ecliptic Plane

Our friend Val Klavans sent me a Christmas present this morning: A colour photo of Saturn as you would have seen it if you were riding the spacecraft Cassini on December 21, 2014. Saturn’s north polar hexagon stands out prominently while the rings encircle the planet. You can see the hexagon storm on its north pole.

One Of The Most Magical Photos I Have Seen This Year

Today’s National Geographic Your Shot editor’s pick is this stunning image of what seems to be a man/alien hovering over the ground in a forest. In reality, it is a surreal photo of a diver in a cenote, in the Yucatán, Mexico. The lighting is so perfect and the water so clear that you can’t really tell what’s going on.

Good Night, Toronto

Canada. Hockey. Poutine. Maple Syrup. All such truly wonderful things! Also wonderful? Toronto. Here’s a hyperlapse from Ryan Emond that shows the sparkling skyline of the lovely city to our north.

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