Good Night, Toronto

Canada. Hockey. Poutine. Maple Syrup. All such truly wonderful things! Also wonderful? Toronto. Here’s a hyperlapse from Ryan Emond that shows the sparkling skyline of the lovely city to our north.

Miniature Trip Around The World Makes Me Want To Leave This Town At Once

Video: Watch this excellent video that New Zealand-based production house Cirkus made for Airbnb. The detail and aesthetics are worthy of a Henry Selick movie or one of those precious vignettes from a Wes Anderson movie. 60 seconds that are pure gold.

Good Night, London

It’s a little weird to say this, but I’ve mostly ignored London as a city to visit. Even though it’s been years since I’ve last been and even though I enjoyed my time there, I never think about it when I get bitten by the travel bug. And I don’t have a legitimate reason why not! Maybe I should go again.

The Most Amazing And Inspiring Vision Of The Future I've Ever Seen

None of the countless science fiction movies and documentaries about the future of humanity I’ve ever seen were as inspiring, beautiful, and realistic as this extraordinary short film by Erik Wernquist, narrated by Carl Sagan. Watch it and get ready for goosebumps.

Surreal Pencil Drawings Of Lips Made From Other Things [NSFW-ish]

These beautiful pencil drawings by artist Christo Dagorov transform the sensual texture of human lips into surreal drawings of trees, nudes or a city. NSFW.

Here Are Some Fantastic Starships To Make You Dream About The Future

Watching cool illustrations of starships — like these fantastic designs by Mack Sztaba — is always an exercise of painful day dreaming for me. I always get into a black hole that gets me to new worlds and vessels that I would never see — which really sucks. I wish I were there, on board this Zeus cruiser.

Sneak Into Paris' Homes With Gail Albert Halaban's Voyeuristic Photos

Photographer Gail Albert Halaban doesn’t like the term voyeur, she is friendly window watcher. That’s why this series of pictures called Paris Views don’t look at all creepy but rather tender and beautiful.

The Delicate Yet Disturbing Work Of A Neuroscientist Turned Artist

The work of South Korean artist Timothy H Lee is utterly influenced by his years as a neuroscience student. These beautiful sculptures and paintings are his way of digging inside his own complex and sometimes disturbed personality.

Photographer Transforms Women Into Beautiful Metallic Statues [NSFW]

Italian Photographer Guido Argentini hired some dancers, gymnasts and aerialists, coated them in silver paint, and ended up with this beautiful collection of pictures that transform the girls into beautiful metallic statues. [NSFW]

Good Night, Chicago

I like Chicago. The city is clean, the architecture is nice, Wrigley Field is fun, a river cuts through it and the lake is right there. I wanted to make fun of the Bean but it drew me in like a mosquito about to be zapped. And, hey, I realised that I don’t really like ketchup when I visited Chicago. It’s a nice place.