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Hong Kong's Beaches Are Suddenly Covered In Garbage And No One Knows Why

Visitors to Hong Kong’s beaches have taken to various social media channels to voice their outrage about the current state of the region’s beaches. Judging by the accompanying photos, they look more like garbage oases than relaxing paradises.

Old WWII Bomb Blown Up After Washing Ashore On A Florida Beach 

This makes stepping on a jellyfish seem like no big deal: A beachgoer found a mysterious cylindrical hunk of sea-worn metal washed up on the shore at St. Pete Beach, Florida. It turned out to be a barnacle-covered M122 photoflash bomb from World War II, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Trolley Tracks Once Ran Through The Beaches Of Los Angeles

Trolleys once rivalled the crashing surf in the soundscape of Southland beaches. Along much of the Southern California coast from Santa Monica to Redondo and from Long Beach to Newport, a red dot — a distant Pacific Electric car — would appear down the shore. As it neared, the click-clack of the wheels moving over the wooden ties, the squeal of steel on steel, and the monotonous clanging of the bell would temporarily overwhelm the Pacific’s roar.

These Aerial Beach Photos Were Shot While Dangling From A Helicopter

Antoine Rose shoots photographs from the air. He shoots them hanging off the edge of a helicopter thousands of feet above ground — in wind, in subzero temperatures, in the dark. But sometimes the conditions are just right for a day at the beach, and Rose captures these surreal, candy-coloured images of the sand and surf below.

330 Tonnes Of Rubbish Makes This Beach The Dirtiest In The World

This is how Shenzhen’s Dameisha Beach in China looks at the end of the annual Dragon Boat Festival. Some 780,000 people dumped more than 330 tonnes of rubbish in just one weekend. It seems unreal that people can still relax surrounded by so much garbage. Just imagining the stench makes me feel sick.

This Mug Screws Into Soft Ground To Stay Upright

If you’ve ever struggled to keep your drinks in their receptacle at the beach, this concept will have your pretty excited: Screw Cup is a mug that can be driven into the ground to help it stay upright.

Rebuild Lost Empires From Sand -- At Least Temporarily

Forget bulging muscles or a toned set of abs. If you really want to impress everyone on the beach, a stunning sand castle is the way to go. And if your sculpting skills max out at Play-Doh snakes, these architectural sand castle moulds will let you re-build the most stunning structures from past empires, ready to be lost to time once again once the tide rolls in.

Monster Machines: The Seaweed-Sucking Truck That Cleans Beaches

Keeping Alicante’s miles of shoreline pristine for the multitudes of beachgoers that congregate to the Mediterranean city every year is no small feat — what with all the seaweed that washes up there. Problem is, the city’s existing seaweed mitigation techniques end up eroding the beaches they’re meant to clean. This automated seaweed collector, however, removes all of the plant matter and none of the sand.

$260 Portable Lounge Chair: For Professional Beach Bums Only

For most sunbathers, a towel, a bottle of sunscreen and sunglasses are all they need for a day at the beach. But every activity always has that one person who has to do overdo it, and they’ll be easy to spot dragging around this 10kg transforming monstrosity of a lounge chair.

A Plate Made Of Sand Sounds Like An Awful Dining Experience

Given that sand finds its way into every nook and cranny of your person when you go for a swim, the prospect of dining on the beach is even less appealing. So what possessed artist Victor Castanera to create a series of plaster-based dinnerware cast from the natural contours of a sandy beach?

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