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Sony's Potential Blu-ray Successor Fits An Entire Season Of TV On One Disc

Sony just revealed the new laser they’re developing alongside Tohoku University. Regardless of the future of physical media, the specs are astounding to consider.

Would You Pay $US5 To Upgrade An Old DVD To Blu-ray?

Warner Bros has an interesting program that they’ve recently expanded a bit – mail in an old DVD movie along with $US5 to swap it for the newer, Blu-ray version. After mulling it over, I think I like the idea.

Denon S-5BD Blu-ray Player/Receiver: A Monster In A Box

I’ll say it: the S-5BD looks ferocious. It’s a Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player and a 5.1-channel audiophile grade surround sound receiver, all packed into an oooooo shiny design.

Dual-Sided Blu-ray/DVD Discs: What The Hell Took So Long?

HD DVD made dual-sided HD DVD/DVD combo discs in 2006. They even announced a dual-sided HD DVD/Blu-ray disc in January 2007. So why the fuck did it take three more years to make a Blu-ray/DVD combo?

Pioneer Churns Out The World's First 12x Blu-ray Burner

The BDR-205 is pretty much like any other mainstream 5.25-inch internal Blu-ray writer, in terms of looks and features, except for the fact that it, get this, spins slightly faster than the current crop of 8x writers. Slightly!

Check Out How Blu-ray Discs Are Made

The guys over at have a great photo gallery detailing the process of a Blu-ray disc being made at the new Sony BD factory in Huntingwood, NSW. Definitely worth a gander if you’re looking to kill five minutes today…

[; Image: Charlie Brewer]

Asus Slim Blu-ray Drives Feature A Wicked X

We don’t know what the LED X found on the side of this Asus Blu-ray drive is supposed to symbolise to the people of Earth, but we aren’t ones to argue with pointlessly glowing aesthetics.

Zack Snyder To Host Watchmen Screening Over BD Live

Warner Bros is super, super smart about marketing their Blu-ray discs. First they had Christopher Nolan host a community screening for The Dark Knight. Now director Zack Snyder will do the same for Watchmen.

Hello Slightly Cheaper Blu-ray

Panasonic, Sony and Philips are spinning off Blu-ray licensing into a single company, which for us, the real people, means we should be seeing Blu-ray prices take another tumble downward.

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