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Blackberry Z30 Hands-On: BB10 Gets Hip To The Hugeness

If the Z10 looked something like Blackberry was trying to build an iPhone copy to house its BB10 platform, the just announced Z30 would be the BB10 Galaxy S4 or HTC One. After holding it for a few minutes, I’m convinced it’s something I wouldn’t mind holding for at least a few minutes more.

BlackBerry Is Bringing BBM To iOS And Android This Summer

Today, at the BlackBerry Live Keynote, the company announced that it will be launching BBM on iOS and Android this Summer. This is a big move for the company that has found itself increasingly trapped in a prison of its own making. Now, BlackBerry will make one of its best and more innovative services available across many platforms.

BB10 Fails The UK Government's High Security Testing

The new BlackBerry ecosystem has failed the UK government’s high security testing. James Bond isn’t getting a Z10 anytime soon.

Watch BlackBerry Rock Out In Yet Another Staggeringly Awkward Music Video

BlackBerry 10 is here at last, so, of course, there’s another BlackBerry-tastic music video from VP of Developer Relations Alec Saunders. Now that BlackBerry’s actually delivered on those promises from the first song, you can’t fault ’em for wanting to take a victory lap, even if it’s really hard to watch.

BlackBerry 10: Which Apps Will (And Won't) Be There

Earlier this week it was reported that video streaming service Netflix has no plans to develop a BlackBerry 10 app. While that specific nugget of news wasn’t surprising, we began to wonder what other popular apps may or may not be coming to BB10.

Was BlackBerry's Super Bowl Ad The Dumbest Tech Ad Ever?

BlackBerry’s Super Bowl ad from last night was… uh… interesting. The company claimed that in 30 seconds it was easier to show us what BB10 couldn’t do — which is perhaps some of the laziest marketing ever.

BlackBerry's Most Important Phone Isn't Its Flagship

BlackBerry announced two phones yesterday, but it’s clear which is the favourite son. The Z10 looks like a winner; it’s got brains and body enough to face the iPhones and Galaxy S IIIs of the world head-on. It’s got a release date and a price. It’s a phone any company would be proud to call a flagship. In fact, its only downside is that it’s totally irrelevant. Whoops!

Are You Going To Buy A New BlackBerry?

So, you’ve read about the new BlackBerrys in exhaustive detail. One big questions remains though: are any of you actually going to buy one?

40% Of BlackBerry 10's Apps Are Android Ports

Turns out BlackBerry’s proud claim that the new BB10 phones are launching with 70,000 bespoke apps was a bit of a lie — with one of the company’s own men admitting that up to 40 per cent of these are frantic Android port jobs.

BlackBerry's Best Trick: Nailing Work-Life Balance

Today BlackBerry demoed what it’s calling BlackBerry Balance, a clever way of separating one’s personal and work lives in one device. You don’t see it as much these days but carrying two phones — one for business, one for pleasure — was commonplace not too long ago. I remember having a BlackBerry 6200 alongside my HipTop/Sidekick 2; and I’m sure a lot of you remember those days as well.

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