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Dive Into This Digital Battleship In The Name Of Conservation

For nearly three-quarters of a century, the USS Arizona has rested practically untouched in the waters of Pearl Harbor, acting as both the final resting place of and enduring tribute to the 1100 marines and sailors that lost their lives aboard it. Today, the National Park Service and Autodesk unveiled the results of an intensive modern survey that will soon allow anyone in the world to virtually explore the battleship in all her former glory.

Monster Machines: The 71m Tall, 4600-Tonne Crane That Builds Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft carriers are, how to say, big. Building them is a lot easier if you have a really, really big crane. Meet Big Blue. She’s the largest crane in the western hemisphere, and she’s hard at work piecing together the new Ford-class aircraft carriers in Newport News, Virginia.

Monster Machines: Aboard The Smarter, Deadlier Aircraft Carrier Of Tomorrow

So, you want to buy an aircraft carrier. There’s only one place you can go — Newport News Shipbuilding, the largest dry-dock in the western hemisphere.

Monster Machines: Britain's New $1.5b Battleship Is A 152m Mobile Missile Shield

With all the iPhone 5 hoopla lately, you might not have heard the news: Israel and Iran are fixing for a fight that could wipe both countries off the map. Western allies have already dispatched a flotilla of warships to the region to guard the Straight of Hormuz — among them is the brand new HMS Diamond. This floating missile shield is the UK Royal Navy’s most capable destroyer ever.

This Battleship Will Be Turned Into A Museum And Let You Blow Stuff Up

The USS Iowa recently arrived in Los Angeles, completing the last voyage of its storied career. Now the ship will be transformed into a museum. We know what you’re thinking: borrrring. Not so! There are plans to create a crazy-sounding multiplayer game room that recreates the ship’s history.

Cousteau's Amazing Fleet Of Vehicles

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Jacques Cousteau showed audiences undersea life like they had never seen it before. But just as remarkable as the seascapes he photographed are the vehicles he used to access them: repurposed battleships, saucer-like subs, and of course, the aqualung.

Razzle Dazzle Battleships

During WWI, German U-Boats were alarmingly effective at sinking allied warships and transport vessels alike. But since a ship couldn’t exactly be cloaked, Norman Wilkinson, British artist and naval officer, developed another method nicknamed razzle dazzle.

Maker Faire: Remote Controlled Battleships Fighting With BB Gun Cannons

newVideoPlayer("battlshipsmakersB.flv", 494, 300,""); Why do I need goggles to watch R/C ships sailing in a pond? Because these replicas of WWII battleships fire C02-powered projectiles. In the video above, you can see munitions bounce off the plexi shields protecting the crowd and make splashes as they ricochet off enemy hulls. The Western Warship Combat Club is recreating Axis vs. Allies fights where each side tries to sink the other. At 1/144 scale. [Western Warship Combat Club Maker Faire]

Man Finishes 30-feet WWII German Battleship Model, Prepares to Invade Poland Soon

Speaking of giant models, Maine-resident William Terra has spent 6 years completing this gigantic 1:20-scale model of a World War II German Panzerschiff, the Deutschland-class battleship Admiral Graf Spee. The 30-feet long, 700-pound model is built like a canoe and is capable of carrying two people on board.

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