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A Dangerous New Stormtrooper May Appear In Star Wars: Episode VIII

Plus, director Scott Garrison is thinking ahead to the Doctor Strange sequel. Some Batman rumours you didn’t know existed get shot down. We have out first look at Orphan Black‘s fifth and final season. Plus The Punisher TV series and Aquaman. Spoilers, ho!

The Batman Of The Internet Hacks Russian Government Website, Demands Retribution

Holy cyber attack! The man that former FBI agents have dubbed the “Batman of the Internet” has returned. And this time he’s targeting Russia with one simple message: “I am vengeance!”

Could There Really Be A Spinoff Show For Supergirl's Superman?

Sony’s Mulan movie gets a director. James Gunn ponders the Guardians of the Galaxy spinoff he’d like to do most. Get a good look at Stephen Merchant’s Logan character. Plus, new clips from Moana, The Flash, and Star Wars Rebels, and new set pictures from The Punisher. Spoilers get!

Just Look At This Gorgeous Concept Art For The 1966 Batman Show

Batman ’66 aesthetic is burned into the very fabric of pop culture — bright lights, bold colours, biffs, boffs and kapows. But these recently resurfaced pieces of production art go behind the scenes in seeing how that aesthetic was eventually brought to life.

New Sets From The LEGO Batman Movie Feature Amazing Puns, Heavily Armed Penguins

Look at those tiny, buzzsaw-armed penguins and tell me this is not the greatest LEGO set you’ve ever seen. Go on. I’ll wait.

That Time A Mexican Filmmaker Turned Batman Into A Female Wrestler

Some of our favourite heroes have been the subject of very weird foreign remakes over the years — who can forget Toei’s Spider-Man — but one of the weirdest has to be La Mujer Murciélago, Mexico’s take on the 1966 Batman show… only with a female lead who happened to be a Luchadora.

Batman Arkham VR Finally Made Me Empathise With The Dark Knight

I don’t like Batman. Like an old pair of tennis shoes or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies, Batman is something I grew out of. It’s hard to relate to a rich white dude who works out his pathos by investing in the militarisation of vigilantes and police instead funnelling cash into the crumbling infrastructure that produces his rogue gallery. And then I played Batman: Arkham VR.

Prepare For Way Too Many Jokers And Harley Quinns This Halloween

Credit: Party City A new survey shows about one in 10 of us will be running around in chest tattoos, hot pants, and Manic Panic hair dyes this Halloween. God help us all.

Another Marvel Hero Is Confirmed For Avengers: Infinity War

Ben Affleck’s Batman movie gets a release window. Kevin Feige talks about Stan Lee’s future cameos. Lionsgate is open to more Twilight. Plus, meet Agents of SHIELD‘s new director, more footage from Supergirl season two, and new looks at Passengers and Doctor Strange. Spoilers!

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