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The Final 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Trailer Is Here

Bats and Supes duke it out, Alfred shows some sass and Diana speaks — finally! Here’s the final official trailer for the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie.

Hot Toys Is Doing Life-Size Figures, Starting With Armoured Batman

No longer content to merely make the most uncannily realistic 30-centimetre action figures on the planet, Hong Kong-based toymaker Hot Toys has announced they will be turning their talents to a new scale of figure: life-sized.

We're Finally Getting Those Rainbow Batman Figures

You wouldn’t think that a six pack of repainted Batman action figures had a tumultuous history, but here we are. Early last year, DC almost released this collection of toys based on one of the most infamously absurd covers of Detective Comics — but the set lost out on a fan poll, dooming it to non-existence… until now.

I Hope Every Batman V Superman Fight Plays Out Like Raving Bonkers

The trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have revealed there will be some truly epic battles playing out between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, but deep down there’s a part of me who would find it just as entertaining if the two battled it out like a pair of Raving Bonkers.

Hot Toys' Baby Batman And Superman Are Super Adorable

I mean, just look at them. Sure, one’s a heavily armoured angry dude and the other is a space alien with glowing red eyes that are about to shoot out hot laser beams of death. But still, babies!

You'll Probably Buy These Justice League Paper Clips For Just The Batman One

The same way you really only buy sugary breakfast cereals for the smattering of marshmallows they include, this $US20 ($28) tin of Justice League paperclips is still worth every last penny even if you toss all but the ten Batman clips it comes with.

Giant Necks And Stern Looks Abound In Hot Toys' Batman V Superman Figures

We got a brief glimpse at Hot Toys figures for Batman v Superman earlier this week, but now the company has released a full look at the Dark Knight and Man of Steel, and — nope. Can’t do it any more. Have to say it. LOOK AT THE GODDAMN SIZE OF BATMAN’S NECK, HOLY COW.

Hot Toys' Batman V Superman Line Will Include A Massive Batmobile, Too

There should be no surprises that Hot Toys will be turning their uncannily details eyes towards Batman v Superman ahead of its release next year. But the company have started lifting the lid on their plans for the movie, and said plans include a rather massive, and rather swanky, Batmobile toy to stuff the Dark Knight into.

Here's The New Trailer For Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

After teasing DC fans with a succession of teasers, Warner Bros. has finally unleashed the full trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Warning: contains nerdy smack talk.

Check Out The Glorious Capes On These Batman V Superman Action Figures

Although some may disagree, nothing beats a good cape on a superhero suit — and the same stands for superhero action figures. So it’s a good jobe Medicom’s new toys based on Batman v Superman have some fantastic, poseable capes to make the figures really shine.

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