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Gotham Returns, As Delightfully Insane As Ever

In these uncertain times, it’s nice to have constants in our lives, whether they be friends, family, or Gotham. It’s genuinely comforting to me to know that the show, which is ostensibly about the eventual rise of Batman, is still hard at work making sure it is getting the Batman mythos as relentlessly wrong as possible.

New Movie Poster Says We Should All Be Lego Batman

The Lego Batman Movie has a new poster and it looks like Batman has been shopping for inspirational T-shirt quotes.

Zack Snyder Gives First Look At Commissioner Gordon In Justice League

Zack Snyder has revealed the first image of J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming DC superhero saga, Justice League, and the guy looks pretty good in black and white.

The 10 Most Dangerous Schools In Fiction

Kids may not be happy about going to school, but it could be worse — they could be going to one of these schools, where danger, physical damage and even death stalk the classrooms. Here are 10 schools where you have an equal chance of graduating as dying.

First Look At Batman's New 'Tactical Batsuit' From Justice League

Zack Snyder tweeted an image of what he called “the new Tactical Batsuit”. Love the goggles, Batman.

These New Posters Make Your Favourite Sci-Fi Properties Look Better Than Ever

Where can you see Ghostbusters, Batman, Ex Machina, Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Scott Pilgrim, Big Trouble in Little China and Alien all at the same time? At Craig Drake’s latest show at the Hero Complex Gallery, or right here.

Ryan Potter Wants To Play Robin So Badly He Made Ben Affleck A Fight Scene

Big Hero 6 actor Ryan Potter really wants to play Tim Drake/Robin in Ben Affleck’s new solo Batman film, so he made a short flick showing Ben exactly what he can do.

Geoff Johns On The Future Of DC Movies: Relax, We're Changing Everything

In their first interview since taking over the DC Films, the men put in charge of righting the ship after Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad admitted that the tone of the previous films has been wrong — and as a result, many changes are being made.

The Best Accessory Of Hot Toys' Batman '66 Joker Figure Is His Painted-Over Moustache

Cesar Romero’s take on the Joker for the Batman ’66 TV show is iconic — but the very obvious moustache he refused to shave for the role, barely obscured with white face paint, is almost as famous as he is. Thankfully, Hot Toys remembered this crucial detail when bringing Romero’s Joker to action figure life.

Joe Manganiello Will Play Deathstroke In The Batman Solo Movie

The character’s surprising arrival in the DCEU was only recently revealed, but now we know who’ll be playing the man behind Slade Wilson’s mask: True Blood‘s Joe Mangienello.

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