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Intriguing New Details About Batman's Role In Suicide Squad

A Black Panther casting call alleges a veritable who’s who of comic book characters will be in the film. The screenwriters of Infinity War tease even more characters being in the film. Plus, an update on Shazam and new teases for the season finales of Arrow and Flash. Spoilers get!

Did A Tour Guide Accidentally Reveal The Identity Of Batman V Superman's Robin?

During a Facebook Live interview earlier this week, Warner Brothers toured the new DC Universe: The Exhibit, and might have accidentally revealed the identity of Batman v Superman’s Robin.

10 Brand New Characters Who Joined Our Favourite Series, And We Didn't Hate Them

The biggest challenge for the new Star Wars was to make us love Rey and Finn as much as Luke and Han. Mission accomplished! But most of the time, when a venerable franchise introduces new characters, it’s a horrendous failure. Here are 10 long-running series that actually made us care about new characters.

Just How Many Villains Are In The Standalone Batman Movie?

Ewan McGregor throws water on Obi-Wan movie rumours. Jon Favreau may be returning to the director’s seat at Marvel. 10 Cloverfield Lane‘s director heads to Black Mirror. Plus more Power Rangers filming, even more footage from Civil War and a new clip from Agents of SHIELD. Spoilers get!

Jonathan Nolan: 'Nothing That I Have Done Prepared Me' For The Challenge Of Westworld

We’ve been anxiously awaiting HBO’s Westworld for what feels like forever. Originally, we hoped Westworld would arrive in 2015, then we heard 2016. And then production was shut down, and we heard it might be 2017 instead. What’s going on? We talked to showrunner Jonathan Nolan, and he filled us in.

Robin Was Also A Killer In Zack Snyder's DC Cinematic Murderverse

In what should honestly not be a surprise to anyone who saw Batman v Superman, it turns out that Batman’s youthful sidekick Robin was also someone who preferred murdering criminals as opposed to sending them through that pesky justice system.

Robin Has A Hilarious Entrance In The LEGO Batman Movie

We’re all psyched for The LEGO Batman Movie. It’s LEGO, it’s Batman and the trailers have been wonderful. At CinemaCon 2016, Warner Bros. showed a nice long clip from the film, and it centred on the genius way Robin is introduced to this world.

We Just Saw Some Beautiful New Footage From Wonder Woman

Warner Bros’ CinemaCon presentation started off with a bang today: a 15-minute spotlight on upcoming DC Films. It touted the huge success of Batman v Superman (and the head of WB confirmed that Ben Affleck will be directing a solo Batman movie), showed the new trailer for Suicide Squad and did a sizzle reel that included about 30 seconds of new Wonder Woman footage.

You Know There's Already A Good Batman-Superman Movie Out There, Right?

In all the hubbub, furor and hullabaloo about Batman v Superman, very few people seem to remember this isn’t the first movie where Batman and Superman share screentime. The actual first movie came out in 1997, was less confrontationally called The Batman/Superman Movie, and oh — it was animated.

Dive Deep Into The Making Of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy With This Documentary

Video: Is there really any doubt that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight is the best Batman movie? Sure, arguments can be made for others but, with his second film, Nolan was able to strike a perfect balance of all things Batman, and thus anchor a legendary trilogy.

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