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I Want To Ride In This Hot Tub Tug Boat 

Toot toot! I have discovered the apotheosis of transit and it is a hot tub tug boat. HotTug is both real and as incredible as it sounds, a hot tub that doubles as a BOAT.

This Ridiculous Hot Tub Is Larger Than Some New York Apartments

We understand the appeal of kicking back at the end of a long day in a warm jet of bubbles. But it looks like the Luxema 8000 hot tub could fill an entire backyard, let alone a cheap New York apartment.

Kohler Spent $1500 For Me To Take A Bath In Wisconsin

Kohler, WI sits sandwiched between farmland and road houses, slightly west of Sheboygan. It’s deposited in an area once so thick with trees that early white guys had to use Indian trails to get their Manifest Destiny on — before growing tired of all that and chopping everything down for the paper mills.

Bathtub In Hyperspace

Soft LED lighting, go. Water jets, go. Warp drive, go. Life support, go. Champagne bottle, go. Good company, go. All systems go for perfect bath for two.

Hand Charge Your Floating Musical Orgel Spa Ball

This Orgel Spa is a floating, hand cord-charged ball that plays one song and one song only. It’s waterproof, goes into your bath, and is supposed to give you three minutes of relaxation.

Too Hot or Too Cold? The Monkey's 'Fro Will Let You Know

This $US3 monkey luffa has a head full of heat-senstive hair that changes from brown to yellow when it feels your bath is hot enough for you to jump in. [Product Page via Nerd Approved]

Double Click Your Body to Cleanliness With the Soap Mouse

We’ve seen washable mice and mice you don’t need to wash before, but have you ever thought of possibly washing yourself with a mouse?

Sanyo's Human Washing Machine From 1970

Back in 1970, Sanyo envisioned a future where manual bathing was obsolete and head-washing was (apparently) optional. At the World Expo in Osaka, Sanyo unveiled their plan in the form of the Ultrasonic Bath.

Mr.T Rubber Ducky Pities the Bathing Fool

OK, you fool! Have you showered today? Neither have I. So take a bubble bath instead. With me, Mr. T! Or if you don’t like me, you can try Jesus (the rubber ducky).

AU:This is old news – I featured this in T3 probably 3 years ago now. But they’re still a good idea as a stocking stuffer for Xmas, although you’ve probably left it a bit late for this year…

LED Bath Temperature Floaty 10x More Useful and Beautiful Than Rubber Ducky

This watertight, multicolour LED housing sits in a bath and changes hues according to water temperature. Simple and a lot more effective than a simple faucet mounted sensor that will not compensate for cooling off periods. But not as simple as dipping your toe into the water. If this were it, I’d probably recommend that this concept never see the light of day, but it also can be switched into a candle mode. [Yanko] galleryPost('ledbathsensor', 3, '');

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