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Fun Video Edits Together Your Favourite Movie Characters Into One Awesome Bathroom Scene

Video: As a continuation to last year’s classic video edit Hell’s Club, where Antonio Maria Da Silva of AMDS Films stitched together famous movie characters into one tremendous club scene, comes this epic bathroom scene. Characters like Tony Montana from Scarface and Tyler Durden from Fight Club can get into a brawl, while Jack Torrance from The Shining breaks down the door to peer in on Arnold in True Lies fighting some damn monster. Oh yeah, and Mr Bean is over there trying to pat himself dry.

Behold The Internet's Favourite Bathroom

Remember a few months ago, when we talked about the bathroom supply company on a quest to find America’s best restroom — a dubious honour — by polling the internet? Well, today they announced the winner, and somewhat ironically, it recreates nature around those who are answering calls of nature.

This Sink-In-A-Box Tucks Away To Keep Your Bathroom Tidy

You know the old saying: the sink is the heart of the bathroom. But all too often that sink looks nasty, covered in toothpaste and draped with a half-used container of floss. Here’s a sink that can cleverly hide everything away when you’re not spitting your mouthwash into it.

New Bathroom Clubs Will Let You Pay To Poop In Private

A new startup is betting that you can’t find a suitable public restroom to relieve yourself — and that you’ll pay top dollar for a cushy seat when the urge strikes. Posh Stow and Go is billing itself as New York’s “first members-only day storage and bathroom facility”, with memberships that allow you to pay-as-you-poo.

This Sleek Briefcase Hides An Easy To Clean Portable Pet Potty

In what will surely lead to some wacky mixups at the office, Modko’s upcoming Shake looks like a stark white briefcase, though it’s actually a portable place for your pet to potty. But before you get completely disgusted, it seems like the folks at Modko have thought this one out.

These Beautiful Overflowing Baths Are Soak Sanctuaries

Guaranteed, your tub is nothing compared to the Oveflow Bathtubs. You might not be dirty, but after gazing at these new sunken whirlpools from Käsch, it’s totally natural to want to spend the rest of your day soaking until your toes shrivel.

This Crazy Garden Bathroom Classes Up Your Drunken Relief

This bucolic Japanese bathroom is a temporary installation at Tokyo’s House Vision Expo. There should be no question as to whether you’d pee in it. As long as you don’t defile the bushes, that would be the best bathroom experience of your life.

Pull This Mirror Out Of The Wall Instead Of Leaning Forward Awkwardly

Perfectly solving a problem that most of probably didn’t realise we had, a Polish company has created the Miior — a full-sized bathroom mirror that extends from the wall so you don’t have to lean over the sink to get a closer look.

Adorable Toilet Paper Tree Lets You Proudly Display Your Extra Rolls

Why hide your toilet paper stock in a cabinet that guests will just have to hunt through when they run out? This stylish laquered steel tree can be mounted to the wall near your loo where it will store up to 14 extra rolls in plain sight, without looking like an eyesore.

No One Can Hear What You're Doing In These Musical Rhythmic Potties

In an attempt to make the often overused and undermaintained portable toilets not the worst part of a music festival in Argentina, the organisers decided to make a bank of stalls one of the musical acts.

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