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Eva Green's Raunchy Sin City Poster Banned In The US [NSFW]

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, with Eva Green in the titular role, is attracting a lot of attention in the United States. The latest poster for the movie is apparently too hot for public display — this is what the MPAA doesn’t want you to see.

Banned From YouTube: Common Slip-Ups

There are lots of reasons why your video might get pulled from YouTube and not all of them are blindingly obvious. Here are some common violations that could see your clip pulled from the site by Google.

Did Florida Accidentally Ban All Computers And Smartphones?

Because Florida was hastily attached to America to be the butt of her jokes, this latest piece of ridiculousness should come as no surprise: Florida might have accidentally banned all computers and smartphones. How? It all stems from a poorly worded bill that banned internet cafes and slot machines.

State Of Decay Refused Classification, Banned In Australia

I was surprised when it came out just 24 hours ago that Saints Row IV had been Refused Classification, but now for a double-dose of nostalgia we get to read it again! Microsoft’s State Of Decay has been officially Refused Classification by the Classification Board, effectively banning the game in Australia.

You Won't Believe Why Saints Row IV Was Banned In Australia

Never have I read an official government report that includes the words “alien anal probe”. That’s one of the reasons that Saints Row IV copped a ban from the Classification Board. Read on, if you dare.

Saints Row IV Refused Classification, Banned In Australia

Just when you thought we’d all grown up, the Classification Board decides to ban its first game under the new Classification Scheme. Sorry Australia: no Saints Row IV for you.

This Video Game Ad Has Been Banned In Australia

What is it about banned stuff that immediately makes it cooler? I have no idea either, but this ad for Dead Island: Riptide just got banned, so by our previous logic, that makes it better, right? Oh who cares. Get in here and watch this tearjerking ad.

Of Course This Fiat 500 Ad Was Banned In Australia

I love Fiats. The souped-up Abarth versions are even better. What I don’t understand is what the marketing department was thinking when it put this ad together for the Super Bowl. The company has just had it banned for being too sexual and reportedly advocating dangerous driving.

Iceland Wants To Ban Internet Porn

“If we can send a man to the moon, we must be able to tackle porn on the internet.” Those are the now immortal words of Halla Gunnarsdóttir, the political advisor to Iceland’s Interior Minister Ögmundur Jónasson. Iceland wants to block all internet porn.

Twitter Bans Animated GIF Avatars

Amid all the profile design changes and new policies Twitter has implemented in the past six months, one of the few saving graces is that people could still use animated GIFs as avatars — until now.

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