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Slicing Golf Balls In Half Exposes The Weird Guts That Hide Inside

Video: Golf balls are really, really weird. Especially the old ones used over a hundred years ago. The dimpled shell can hide things like goose and duck feathers, wound rubber and all other sorts of colourful and bright polymers and rubbers and plastics. The current balls are super fancy, I wish each golf ball still hid the rubber that looks like tobacco leaves.

Slow-Motion Video Of A 229km/h Tennis Serve Shows The Ball Turning To Goo

Video: A tennis ball is squishy and bouncy and totally perfect for slow-motion fun. Watch as a tennis racket hits the fuzzy yellow green ball at 229km/h in slow motion, it’s incredible. The more you slow it down, the more flattened and deformed and goo-like the ball gets. At a certain point, it looks like the ball has just been absorbed and eaten alive by the tennis racket.

Teen Falls In Coma After Friend Squeezes His Testicles

A 17-year-old male is now in coma after suffering a heart attack when a friend jokingly squeezed his testicles. Dr Irwin Goldstein — urologist and San Diego Sexual Medicine’s director — says it’s very possible to have a heart attack because the trauma can release a huge amount of adrenalin.

This Tingly Cold Underwear Will Make Your Sperm Swim Better

Your underwear can save your sperm. Or at least that’s what Snowballs believes. What’s Snowballs? A type of cooling underwear that basically uses ice packs for “scrotal cooling”. Ball air conditioning, basically. It’s for the kids.

Nike Has The Balls To Try Revolutionising Soccer Again

After the design of Adidas’ soccer ball at the 2006 World Cup was found to actually be unstable and unpredictable at higher speeds, Nike has capitalised on that mistake to secure a stronger foothold in the world’s most-watched sport. Its latest creation, a ball called the Incyte, has already been adopted by leagues around the world, including the Barclays Premier League in England and the Serie A in Italy.

Adidas's New Smart Soccer Ball Tells You Everything About Your Kicks

Tech in sports typically revolves around maximizing performance in some nebulous and difficult-to-fact-check way. But Adidas has been doing some very cool stuff, like MiCoach biometric tracking, and now it’s got something new and actually kind of great in theory: a soccer ball that tells you what its doing.

What A Stadium Looks Like From The POV Of A Baseball In Flight

America’s most popular boring sport is back. If you have even a passing interest in baseball, here’s a bit of fun. A GoPro on a baseball. Yep, as silly and wonderful as it sounds.

Watch A Girl Use Just A Basketball To Paint A Portrait Of Yao Ming

I like that balls with baskets game very much and enjoy the hell out of Yao Ming, so it’s no surprise that I really like this picture of Yao Ming miraculously painted with JUST a basketball. That’s it! No brushes, no nothing. Just a basketball dipped in red paint, a few swipes and a lot of dribbles.

This Fish Has Teeth So Big It Bites People's Balls Off

Piranhas might have razor sharp teeth andthe ability to communicate but I’d rather have them feast on my body than this Pacu Fish. Why? Well, you see, the Pacu Fish has human-like teeth and loves to bite off testicles to ensure you die a slow, ball-less and bleed-full death. Ow.

Every Baseball Is Rubbed With This Special Mud Before It's Used

Baseball is a pretty quirky game with quirkier players and quirkiest traditions. Chew tobacco! Sunflower seeds! Rally caps! Seventh Inning Stretch! And even a “special mud” that gets rubbed onto every single baseball in the major and minor leagues. Huh?

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