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How The Heck Does This Ball Not Roll Off This Roof?

Video: If it looks like a roof and it’s sloped downward like a roof, it should act like a damn roof and have stuff freaking slide off it, right? Not when it comes to Kokichi Sugihara’s “Impossible Rooftop”. Even if you place a ball on top of this model house’s roof, it won’t roll off. Instead, the ball will break physics, bend gravity and probably even time travel a little as it dances all around the roof’s edges — until it finally settles on top of the roof’s ridge.

Seeing Tennis Balls Get Made Is Way More Captivating Than I Ever Thought

Video: Ever wondered how Wilson makes its fuzzy little tennis balls? Benedict Redgrove captured the entire factory process in Thailand and reveals the full 24 steps it takes to make the bouncy balls. That’s a lot more steps than I ever imagined it would take, but the machinery involved is really interesting to see (especially that part where that thing slices up the lightning yellow wool), and the movement of materials is fascinating too (the goopy glue, the rubber and so on).

Watch A Light Bulb Totally Disintegrate A Ping Pong Ball

Video: Here’s a 500 watt halogen light bulb vaporising a ping pong ball. The wimpy plastic ball starts melting and then completely vanishes in seconds, leaving behind no evidence that it ever existed in the first place. It’s the coolest way to dispose of anything. You can see it in slow motion at the end of the video as the plastic just flails away.

Making Shiny Balls Of Mud Is A Surprisingly Beautiful Art Form

Video: Mix a little dirt and mud, shape it with your hands and out pops a beautiful shiny mud ball that’s actually the Japanese art of Hikaru Dorodango. It takes so much more work than that, of course, but it really looks like a person is just (skilfully) playing with mud. And then you see the finished product and see the uniqueness of each dorodango’s surface and they look like their own little planets.

Watch Molten Copper Impressively Destroy A Tennis Ball

Video: For a second, it seems like the tennis ball might have a shot at surviving the molten copper, because it seems like a force field surrounds the ball. But then that make-believe invisible layer gets destroyed and the tennis ball bursts into glorious flames. It gets even better when the fireball gets squished to release even more fire.

This LG Robot Ball Thing Is Insane

Let’s talk about balls for a second. They’re super handy. They have done a lot for humans. And because of spherical objects, we have sports and automobiles. Heck — even the Earth is a giant ball.

Slicing Golf Balls In Half Exposes The Weird Guts That Hide Inside

Video: Golf balls are really, really weird. Especially the old ones used over a hundred years ago. The dimpled shell can hide things like goose and duck feathers, wound rubber and all other sorts of colourful and bright polymers and rubbers and plastics. The current balls are super fancy, I wish each golf ball still hid the rubber that looks like tobacco leaves.

Slow-Motion Video Of A 229km/h Tennis Serve Shows The Ball Turning To Goo

Video: A tennis ball is squishy and bouncy and totally perfect for slow-motion fun. Watch as a tennis racket hits the fuzzy yellow green ball at 229km/h in slow motion, it’s incredible. The more you slow it down, the more flattened and deformed and goo-like the ball gets. At a certain point, it looks like the ball has just been absorbed and eaten alive by the tennis racket.

Teen Falls In Coma After Friend Squeezes His Testicles

A 17-year-old male is now in coma after suffering a heart attack when a friend jokingly squeezed his testicles. Dr Irwin Goldstein — urologist and San Diego Sexual Medicine’s director — says it’s very possible to have a heart attack because the trauma can release a huge amount of adrenalin.

This Tingly Cold Underwear Will Make Your Sperm Swim Better

Your underwear can save your sperm. Or at least that’s what Snowballs believes. What’s Snowballs? A type of cooling underwear that basically uses ice packs for “scrotal cooling”. Ball air conditioning, basically. It’s for the kids.

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