Watch The Master Of Saddleback Leather Give A Lesson In Counterfeiting

If you’re looking to get into the knockoff leather game, there could be pools of cold, hard cash in your future just waiting for you to go diving on in. All it takes is a little half-assery, a more-than-questionable moral compass, and the knowledge of where to actually cut those corners — which can be harder than it seems. Fortunately for you, Saddleback Leather CEO David Munson is here to show you how to fake his bags the right way — tongue, of course, planted firmly in cheek.

Unfold This Briefcase And Keep Fellow Flyers From Watching You Work

The laptop has made it possible for us to work almost anywhere on earth; from the cramped quarters of a plane seat, to a relaxing beach. But away from the privacy of your office, you often want to keep prying eyes off your screen, which is why this No. 1 leather laptop bag from La Fonction is so brilliant. It transforms into a tiny mobile cubicle, letting you work with adequate privacy no matter where you set up your temporary office.

An Earthly Messenger Bag That Looks Ready For A Space Walk

It’s all but impossible to leave your house with just your phone and wallet these days. You also need charging cables, maybe a backup battery, and a host of other accessories you probably can’t survive the day without. In fact, most of us leave the house better equipped than astronaut’s taking a spacewalk — which is why this sci-fi-inspired Space Odyssey messenger bag seems so fitting.

When The Storm Clears Up, This Raincoat Transforms Into A Backpack

The Boy Scouts advocate always being prepared, and that motto is a lot easier to put into practice with this transforming waterproof jacket from Vamoose. When it’s pouring it keeps you dry and protected from the rain, but when the storm passes the jacket transforms into a lightweight backpack so it’s easy to carry in case inclement weather returns.

This Teenage Mutant Ninja Backpack Holds All Of The Pizzas

Who among us hasn’t secretly wished to find themselves suddenly mutated into a crime-fighting chimera, despite the risk of becoming another Dr Baxter Stockman? Now you can live out your Ninja Turtle fantasies — without having to skinny dip in Ooze — thanks to this radical TMNT backpack.

A Packable Emergency Backpack You Can Stash Almost Anywhere

Replace that mountain of awkward reusable shopping bags you’ve somehow amassed with Herschel’s new packable backpack, which should make hauling home a week’s worth of groceries a lot easier. Made from rip stop nylon, the packs can be squeezed into a compact internal pouch for easy storage or carrying as an emergency backup, and come complete with adjustable shoulder straps and an external pocket.

This Smart Transforming Tote Is The Only Grocery Bag You'll Ever Need

Mother Earth-lovers everywhere are, at this point, pretty used to carrying around reusable totes for their shopping excursions. In San Francisco, they’re almost as ubiquitous as non-tossable water bottles — especially since a checkout bag ordinance was passed last year that charges customers a cool dime for every paper sack they need.

This Is The Best-Looking Reusable Grocery Sack You've Ever Seen

Storage, storage, storage. You can never have enough storage. Especially versatile, multipurpose storage, like the Pia canvas carryall. It doesn’t scream the name of some grocery store, and it has a nice design.

Reusable E-Ink Luggage Tags Improve The Chances Of Your Bag Arriving

Outside of the fear of flying, the most anxious part of travelling around the world is hoping your bags get to the same destination as you do. The paper tags in use today work, but if they get accidentally torn off your luggage, who knows where it might end up. So, starting next month, British Airways will begin testing a brilliant re-usable luggage tag featuring an e-ink display that can be reprogrammed again and again using your smartphone.

The Perfect Weekend Bag Transforms Into A Pre-Stocked Hanging Shelf

If you hate living out of your suitcase when you travel, but you’re also just too damn lazy to hang stuff up or fill a drawer, these Rise & Hang bags are the perfect solution to your biggest travelling gripe. The $99 Weekender bag uses the company’s patented collapsible shelving system, so all you need to find is a secure place to hang it and you’re instantly unpacked.