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Microorganisms Burp Fire At You To Make Will-o-the-Wisps

People in swamps occasionally see mysterious lights in the forest, dubbed “will-o-the-wisps.” They have been attributed to spirits or aliens, but scientists say they are probably the product of resourceful microorganisms.

We're All Surrounded By A Personal Cloud Of Bacteria

Bad news, hypochondriacs: You’re walking in a massive cloud of bacteria. In fact, it’s kinda an extension of your body, and no amount of showering will rid you of it. Even better: It grew out of your mouth, poop and skin.

A Seemingly Never-Ending Microscopic Zoom Reveals The Gross Tiny Germs

Briefly: BoingBoing says this crazy zooming GIF is that of an amphipod. Or well, it starts with an amphipod and then moves into diatom and then reveals the bacterium. It’s totally gross to imagine all the little invisible critters and germs on any given surface at any given time.

Don't Be Grossed Out, The Bacteria On These Petri Dish Plates Is Art

Looking for a great prank to pull on a germaphobe? Invite them over for dinner, but serve it on these colourful plates that look like modern art, but are actually microscopic images of bacteria grown in a petri dish. Bonus germaphobe prank: just don’t wash your hands during meal prep.

Antibiotic Resistance Actually Makes Some Bacteria Stronger

We used to think that antibiotic resistance came at a cost for bacteria, making them weaker. It turns out that for some bacteria, resistance can make them stronger and more virulent.

Watch Humidity Power A Miniature Car

It’s nice to know that humidity could weirdly be a force for good: Scientists have powered a tiny vehicle by using humidity as their fuel. That means evaporation could be an energy source for gadgets in the future.

UV Water Purifiers Are Bullshit

To achieve its claimed ability to remove pathogens, water going into CamelBak’s new UV purifier must first be cleaned by a filter from a rival manufacturer. And that rival product is cheaper. That’s according to CamelBak’s own lab testing. And its not the only water treatment technology that’s incapable of performing as claimed.

These 3D-Printed Pants Are Glowing Because They're Full Of Bacteria

Lady Gaga’s steak gown and the Bjork-in-a-swan outfit feel as plain as a white T-shirt compared to these MIT-designed threads. They’re 3D-printed, look like human innards, and could tote around live, glowing bacteria.

A Remote Amazonian Tribe Harbours Unprecedented Microbiome Diversity

The trillions of bacteria that live on us and in us — our microbiomes — are vital to our health in ways we’re just beginning to understand. Now scientists have discovered the most diverse collection of bodily bacteria ever, in a remote Amazonian tribe of southern Venezuela.

This Haunting Bacteria Is Actually An Intricate Hand-Cut Paper Sculpture

These images show how a bacteria looks under a microscope. But that doesn’t mean Artist Rogan Brown used a microscope obtain them. That would be too easy. Instead, he spent four months cutting sheet after sheet of paper with a scalpel knife and ended up with this insanely intricate and astonishing sculpture.

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