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Ötzi The Iceman's Gut Bacteria Can Help Us Trace Early Human Migration

The 5300-year-old natural mummy dubbed Ötzi the Iceman, discovered in 1991, is still teaching us things. A multidisciplinary team of scientists at European Academy of Bozen have studied Ötzi’s gut bacteria to learn more about early human migration patterns.

E. Coli Move Around Like Mutant Sperm

Bacteria have been swimming before anything else in the world was walking, but we know relatively little about their method of locomotion. New research shows how bacteria use their flagella to run and tumble their way through a gooey medium.

This Squid Could Help Humans Repel Dangerous Flesh-Eating Bacteria

The bobtail squid stays alive because it attracts and keeps a specific kind of bacteria. Scientists still don’t know exactly how it does this, but new research could shed light on why some people get hit with the closely related flesh-eating bacteria.

Watch Out Yoghurt, Soon Drinking Water Might Go Probiotic

You’ve probably suspected that your household drinking water — which came from a reservoir, through underground pipes, to your filthy kitchen sink — wasn’t sterile. Now scientists are studying exactly what’s in that water.

Scientists Now Know How Drug-Resistant Superbugs Move

The structure you see above has been nicknamed a “comet”, but it’s really bacteria streaking across an agar plate. Scientists have found out that superbugs, antibiotic resistant bacteria, can move, helping them spread and establish new colonies.

There's Skin Bacteria In Cemetery Soil

Did you know that, according to Polish law, graves can be reused after 20 years, provided nobody objects and the burial fee has not been paid? After reading this scientific paper on soil contaminants around cemeteries, you will.

Microorganisms Burp Fire At You To Make Will-o-the-Wisps

People in swamps occasionally see mysterious lights in the forest, dubbed “will-o-the-wisps.” They have been attributed to spirits or aliens, but scientists say they are probably the product of resourceful microorganisms.

We're All Surrounded By A Personal Cloud Of Bacteria

Bad news, hypochondriacs: You’re walking in a massive cloud of bacteria. In fact, it’s kinda an extension of your body, and no amount of showering will rid you of it. Even better: It grew out of your mouth, poop and skin.

A Seemingly Never-Ending Microscopic Zoom Reveals The Gross Tiny Germs

Briefly: BoingBoing says this crazy zooming GIF is that of an amphipod. Or well, it starts with an amphipod and then moves into diatom and then reveals the bacterium. It’s totally gross to imagine all the little invisible critters and germs on any given surface at any given time.

Don't Be Grossed Out, The Bacteria On These Petri Dish Plates Is Art

Looking for a great prank to pull on a germaphobe? Invite them over for dinner, but serve it on these colourful plates that look like modern art, but are actually microscopic images of bacteria grown in a petri dish. Bonus germaphobe prank: just don’t wash your hands during meal prep.

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