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6 Technologies That Have Always Been 'Just Two Years Away'

It’s almost here, guys! Flying cars! Jetpacks! Hoverboards! Or so we’ve been promised. It seems these technologies are always just two years away. At least that’s what the media keeps telling us.

Got A Leafblower? Then You've Got A Hoverboard

Hoverboards. The endlessly promised future technology, made popular by the equally fictional Marty McFly, is such an obsession with tinkerers and armchair futurists, you’d think it represented the pinnacle of human civilisation.

This Life-Sized Marty McFly Is Creeping Me Out

I can’t look away. This “realistic” life-sized Marty McFly I found on eBay is just too… creepy. The uncanny valley is definitely in full effect here.

Back To The Future's Hoverboards Were Originally Way Bigger

The hoverboard from Back to the Future: Part II is one of the most iconic artifacts of 20th century futurism. But surprisingly, the hovering toys were originally envisioned to be much larger than what made it on screen. That’s according to John Bell, the visual effects art director on the classic 1989 film.

Back To The Future Wasn't Supposed To Have A Sequel

Great Scott! Did you know that Back to the Future was never supposed to have a sequel? Imagine that reality for a second — a world without Marty McFly’s hoverboard and shoes and flying DeLorean? The mind reels!

You Can Never Really Be Late With A Flux Capacitor Watch

You can cross a smartwatch off your wish list this holiday season now that ThinkGeek has revealed this utterly amazing compact Flux Capacitor Watch that really fluxes. The red LED readout on the bottom shows the current date, while the flashing LEDs on the flux capacitor do indicate the time, although deciphering it will take some practice, according to the folks at ThinkGeek.

Don't Get Too Excited About That New 'Hoverboard' Just Yet

People are understandably really excited about the latest hoverboard currently being crowdfunded at Kickstarter. It’s called the Hendo, and it’s being developed by Greg and Jill Henderson for their company Arx Pax. Is it real? Yes. Has our Back to the Future hoverboard finally arrived? Sadly, no.

Back To The Future's Opening Shot Took A Surprising Amount Of Work

Back to the Future is remembered fondly for a great many things. Well, mostly hoverboards. For its time, the special effects were very accomplished, though the best ones, the ones that required the most effort, aren’t the most flashy. In fact, you won’t believe the co-ordination that was required just to get the first three minutes of the movie just right, as you’ll see broken down in the video here.

That Time Siskel And Ebert Reviewed The Greatest Film Ever Made

It might be hard to believe now, but when it first came out in 1989, some people didn’t really like Back to the Future: Part II. Recognised today as perhaps the greatest film ever made for the silver screen, critics like Gene Siskel called it “very gadget-filled and really noisy in an unpleasant way”. Hard to believe today, I know.

Drop $400 On A BTTF Mr Fusion And Never Pay For Plutonium Again

Unless you turned your daughter’s room into a nuclear reactor after she went off to college, you’re probably stuck paying the exorbitant market price for plutonium. It’s obscene, but the folks at Diamond Select Toys might have a solution. For $US400 they will sell you a Mr Fusion unit, just like the one used to power the time machine in the Back to the Future movies, solving all of your energy needs.