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This Giant Sixth-Scale BTTF DeLorean Looks As Detailed As The Film Prop

Next to the lightsabers from Star Wars, the time-travelling DeLorean from the Back to the Future trilogy has to be one of the most recognisable film props ever created. Countless die-hard fans have even gone as far as to buy and modify real-life DeLoreans to look like the one seen in the films, but Sideshow Collectibles has a slightly cheaper way to get your own — but just barely.

Remember When Your Desk Was Cluttered With Stuff You Actually Used?

It’s 2014, one year shy of the time of when Back to the Future II was set. And you know what? Our world is pretty fucking futuristic. You don’t need to look further than your desk to realise how transformative technology can be.

Who Would Win A Race Between Optimus Prime, A Batmobile And A DeLorean?

Video: I don’t know who would win the race between Optimus Prime, the Batmobile and a DeLorean time machine. Probably the DeLorean, since it can travel to the future and win right away, right? This cool stop-motion short by Taiwanese animator Counter656 says otherwise.

This Secret Movie Screening Will Actually Send You Back To The Future

Did you ever dream of visiting the small town in Back to the Future? Well, now might be your chance. A group called Secret Cinema is building a full-scale version of Hill Valley in a secret London location in coming weeks. And rumour has it that you’ll be able to immerse yourself in not only the 1955 and 1985 version — but there will be a secret portal to the 2015 version as well.

A Very Specific List Of Things That Are Ruining My Google Alerts

I love Google Alerts. They’re a great tool for tracking the mention of different things online. I use them less as a way to learn about breaking news and more as a way to discover how people are talking about the future. But there are all kinds of things that are messing them up. Well, messing them up for me specifically.

'A Million Ways To Die In The West' Trailer Has An Excellent 'Back To The Future' Gag

Video: When you talk about timeless film trilogies, Back To The Future is up there with one of the best of all time, even if it struggled towards the end. Thankfully, Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy and Cosmos fame (yes, really) decided to throw a cute Back To The Future Joke into the trailer for A Million Ways To Die In The West, starring Doc Brown himself.

These Disc Drives Can Play The Back To The Future Theme Tune On The Fly

This video features a suitcase full of disc drives playing the theme tune to Back to the Future, all orchestrated by a tiny Raspberry Pi computer. The setup is so lightweight in terms of energy use that it runs on batteries — ideal for public performances and busking.

Back To The Future Remixed Into A Love Song In A Perfect Supercut

Pogo takes sounds from movies and transforms them into new songs. This time he remixed Back to the Future into a song dedicated to all the lovers out there – I love it when they say things like that on the radio.

We're Living In The Future, Just Not The One We Were Promised

Do you remember the movie Back to the Future II and its vision of technology in 2015? Marty and Doc arrived in a world with giant shark holograms for movie adverts, flying cars, hoverboards and massive interactive screens on every surface. The problem is, that’s not where we are going.

Do These Powerlaces Match My Hoverboard?

Hadley Freeman over at The Guardian has declared that Back to the Future is this season’s big fashion trend. Which makes complete sense, right? It’s almost the year 2015 — the very year that Marty visits in the BTTF sequel — so bring on those Nike powerlaces and hoverboard-friendly sneakers! Or not.

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