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Great Laptops And Tablets For Back To School And Uni

Need help finding the right laptop, tablet or convertible to get you or your kids through school or Uni? We have put together our top picks from the affordable through to more powerful options.

Great Back To Uni Ultrabooks, Tablets, Gadgets, Smartphones And More

It’s time to think about the year ahead. What tools will you need to take lecture notes, maximise tutes and get ahead? Start your search here with some of Gizmodo’s favourite new gear, across a range of different price points.

10 Big Gaming Laptops That Get Stuff Done

So your parents, boss or school have said they’ll help you pay for a new laptop to kick off the year. Lucky you! If you’re a PC gamer, these powerful desktop replacements — many with vibrant 17-inch HD screens — will not only keep you on task, but also let you get your Steam on. Take a look…

Top Five Tablets For Uni

So you don’t want a nerdy laptop for university? That’s cool. We’ve got you covered. Check out these awesome tablets for back to school that won’t break your student budget.

Back To School: Top Five Big Screen Phones For Work And Play

It’s 2014 and the heat is on: you’re likely going to have a bigger workload than ever when you get back into the classroom, and that means you’ll need the right tools for the job more than ever starting with your phone.

The Best Back To School Laptop Bags And Charger Accessories

So you’ve got some amazing gear for this year on campus: a hot ultrabook, perhaps a nifty convertible and a few amazing gadgets here and there. What are you going to carry it all around in, and how are you going to keep it juiced on those long nights at campus? These are the best bags and power accessories for back to school.

Back To School And Uni: Hottest All-In-Ones PCs

Ultrabooks are great, but it can also be super convenient to have a slimline All-In-One PC waiting on your bedroom or dorm desk to get stuff done. They’re a great family room shared PC option, too. We’ve already run you through our favourite ultrabooks, the hottest convertibles and the slickest gadgets, now it’s time to get your desk sorted with the perfect All-In-One.

Gizmodo Back To School & Uni Guide... 8 Hot Convertible Ultrabooks + Tablets

So far our Back To School & Uni Guide Gear Guide has looked at the latest Ultrabooks plus some great gadgets for students. But this year, if you want to be fast and versatile, you might want a convertible ultrabook/tablet device to stay ahead. Here are eight of the latest convertibles to kick start your studies.

5 Great Windows 8 Ultrabooks For School And Uni

It’s back to school time, and that means getting your books, bags and timetables in order. More importantly though, it’s time to think about the year ahead. You’re not going to be stuck typing your assignments on a dodgy library computer again, or left with a book full of paper notes you can’t digitise are you? Here are five of the best Windows 8 Ultrabooks you can get to make sure you’ll top the class this year. Pay attention, students.

10 Great Back To School & Uni Gadgets

It’s time to head back to school for another year. Whether you’re studying for a degree, mastering your Masters or just doing the HSC, these are the best gadgets to help you hit the books.

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