Here's How One Parent From 1989 Imagined 2014

Is it cruel to have children when the world is so terrible? That’s not a new question. And when a newspaper columnist asked it in 1989, he came down on the side of no. The world of the future — the world of 2014, to be exact — was going to be just wonderful enough that having kids was a great idea. Was he right?

LeapFrog's Kid Fitness Watch: A Tamagotchi That Gets Kids Off The Couch

Fitness trackers are basically a grownup excuse to mess around with a gadget under the guise of self-betterment. But why should adults have all the fun? Kids’ electronics maker LeapFrog just unveiled the LeapBand, a wrist-worn fitness tracker that encourages kids to get up and do stuff.

Science Explains Why Babies Are So Darn Cute

What makes adult sized humans go gaga and coo coo and ooh ooh when they see a little baby? Their adorable cuteness! But are babies really that cute to make people forget how to speak? They are! And it’s scientifically proven.

Super Cute Baby Dressed Up And Posed As Famous TV Show Characters

Say hello to Olivia. Or is that Daenerys Targaryen. Or Hannah Horvath. Maybe Walter White. Sometimes Michonne. And Frank Underwood. Olivia has been all of those famous TV characters before because she’s awesome.

Every Baby Bottle Needs A Grippy Rollcage

If you don’t have kids, you might find it hard to believe that baby bottles don’t come standard with this springy shock-absorbing and easy-to-grip silicone rollcage. The Ba Baby Bottle Holder is actually a $US15 aftermarket accessory for bottles that makes them easier for babies to grip, and better suited to surviving being thrown across a room.

Adorable Kid Freaks Out When He Sees Superman Fly For The First Time

Here’s something that will make you feel good on a day you wish was still the weekend: a 16-month old kid watches Superman take his first flight in Man of Steel and adorably (and appropriately) cheers him on. It’s just pure happiness.

This Roomba-Riding Baby Is The Perfect Way To Start 2014

We here at Gizmodo enjoy a rich, vibranthistory of tiny creatures riding Roombas. So naturally, we can think of no better way to welcome Baby New Year than with an actual baby. Riding a Roomba. Straight into 2014 and into our hearts. Our clean, dust-free hearts. [@hellogiggle via Kyle Wagner]

Awesome Parents Recreate Famous Movie Scenes With Their Adorable Baby

Aww. This is adorable. Lilly and Leon Mackie play dress up with their little kid Orson and turn him into baby versions of Luke Skywalker, baby Batman, baby Macaulay Culkin, baby Castaway and so forth so that they could recreate scenes from famous movies. You’ll see mum, dad and child pose for photos of baby versions of Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Die Hard, Terminator, Jaws and so many more classics. Orson is going to grow up awesome.

Let Your Child Relax With A Martini Glass Rattle After A Tough Playdate

If you need a little something in the evening to take the edge off a hectic day at work, just stop and imagine what your toddler has to go through. Constant nappy changes, being force fed pureed crap at every meal, and pre-arranged playdates with whiny, crying kids they can’t escape. If a martini helps you relax, there’s no reason to believe this adorable martini glass rattle wouldn’t do the same for your kids.

Website Outs Australia's Worst Baby Bogan Names (Google Is On There)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve doubtlessly heard that Prince William and Kate Middleton have just sired a royal sprog for elderly ladies to coo over in Woman’s Weekly. At present, the future monarch has yet to be named, but we’re willing to bet that the following Aussie monikers aren’t on the shortlist…