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Apple Registers TabletMac Trademark After Dueling Axiotron MacBook Modders

It may be a case of Apple simply protecting its brand name, but in light of all the Apple tablet rumours, we’re treating its recent purchase of the “TabletMac” trademark as yet more evidence stacking up in our favour.

Modbook Pro Is Secret Son of an iPod Touch and a MacBook Pro

No XL iPod touch pro or fabled Apple tablets at the Philnote. Too bad, because I want one badly. Maybe the new pen and touch-enabled Modbook Pro will do.

Axiotron Service Reincarnates Old Macbooks As Shiny New Modbook Tablets

If you’re a tablet-lover like me, you’ve probably bemoaned the lack of Apple tablets at some point in time. Though Axiotron’s Modbook looked pretty great, the nearly $US2500 it costs put it way out of my price range. But the Gods of Technology must’ve heard my prayers, because Axiotron’s now offering a sweet deal to convert one of your existing Macbooks into a tablet. Starting at $US1300, the company will take most Core 2 Duos and work their magic, transforming your old lappie into one of the best tablets available today. Now all I need to do is convince someone to give me their last Macbook for free, and I’m set!

Axiotron ModBook Review (Verdict: A Touchscreen MacBook Done Right)

It’s was exactly a year from the time Axiotron first debuted their touchscreen MacBook at Macworld 2007 to the time we got the first hands-on of it at Macworld 2008, and that year of development time seems to have done the company some good. Not only is this ModBook the touchscreen Mac Apple fans have been looking for, it’s got all the components of a MacBook, which means it’s not a low-powered, stripped down, gimped version (MacBook Air) that sacrifices performance for the tablet pen sensitivity. And for that, we’re thankful.

Axiotron's Modbook Now Shipping

We previously brought you news of Axiotron’s brilliant Modbook, which is essentially the first real Macbook tablet. Although it’s Apple authorized, it is not an official Apple product, obviously. Nevertheless, the guys at Axiotron have gone to work on an item all fanboys are lusting after, and the end result is looking rather tasty.

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