The 10 Best Houses Of The Year

It’s architecture awards seasons right now, with honours and medals being doled out with what seems like daily regularity. Thankfully, the AIA’s 2014 Housing Awards breaks up the march of zillion-dollar projects with something a little more real: Places where normal humans actually live.

Shigeru Ban Wins The Pritzker Prize, Architecture's Highest Honour

The Pritzker Prize is a little bit like the Oscars of architecture: It usually ends up being a chance for everyone to air their complaints about the industry. But every so often, there’s a real cause for celebration — such is the case today, when the jury announced that Japanese architect Shigeru Ban would become 2014′s recipient.

12 Buildings Nominated For The Year's Best Design

A cemetery in Sweden. A floating school in Nigeria. A cast-iron facade in the UK. The wildly divergent list of nominees for the Design Museum’s annual awards make you wonder: How the hell do you pick a single building to represent such a broad profession?

Netflix's House Of Cards Storms The Emmys

Netflix made history last night by scoring three Emmys. In the process, it has become the first company to win awards for online-only shows.

Gizmodo Wins Best Website At Australian IT Journalism Awards

Gizmodo has taken out Best Website honours at the annual IT Journalism awards. The gala ceremony was held last Friday evening in Sydney.

Year One Student With No Hands Wins US Handwriting Award

This is Annie Clark. She’s only seven and sadly she was born without hands. But that doesn’t seem to pose much of a problem for her, because she’s just won a national penmanship award. A handwriting award. Without hands.

Anonymous Invades Spanish Academy Awards Ceremony

Rather than just crashing web pages, Spanish anonymous members had the balls to crash the equivalent of the Oscars ceremony in Madrid today. Three members of Anonymous sneaked past extreme police and private security controls to jump onto the stage as the event was at one of its highest points, as this image shows.

Why Is Anonymous Clamouring For A Super-Lame, Corporate-Sponsored Twitter Award?

The Shorty Awards recognise the shining best in “social media content creators”. Those last four words, when strung together, are perhaps the most boring in western civilisation. So why does chaotic Anonymous want a stupid corporate-buzz award? We’re wondering too.

Aussie Invention Wins James Dyson Award

What’s in the water down under? This is the second year in a row an Aussie has won the James Dyson Award, with both designs also aiming to save lives — albeit in very different ways. This year’s winning product is Airdrop, a network of pipes that sucks water from the air and irrigates drought-stricken Australia with the condensation it needs to grow plants.

And The Ig Nobel Prize Goes To: Crusher Tank Parking Enforcer, Wasabi Alarm And Structured Procrastination

The Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded last night! It’s that fun time of year when we get to enjoy scientists’ geektastic senses of humour.