This Genius Kinect Rig Puts You Inside A Video Game In Two Minutes Flat

What if, the next time you played a video game, the main character not only looked like you but had the same body, same clothes, same everything? How would it change the way you related to the game? How would it change the way you relate to the other characters in it? I found out.

Twitter Bans Animated GIF Avatars

Amid all the profile design changes and new policies Twitter has implemented in the past six months, one of the few saving graces is that people could still use animated GIFs as avatars — until now.

Do You Want To Live Forever?

If you saw James Cameron’s Avatar and thought it looks like a wise and wonderful way of existing in the world, a Russian dreamer named Dmitry Itskov is the man you want to know. His “2045 Initiative” is a modern, multibillion dollar answer to mortality — or so he hopes.

How To Turn Your Twitter Avatar Into An Animated GIF

If you’ve been watching Twitter lately, more and more people are using animated Twitter avatars. They’re eye-catching and cool, but how do you make them? It’s not complicated, but as our friends at FWD point out in this handy guide, there are a few tricks that will make your clever GIF pop. [FWD]

Computer Program Uses Avatar Role Play To Help Children Combat Social Anxiety

Computer programs have long been used to help teach children important life skills: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing a shining early example of a virtual world in which kids could learn.

This Flirtatious NYC Airport Avatar Was Definitely Designed By A Dude

This interactive avatar is projected onto a plexiglass silhouette of a woman’s body. Lost and disoriented travellers can ask her for help with things like getting to the correct gate, security checkpoint rules, and duty-free shopping.

Kinect Fun Labs Delivers Object Scanning, Life-Like Avatars

Going live on the Xbox 360′s Kinect hub later this morning, Kinect Fun Labs is a series of gadgets that deliver enhanced functionality to Microsoft’s magical camera peripheral, including scanning in your face to create realistic avatars and unrealistic bobbleheads.

5% Of Twitter Employees Still Use That Silly Egg Avatar

According to AllTwitter, 5 per cent of Twitter’s 500 employees haven’t picked an avatar yet. C’mon, guys! Why so shy? Embrace the one bit of visual originality your company’s service allows you!

Bring Your Xbox 360 Avatar Kicking And Smiling Into The Real World

Your Xbox 360 avatar lives on your Xbox 360. And the internet. If you’d like him or her to live on a shelf in your office as well, you should speak to custom toy company FigurePrints.

This Is Why Xbox Live Avatars Are Cartoon-y, Not Creepy

Xbox’s Avatar Kinect is pretty wild: It tracks and replicates your facial expressions with surprising precision. Which probably made you think about having a more realistic Avatar reppin’ yourself owning up 12-year-olds in Halo, or something. But Microsoft Research’s Photo-Real Talking Head project, which uses 2D photos to make a photo-realistic 3D model of a face with the same kind of emotional range, shows why that’s a terrible idea.