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Google Wants To Represent You In VR With Googly Eyes

In the VR future, less is more. Though video games and the like have people used to extremely complicated avatars, Google’s VR engineers are seeing how much they can strip down the avatars without making people confused.

WTF, People Are Combating Facebook's Rainbow Avatars With American Flags

If your Facebook friend suddenly debuts an especially patriotic avatar this week, it might not be because they’re extra excited about the 4th of July. To combat all that gay in their timelines, some conservatives are calling for true Americans to cover their profile photos with American flags instead.

Deepak Chopra Has The Worst Avatar Ever On Twitter

Deepak Chopra, online werewolf and mortal nemesis of Gizmodo’s Matt Novak, wants you to know the “possiblities” are infinite. A message he decided to share with the world using the only medium that matters anymore — his Twitter avatar. The possibilities are so infinite, in fact, that he has freed himself from the shackles of spelling. B freee!

What Was Your First Avatar?

When I joined Friendster in 2003, I uploaded my first avatar. It was Chuck Close’s undeniably gritty and terrific “Big Self-Portrait” from the 1960s, dangling cigarette and all. When I joined Facebook a year later, I used the same one. Friends I hadn’t seen for ages thought my life had taken a turn.

This Genius Kinect Rig Puts You Inside A Video Game In Two Minutes Flat

What if, the next time you played a video game, the main character not only looked like you but had the same body, same clothes, same everything? How would it change the way you related to the game? How would it change the way you relate to the other characters in it? I found out.

Twitter Bans Animated GIF Avatars

Amid all the profile design changes and new policies Twitter has implemented in the past six months, one of the few saving graces is that people could still use animated GIFs as avatars — until now.

Do You Want To Live Forever?

If you saw James Cameron’s Avatar and thought it looks like a wise and wonderful way of existing in the world, a Russian dreamer named Dmitry Itskov is the man you want to know. His “2045 Initiative” is a modern, multibillion dollar answer to mortality — or so he hopes.

How To Turn Your Twitter Avatar Into An Animated GIF

If you’ve been watching Twitter lately, more and more people are using animated Twitter avatars. They’re eye-catching and cool, but how do you make them? It’s not complicated, but as our friends at FWD point out in this handy guide, there are a few tricks that will make your clever GIF pop. [FWD]

Computer Program Uses Avatar Role Play To Help Children Combat Social Anxiety

Computer programs have long been used to help teach children important life skills: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing a shining early example of a virtual world in which kids could learn.

This Flirtatious NYC Airport Avatar Was Definitely Designed By A Dude

This interactive avatar is projected onto a plexiglass silhouette of a woman’s body. Lost and disoriented travellers can ask her for help with things like getting to the correct gate, security checkpoint rules, and duty-free shopping.

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