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Avatar Continues Its Return To Public Consciousness With A Giant Museum Exhibit

The better part of a decade has passed since audiences last visited the world of James Cameron’s Avatar. Now, with a new set of films coming, the franchise has slowly begun to return to the mainstream. There’s a Cirque du Soleil show touring, a Disney theme park coming soon and they have just announced an interactive museum exhibition.

We Finally Know What The Avatar Sequels Will Be About

For the better part of a decade, the most fascinating narrative about the Avatar sequels was their release dates. Now that we think that’s settled, director James Cameron has finally begun to reveal what the actual narrative will be about: Family.

20 Screenwriting Tricks And Tropes We Never Need To See Again

Pop culture is a never-ending source of wonder and amazement. We’re seeing some really top-notch, innovative writing across every medium right now. But there’s also a lot of tired, warmed-over stuff, that feels copy-pasted from script to script. Here are 20 screenwriting moves we’d be happy never to see again.

8 Science Fiction Movies That You Didn't Realise Were Love Stories

These are just a few of our favourite films that promise you one thing but — by the end — end up being pretty romantic. Make no mistake though, these aren’t romantic comedies. They’re movies that sneakily make romance a priority, in an otherwise wild and crazy world.

Here's How James Cameron Plans To Film All Four Avatar Sequels At The Same Time

The next X-Men movie could tackle a huge storyline from the comics. Tim Miller wants an R-Rated X-Force. Plus, a ton of new footage from Civil War, Game of Thrones, Agents of SHIELD and The Flash; and Iron Fist casts a few more key characters. Spoilers now!

James Cameron Just Announced A Fifth Avatar Movie

Well, now we have an idea why James Cameron has continued to delay his Avatar sequels. The director came to CinemaCon 2016 to announce that his vision for the world has expanded beyond the previously announced four films. Now there will be five.

What The Heck Is Unobtainium Anyway?

Unobtainium lived a relatively unexciting life until 2009, when James Cameron’s Avatar rocked into theatres and destroyed several box offices records. Besides serving as a MacGuffin so humanity had a reason to wage war against the Na’vi, unobtainium is real thing… well, a real term, anyway.

James Cameron's Plan To Fix Solar Panels

When Avatar came out, James Cameron boasted that it would be the first solar-powered movie franchise in history. Now the director, deep-sea explorer, NASA advisor and all around badass has turned his attention to designing cinematic-quality solar panels for the rest of us.

James Cameron On The Future Of Filmmaking, The 'Avatar' Sequels And More

Director, explorer and all-round genius, James Cameron, swung by Reddit over the weekend to answer questions from the masses. It really was a tell-all, with Cameron coming clean on the Avatar sequels, the future of filmmaking and VR, and his favourite guilty pleasure movie.

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