Scientists Find New Genetic Link For Autism And Schizophrenia

Despite all the years of research that have gone into them, cognitive conditions like autism and schizophrenia are still largely a mystery. Here’s one nice step toward figuring them out, though: Researchers from UCLA have discovered a specific genetic trait in a small community in Finland that might have some clues.

Study: Older Dads Linked To Rising Autism Rates In Children

Men can continue to reproduce late in life with little or no risk to themselves, but being an older dad could have serious repercussions for the child. A new study has found that older fathers are more likely to have children with autism or schizophrenia because of gene mutations.

Busted Freezer Melts 150 Brains

A freezer malfunction at Harvard’s McLean Hospital has damaged about a third of the world’s biggest collection of autism brain samples, potentially setting back research by as much as a decade.

Vaccines Don't Cause Autism, Please Vaccinate Your Children

Yet another study has found no association between vaccines and autism. Mercury, the main ingredient in vaccines suspected of causing learning disabilities, hasn’t been used to preserve the medicines since 2001. And since then, the incidence of autism has still increased.

Tech Startup Exclusively Hires People With Asperger's Syndrome

Aspiritech, a Chicago-based tech startup, is a software testing firm that exclusively hires people with Asperger’s syndrome. Why? Because apparently, people suffering from Asperger’s make for the perfect software tester. And this isn’t even news! Studies have shown people with Asperger’s thriving in tech fields because it supposedly makes them feel “safe” and gives them “control”.

Bill Gates Says It's An Absolute Lie To Link Vaccines And Autism

Dr. Wakefield’s study once showed a link between vaccinations and autism. Too bad it was based on fraudulent data and “an absolute lie”. Bill Gates has pledged 10 billion dollars to make it the “year of the vaccines”.

How Kinect Got An Autistic Kid Gaming

GamingNexus editor John Yan has a four-year-old son with a mild form of autism. The little guy’s tried to play 360 and PS3 but has trouble getting a hold on the controllers. With Kinect, though, he was an instant pro.

The Robot Uprising Against Autism

This is Bandit, a robot that’s modelled after a human but manages to look unmistakeably synthetic. And for the autistic children Bandit treats, this disconnect from realism is entirely the point.

Father Invents Device To Help Autistic Son Communicate

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As a result of severe autism and learning disabilities, 11-year-old Callum Lodge is unable to talk. In order to allow his son to communicate with the world around him, his father has developed Speaks4me, an electronic communication device.

Remembering Kim Peek: The Uncanny Human Computer

The New York Times has a fascinating obituary on Kim Peek, the autistic man who was Dustin Hoffman’s inspiration for Rain Man’s character Raymond Babbitt. Some of his powers were absolutely uncanny:

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