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Watch A Queensland River Catch On Fire Because Of Fracking

Video: Mother Nature probably never wanted to wax a song about fire and water, but when fracking gets involved all sorts of wild stuff starts happening. This footage apparently shows a gas leak in a river near a fracking site in Queensland. There’s so much gas bubbling up that it easily catches on fire and sustains the flames for a very long time.

The Australian Nanoscience Institute Puts Every Experiment Inside A Faraday Cage

Nanotechnology researchers at the University of Sydney now have a building that will make them the envy of the scientific community — with ultra-clean rooms, vibration-free floors and faraday cages aplenty.

This Is Why The Great Barrier Reef Is Dying

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most celebrated ecosystems on Earth — and it’s dying. Months of extreme heat have turned thousands of kilometres of pristine habitat into an endless watery graveyard. This year’s coral bleaching event comes as a warning. If we don’t bring carbon emissions down fast, the Great Barrier Reef will not survive the century.

Australia Just Dedicated Millions To Syndrome That Likely Doesn't Exist

Happier times with some koalas (Getty) The Australian government announced on Tuesday that it will devote $US2.5 ($3) million to researching the consequences of wind turbines on human health. This comes despite the fact that previous reports — including one by the Australian government itself — suggest there is no direct connection between ill health and wind turbines.

Sydney Is Getting The Library Of The Future

The city of Sydney is setting up a new library inside a building that looks, depending on who you ask, like a stack of plates, a spaceship taking off or a cyborg hairdo. The library will occupy two floors, and will house a lot more than just books.

Mysterious 'Fairy Circles' Discovered In Australia's Outback

Uniformly spaced gaps called “fairy circles” often appear in the grasslands of Namibia. The unprecedented discovery of these enigmatic patches in the Australian outback now reaffirms an ongoing theory about their origin. (It’s not aliens.)

Australian Lifeguards Are Getting A $250,000 Drone To Spot Sharks

Drones are slowly but surely becoming part of the equation for emergency services for jobs like search-and-rescue or avalanche prevention. Australia’s taking things a step further, thanks to the introduction of a long-range helicopter drone to help with a very Australian problem.

Hairy Panic Consumes Wangaratta, Victoria

“Hairy panic.” That’s the wonderfully apt name for the fast-growing tumbleweed currently consuming the Aussie town of Wangaratta.

Eastern Australia's Ecosystem Among Most At Risk From Climate Change

Norwegian and UK scientists have used 14 years of satellite data to develop a map which identifies the ecosystems around the world that are at greatest risk from climate change, and eastern Australia is on the list.

A Global Tragedy Is Unfolding In Tasmania

The blackened skeletons of scorched trees jut out of the smouldering Earth like angry bee stings. A smell of ash, dust and death hangs in the air. This isn’t a scene from a post apocalyptic movie. It’s part of a Tasmanian World Heritage Site that harbours some of the oldest trees on Earth.

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