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The Great Barrier Reef Is Even Worse Off Than We Thought

We’ve known for a while that the Great Barrier Reef is dying, but new numbers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies drive home exactly how much of it has been affected by mass bleaching.

The Australian Government Censored A Global Climate Report

It’s no secret that the Great Barrier Reef is in the midst of a mass die-off, nor that scientists believe the coral bleaching event is related to climate change. But apparently, Australia couldn’t bear the thought of putting these inconvenient facts together on paper. Australia’s Department of Environment censored a major global climate report just before publication this week.

Drone Catches Incredible 70-Shark Feeding Frenzy

Video: This footage, captured above the appropriately named Shark Bay in Western Australia, shows what happens when 70 sharks come across a whale. It involves rather a lot of blood.

Australian Athletes Will Get Anti-Zika Condoms For The Olympic Games

It’s no secret that Olympic athletes like to get it on. Recognising this, the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) is adding an extra measure to help its prized athletes stay safe: antiviral condoms that help protect against the Zika virus.

Australian Expedition To Antarctica Uncovers A Treasure Trove Of 71-Million-Year-Old Fossils

Fossils are cool and during an expedition earlier this year in Antarctica, scientists from the University of Queensland scientists collected a whole ton of them, some dating back to the Cretaceous era.

Australia Will Fight Its Pesky Fish Population With $15 Million Worth Of Herpes 

Australia has a carp problem. According to Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Barnaby Joyce, managing the fish — also known as “Australia’s worst freshwater aquatic pest” — costs about $500 million per year.

Watch A Queensland River Catch On Fire Because Of Fracking

Video: Mother Nature probably never wanted to wax a song about fire and water, but when fracking gets involved all sorts of wild stuff starts happening. This footage apparently shows a gas leak in a river near a fracking site in Queensland. There’s so much gas bubbling up that it easily catches on fire and sustains the flames for a very long time.

The Australian Nanoscience Institute Puts Every Experiment Inside A Faraday Cage

Nanotechnology researchers at the University of Sydney now have a building that will make them the envy of the scientific community — with ultra-clean rooms, vibration-free floors and faraday cages aplenty.

This Is Why The Great Barrier Reef Is Dying

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most celebrated ecosystems on Earth — and it’s dying. Months of extreme heat have turned thousands of kilometres of pristine habitat into an endless watery graveyard. This year’s coral bleaching event comes as a warning. If we don’t bring carbon emissions down fast, the Great Barrier Reef will not survive the century.

Australia Just Dedicated Millions To Syndrome That Likely Doesn't Exist

Happier times with some koalas (Getty) The Australian government announced on Tuesday that it will devote $US2.5 ($3) million to researching the consequences of wind turbines on human health. This comes despite the fact that previous reports — including one by the Australian government itself — suggest there is no direct connection between ill health and wind turbines.

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