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Desperate Whale Calf Tries To Free Its Mother From A Sandbank In Queensland

Unbelievable footage from Queensland shows a whale calf as it desperately tries to free its mother from a sandbank.

Australia Is Losing Rainfall To Climate Change

Human-caused climate change is robbing crucial rain from southern parts of Australia by shifting Southern Ocean westerly winds towards Antarctica, according to a new study.

Associate Professor Nerilie Abram, from The Australian National University (ANU), said the loss of rain combined with 2016 being on track to smash the hottest-year record was ominous for communities and the environment.

A Man Keeps His Memories But Loses His Body In Australian Sci-Fi Thriller Restoration

Elements of Total Recall, Ghost in the Shell and, uh, Face/Off pepper the trailer for Restoration, a noirish thriller about a man who is horrified to awaken from a memory-upload procedure to find he’s been zapped into the wrong body. Even worse, his old self is still out there — but occupied by someone else’s mind.

Can You Find The Australian Bird(s) In This Branch?

Image Cache: Australia is best known for animals that are needlessly good at murdering things. The country is also home to the tawny frogmouth, an incredibly stupid looking bird.

Crazy Aussies Built A Slip N Slide As Long As A Football Field

Every year Paul Borrud builds a massive homebrew Slip N Slide to help celebrate Australia Day. This year’s effort measured almost 100.58m long and ended in a billabong that wasn’t quite large enough to contain most riders as they came rocketing down the slope. But risking your life is half the fun of a Slip N Slide, isn’t it?

Qantas Prohibits Passengers From Charging Samsung's Exploding Smartphones

Yesterday, the US FAA told Gizmodo it was “working on guidance” concerning Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 amid reports of the devices exploding when charged, but at least one Australian airline appears to have already taken action, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Australian Cult Classic Picnic At Hanging Rock Is Getting A Miniseries Remake

Australian director Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock — about a group of Victorian schoolgirls who inexplicably vanish during a Valentine’s Day outing in 1900 — has earned both a cult following and critical respect in the years since its 1975 release. Now the dreamy, eerie tale is getting new life as a six-part TV miniseries.

That Australian Viral Video Of A Hawk Throwing A Snake Is Totally Fake

Have you seen this video of a hawk crashing a picnic in Australia? The bird picks up a snake and tosses it at some people minding their own business. The poor folks then run off in horror. The video has gone viral, with nearly one million views in the past day. But it’s totally fake.

What The CIA Said About Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam Before He Was Ousted

In November of 1975, Australia faced one of the most uncertain periods in its political history. The Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, was unexpectedly dismissed (which is to say fired) by a man named John Kerr, the Governor-General of Australia. Rumours have swirled for years about whether the CIA or British intelligence services had anything to do with it. And while a new document obtained by Gizmodo doesn’t answer that question, it does add a bit of colour to the mystery.

Awkward Adolescence Reaches Fantastical Heights In Aussie Movie Girl Asleep

Video: Fourteen-year-old new girl in school Greta is already neck-deep in the petty horrors of adolescence when her totally embarrassing family decides to throw her a big birthday party… a fiasco so epic it sends the girl into a trippy, fantastical dream world that’s even crazier than her reality.

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