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Introducing Static, Gizmodo Australia's New Podcast With Lifehacker And Kotaku

This week! Black holes, cancer research, Fallout 4, cable management… and bacon.

Australia's Secret History As A White Utopia, Complete With Slavery

Australia’s history is not a secret to most Australians, but you might not know some of the finer details and it may come as a shock to the rest of the world. Today, the majority of Australians take pride in being part of a multicultural, multi-ethnic society. But much like the United States, Australia has a brutally racist history.

This Wall Of Clouds Creeping Over Bondi Beach Is So Ominous

Video: If I saw these clouds coming at me like this, I would drop everything, turn around, and start running. It’s absolutely what I envision the end of the world looking like. These shelf clouds popped up and rolled into and over Bondi Beach yesterday and look absolutely terrifying. Nothing really happened but it totally looks like a tsunami made of clouds.

How The Hell Did This Happen, Australia?

It’s been a rough year for snakes eating things. Sure, any halfwit could’ve told that python eating a porcupine was a bad call, but apparently, snacking on your own kind is, too. What’s next, we’re not allowed to eat bacon anymore?!

Australia Probably Won't Be A Drone Utopia For Much Longer

Australia is known as the drone hobbyist’s utopia. It has relatively lax laws and a booming drone industry. But the fire season in Australia is about to begin, and firefighters there are already worried about what was seen in California this summer: Drones getting in the way of firefighting crews trying to do their jobs.

Australia Is Hiding The World's Largest Chain Of Dormant Supervolcanoes

Things are bigger in Australia. Just ask the team of scientists that found the world’s largest chain of supervolcanoes hiding down the Eastern flank of our fine continent.

Climate Change-Denying Prime Minister Tony Abbott Has Been Ousted

He said he was “hugely unconvinced” on the science of climate change and once called wind turbines “awful.” Now the same prime minister who’s been labelled an environmental villain has been removed from office.

Even Australian Eagles Hate Drones

It’s not just fishermen or emergency responders who hate having drones annoyingly buzzing overhead. Apparently the Australian wedge-tailed eagle isn’t a fan of camera-equipped quadcopters either, and this one makes short work of one invading its territory. But don’t worry, while the drone took a nasty tumble, the eagle was unharmed.

No, You Can't Make Moonshine Out Of Vegemite

News broke this weekend that the Australian government was concerned about Indigenous communities using Vegemite to brew alcohol. The government even floated the idea of banning the spread in some places where alcohol was already banned. Can you really brew alcohol using Vegemite? In short: No.

Driving Australia's Remote Cape York Peninsula

For most of Cape York, the remote peninsula north of Cairns that runs parallel to the Great Barrier Reef, the nearest major city isn’t even in Australia, it’s in Papua New Guinea. You know, where head-hunting was a thing up until a couple of decades ago. We just drove through it on the most challenging off-road trail down under.

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