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Apple Introduces Cut-Price iMac

In the market for a new iMac? Good news! Apple just introduced a new cut-price base model.

Aussies Are Still Paying Over The Odds, And It's Time For ACCC Action

Yet another survey has found Australians are paying more than their American and British counterparts for the same entertainment goods and services.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Australian Price, Release Date And The Australia Tax

It’s finally here. Microsoft has made the 12.2-inch Surface Pro 3 a reality overnight, and it’s heading to Australia soon. Here’s what you’ll pay, when you can get it, and whether you’ll pay the Australia Tax on Microsoft’s new laptop replacement.

Australian Gadget Prices Likely To Rise In 2014: Report

Laptops, smartphones and tablets. These are the three devices that you’ll likely end up paying more for this year thanks to a sliding Australian dollar according to a new report.

You Thought The Australia Tax Was Bad? Try Living In South America

You may remember a little while ago that Australian politicians led a crusade against vendors like Adobe, Apple and Microsoft for charging Aussies too much for tech just because we’d pay it. A big fuss was made, and it was great that the Parliament came up with possible ways to fix the problem. Our problems, however, pale in comparison to the issue of pricing in Brazil. You won’t believe how much they have to pay just to get their hands on the Sony PlayStation 4, for example.

Microsoft Drops The Australia Tax On New Surface 2 Tablets

Get that tilted party-hat on your head: Microsoft has ditched its love of the Australia Tax for the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets! In fact, Aussies may actually be getting the Surface 2 tablets cheaper than the US!

Software Is Officially A Rip-Off In Australia, So What Can You Do?

It’s official: Australia isn’t the “lucky country” in the IT sector. Consumers, government and industry down under are charged typically 50% more for software and hardware compared to their American counterparts.

Beating The Australia Tax: How The Parliament Wants To Stop IT Rip-Offs

It has been months in the works, but the Australian Parliament finally outed its recommendations into how the government can best tackle the so-called Australia Tax, therefore halting the tech rip-offs being perpetrated onto Australian consumers. Most importantly, will these recommendations work?

Ed Husic And The War For Australia's Broadband Future

On a battlefield drenched in derp like rainfall drenched the Somme, a war has been fought for four years now and, from all reports, it’s a stalemate. Grenades are lobbed over sandbags in an effort to weaken the resolve of the opposing faction on a daily basis. Nobody is ceding ground and neither side will give up. It’s a war for the trenches of Australia: the pits and pipes and what should be routed through them and, in a bid to break the stalemate and win the war for Labor, there has been a change in leadership on all levels. Meet the new Three-Star General: Ed Husic, Parliamentary Secretary for Broadband, and get ready to take your orders.

Ed Husic Slams Adobe Over Forced Creative Cloud Move

What we all feared would happen, happened this morning when Adobe announced at its annual conference that it would move away from boxed Creative Suite software and push everyone into a subscription payment model with Creative Cloud. You’d never guess but the Government’s IT pricing crusader, Ed Husic, is displeased with Adobe. Again.