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The Breathtaking Beauty Of Paragliding Through The Aurora Borealis 

Video: Watch as Horacio Llorens paraglides against the backdrop of the Aurora Borealis. It’s especially nice because the paraglider cycles through different coloured lights against the glimmering green of the aurora. His movements are almost poetic, a perfect blend of mixing an extreme sport with the grace of nature.

Nights Around The World Are Filled With Glorious Auroras This Week

The aurora borealis is one of the most stunning light shows on Earth, but normally, it’s a treat reserved for the hardy souls living at the coldest edges of the world. The last few nights, however, people across the Northern and Southern hemispheres have enjoyed dazzling, colourful skies, thanks to a geomagnetic storm that began early this week.

The Night Time View Of The Aurora Borealis

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking at. And then things started to make sense, you can see the city lights outline the US and the geographical footprint of other places and then this swirl mixture that basically takes over Canada. It’s the Aurora Borealis at night.

What Would Happen If A Massive Solar Storm Hit The Earth?

We all know that major storms can wreak havoc, flooding cities and decimating infrastructure. But there’s an even bigger worry than wind and rain: space weather. If a massive solar storm hit us, our technology would be wiped out. The entire planet could go dark.

An Electric Green Sky For St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day is filled with drunkards decked in green. The Northern Lights are beautiful and stunning and light up the sky in a wonderful hue of green. Naturally, they’re made for each other. Or if not, they should be. Ignore the noise today and just watch this Northern Lights timelapse shot from Alaska.

How To Photograph The Northern Lights

One of nature’s most incredible phenomena are the aurora borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights. We’ve been photographing them in Icelandm and we’re going to show you how to shoot them yourself.

Seeing The Aurora Borealis In Real Time Is Better Than Any Timelapse

We’ve seen so many beautiful timelapses of the Aurora Borealis (not that I’m complaining!) that it’s pretty refreshing to see how ethereal it can be in real time too. I guess that means I should really see it in real life.

The Best Of The Year In Space

It’s been a big year for the space sciences. The first privately-held spacecraft orbited our world, the blackest material in history was created, researchers expanded the list of possible sources of life threefold; and that was just in December.

Earth Turns On Its Christmas Lights For ISS Astronauts

Astronaut Doug Wheelock snapped these photos from the ISS over the last two weeks, of London, Paris, Ibiza… it’s like a tour of some of Europe’s most beautiful cities. From space.

This Aurora Photo Is The Most Insane I've Ever Seen

By far, this is the most spectacular and insane photography of an aurora borealis I’ve ever seen. When I showed this in our virtual bullpen, the unanimous reaction was complete awe.

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