augmented reality

An Augmented Reality Windshield Tells You How To Take A Racing Line

Land Rover’s windshield experiments have already been pretty impressive — remember the concept that would make your car’s bonnet appear transparent to make it easier to avoid potholes? But what if you’re on a silky-smooth race track, looking to perfect your performance?

Oculus Rift Developer Creates Weird Third-Person View Hack

This man is living the dream of starring in his own real-world video game, using a complex camera rig and an Oculus Rift headset to view his own life from the popular behind-and-up-a-bit third-person perspective. He is also, presumably, very confused.

These Augmented Reality Specs Can Turn A Regular Joe Into James Bond

While 007 can seemingly pull off any impossible mission without breaking a sweat, real-world field intelligence agents don’t have it nearly that easy. They must maintain encyclopaedic mental records of names and faces as well as relay information to and from HQ — all without blowing their covers. To give its agents an edge in their deadly cloak and dagger games, the DoD hopes to outfit them with these intelligent spy glasses.

Google's Project Tango Will Power Augmented Reality Shopping

Google just announced a pretty impressive-looking retail experience powered by its Project Tango 3D-mapping service. The new augmented reality shopping technology will help you find products more efficiently. It sort of turns shopping into a video game.

Meta 3D Smart Glasses: Hands On

Tucked away in the hills of Portola Vally, California, overlooking grass and trees and even some deer, you’ll find the headquarters of Meta, which has been working on augmented-reality glasses that it hopes will change the future, and the world.

An Augmented Reality Mirror Lets You Test Makeup Without Putting It On

Thanks to this slick augmented reality mirror, if you happen to find yourself in Sephora’s makeup store while visiting Milan, Italy, you’ll have the rare opportunity to try on almost every shade of eyeshadow the company sells, without ever putting any of it on your face.

An Augmented Reality Made With Hand-Drawn Cartoons And An IPhone

Video: Prolific doodler Marty Cooper carries around animation cels, a marker, and some Wite-Out as he wanders the city, creating whimsical scenes that turn mundane background imagery into charming mini-stories. And he painstakingly captures them on his iPhone to create the animated world of Aug(De)Mented Reality.

New Thermal Technology Turns The Entire World Into A Touchscreen

Holy crap, somebody invented something that makes Google Glass seem cool. The augmented reality wizards at Metaio just showed off their Thermal Touch technology, a new kind of user interface that basically turns the whole world into a touchscreen. It looks pretty futuristic.

An Artist Is Using Augmented Reality To Stage A Guerrilla Show

New York’s Museum of Modern Art won’t display the early work of choreographer Ted Shawn — so Adam H. Weinert is doing it for them. Surprise! MoMa just got a permanent unauthorised exhibition that displays performances inside the museum through an augmented reality app.

A Smartphone Turns These Fast Food Trays Into Tiny Soccer Fields

Decades ago, McDonald’s realised that food wasn’t the only way to draw kids into its restaurants. Toys, playgrounds and cartoon characters all help the cause, and now a Brazilian food chain called Giraffas has come up with a clever way to lure soccer fans into its restaurants, just in time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.