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YouTube Music Is Breathtakingly Pointless

The new YouTube Music app is a failure. YouTube is quietly one of the most powerful forces in digital music, and this — THIS! — is the app that’s supposed to change everything. It changes nothing.

UE Speakers Now Let Three People DJ At Once

Ultimate Ears make some of the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy and now they have just added a neat feature which makes them even more sociable: you can now have up to three people sharing songs trough the same speaker at once.

This Aluminium Box Is Pioneer's Take On The Portable HD Audio Player 

While most people now rely on their smartphone for music, there’s recently been steady trickle of portable HD audio players that provide the option of a little more sonic clarity. This is Pioneer’s new take on the idea, crafted from a slab of aluminium and stuffed with an Android OS.

Inside Samsung's Multi-Million Dollar Audio Lab

With a new world-class audio lab in Los Angeles, Samsung wants to change home audio in exactly the same way that it changed TVs — and spearheaded the switch to super-thin LCD TVs — back in the 2000s.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless: The Big Blimp Of Sound Gets An Overhaul

Music listening habits have come a long way since Bowers & Wilkins launched Zeppelin speaker dock eight years (!) ago in 2007. The overhauled Zeppelin ditches the dock and adds Bluetooth — which is pretty much exactly what the thing needed.

Sonos Makes A Play To Reconquer Your Living Room's Music 

For years, Sonos speakers and software have been our de facto choice for a wireless multiroom music system. In the face of increasing competition from the likes of Denon, Polk, Samsung, Yamaha, and others, the company is releasing an overhauled flagship Play:5 speaker and some smart software that makes your Sonos speakers sound good no matter where you place them in a room.

Chromecast And Chromecast Audio Hands-On: Damn, These Seem Promising

As predicted, today Google unleashed not one but two Chromecast devices. They’re both impressive. I just spent a little time with both of them and here are my impressions.

A Millennium Falcon Speaker Is The Best Way To Blast John Williams

It’s quite possibly the most recognisable film score of all time, and without a doubt, the best way to enjoy John Williams’ Star Wars soundtrack is on iHome’s new Millennium Falcon-shaped Bluetooth Speaker.

Scientists Have Created A System That Absorbs 99.7% Of All Sound

Is this thing on? That’s likely what Hong Kong University of Science and Technology scientists thought, shortly after they’d developed a new system that absorbs 99.7 per cent of all the sound that hits it.

UE Boom 2: The Best Bluetooth Speaker Is Now Waterproof For The Same Price

For a couple years now the UE Boom has been the Bluetooth speaker I recommend to people. With the UE Boom 2, it gets better, and even harder to argue with in an increasingly crowded field of competitors.

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