Audi's New Q4 Crossover SUV Design Sketches Are Imposing

Crossover, soft-roader SUVs are one of the fastest-growing segments in motoring right now. Every marque wants to have a car that can hold the kids and their football gear, but also fit into a tight parking spot in the middle of the city. The new Audi Q4 crossover — so that’s a bit bigger than the Q3, but smaller than the Q5 — might look something like these concept sketches released by the Audi Design Team, if it’s ever released.

This Ad's Amazing Optical Illusion Reveals The Hazards Of Driving

Audi’s luxury vehicles include a neat night-vision system that will automatically warn drivers about hazards on the road. And to drive home just how life-saving it can be, the company’s ad agency created a brilliant billboard in an airport with a secret hazard that was only revealed to passengers when they got closer and closer.

Audi Might Build The R8 e-tron After All

The Audi R8 is almost the perfect sports car. The electric version, the e-tron, was shelved after Audi realised the range was insufficient. According to the head of development at Audi, however, it’s back on track.

This Audi Ski Lodge Is Being Eaten By A Glitch From The Future

The Obergurg-Hochgurgl ski area, in the Austrian Alps, is full of lodges just like this: rustic, charmingly worn, oh-so-cozy, and — wait — colonised by a bizarre parasite that spews red and white triangles across its facade?

What's The Difference Between A Supercar And A Racing Supercar?

The V10 Audi R8 is a spectacular car. What else needs to be done to it to turn it into a racing car? What’s the real differences between driving a supercar and a racing car?

The Best Of CES 2014

CES ain’t quite what it used to be. Pretty much all the big guys have pulled out in favour of doing their own events. The phones are OK and the 4K TVs pretty, but a dime a dozen. But there are still some hidden treasures that are amazing. Here’s all the stuff from CES that made us squeal with glee.

Audi's Traffic Light Assistance Ensures You Never Hit A Red Light

The only thing more annoying than having to obey the speed limit when driving is having to frequently stop at red lights. So in a brilliant attempt to become the world’s awesomest automaker, Audi has created a new in-dash system that tells you how fast or slow you need to drive in order to hit as many green lights as possible.

Audi Shows Off The Brains Of Its Future Self-Driving Cars

Here in Las Vegas at CES, Audi has showcased continued work on its self-driving ‘piloted drive’ efforts — currently housed in a stylish A7 concept car. While brains of the ‘zFAS’ system need the power to continually monitor surroundings and plan or control trajectory, Audi’s engineers have shrunk the components down to the size of an iPad. The future is coming. Take a look…

Audi's Quattro Laserlight Concept Car Is A Gorgeous Powerhouse

Audi just showed the future it aspires to. Meet the Quattro Laserlight. This thing is beautifully insane. I’m speechless.

Audi CES Press Conference Live Stream

Next big conference out of the gate is German car maker Audi — who we know is working with Google and Nvidia to advance Android integration within cars. Apparently, however, that’s just the start. The event kicks off at 3:30pm AEDT and you can watch all the news unfold live right here…