Australian Stories

The New Ford Mustang Lets You Rip Burnouts With The Touch Of A Button

If you’ve got cash to burn on spare rear tyres, don’t mind a bit of excess wear on your brakes, engine and drivetrain, and want to impress your mates in front of Maccas on a Friday night, then the 2015 Ford Mustang is the car for you. It has an electric line lock feature that clamps the front brakes, holding the car still while you step on the gas and light the rears up.

Lensbaby For Your Phone -- Now With An Android App

The Lensbaby range of digital SLR camera special effects lenses has been around for a decade, but the company is bringing their funky lens effects to smartphones. The Lensbaby Kickstarter project — already having reached twice its US$20,000 goal — has just added future support for Android phone cameras, with a dedicated Android app accompanying the existing “creative focus” lens.

NBN Co Just Demoted Its Chief Fibre Architect

There’s a new nail in the coffin of fibre to the premises NBN today. The chief architect behind the original FTTP plan for the National Broadband Network has been removed from his planning position, and his network planning responsibilities have been assumed by a new appointee.

Video: See The Oculus Rift Get Dismantled Piece By Piece

Jake Roper, of YouTube channel VSauce3, is great at pulling things apart. After tearing down a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, he’s turned his attention to the Oculus Rift, the now-Facebook-owned VR headset that is the current darling child of virtual reality enthusiasts. This great stop-motion video shows Roper taking the Rift to pieces and marking each component, so you’ll learn a few things along the way.

Part Of Reddit Is Weirdly Obsessed With Miele Vacuum Cleaners

On Reddit, there’s a sub-section called Buy It For Life — it’s filled with posts about belts, boots, hair clippers and other ephemera made to last a lifetime. One topic that seems to pop up more often than others is vacuum cleaners, and whenever that topic is discussed, the Miele brand seems to get mentioned more than you’d expect.

Five New Accessories For Any Phone

If you’ve just bought a new smartphone, or if you’re thinking of buying one, there are always a few bits and pieces you can purchase to make your new toy just a bit better.

Whether it’s a case to protect it from accidental drops, a spare charging cable, or a pair of headphones to make your commute more bearable, we’ve rounded up five accessories that any new smartphone would be lucky to have.

Samsung Wants To Trade Mark The Word 'Plot' In Australia, Among Others

Last week, Samsung filed a bunch of new trade marks in Australia. One of those is for the word “Plot”, specifically relating to technology hardware and software — there’s no hint as to what this particular trade mark is actually referring to, but it sounds like Samsung is plotting something new.

In Australia, Piracy Makes Your Movie Tickets More Expensive

According to a Village Roadshow executive responsible for film distribution, Australian pirates are driving up the cost of cinema tickets for regular moviegoers — along with the high cost of Aussie wages for multiplex staff, illegal online downloads apparently justify ticket prices topping $20 in some places around the country.

Winners! 20 Arduino-Certified Intel Galileo Boards! What Will You Make?

Have a great idea for your own DIY electronics project and want to learn or improve your coding skills? The popular Arduino hardware platform allows anyone to build fantastic interactive projects. And now you have more power to play with thanks to Arduino and chip giant Intel collaborating on the Galileo board: now available in Australia. Gizmodo has 20 to give away, worth almost $100 each! Entering is easy — just tell us what you’d make!