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JB Hi-Fi Is Selling The Microsoft Surface 2 For Cheap

Love a bargain? You’d better move quickly on this one, then. JB Hi-Fi is dropping the prices on its range of Microsoft Surface 2 convertibles, down from over $500 at launch to just $298 now.

Breakfast Wrap: Thursday Night's Top Stories

We’re Just Three Years Away From Male Birth Control (Again) “It’s about time!” she said (again).

The Syrian Electronic Army Is Infesting News Sites With Popups Imagine the meltdowns people are having because they’ve been “hacked”.

WSJ: GoPro Is Going To Make Its Own Drones How much would you pay for a drone equipped with a GoPro?

Which Country Has The World’s Largest Army Throughout History? I wonder how this list would look when you factor in conscription.

Adults Who Live In Treehouses Aren’t As Weird As You Might Think No, they are probably smarter and happier.

Gizmodo Awards 2014: Best Console Nominations Now Open!

It’s almost time to deck the halls in the lead up to the end of the year and that means we have the business of finding the best tech that 2014 had to offer. A year into their lives, it’s time to revisit the topic of best console. Nominate your favourite now!

The Slow Death Of The USB Mobile Broadband Dongle

Roy Morgan’s recent report on the popularity of mobile broadband in Australia has a few interesting findings. While just as many people continue to use Wi-Fi hotspots like Vodafone’s Pocket WiFi 4G, the use of USB dongles is dying out rapidly across Australia.

Gizmodo Awards 2014: Best TV Nominations Now Open!

It’s almost time to deck the halls in the lead up to the end of the year and that means we have the business of finding the best tech that 2014 had to offer. We want your nominations for the best of the best in TVs. Nominate your favourite now!

Why Blocking Piracy Websites Is Bad For Australia's Digital Future

Rumours are flying that the government will introduce legislation before Christmas aimed at blocking certain websites, such as The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents, as part of a range of efforts to reduce copyright infringement in Australia. But is that a good idea?

Kogan Has A New Cheap Agora Phone

If you’re after a cheap Android phone, it has always been tough to go passed the Kogan Agora. For the price, it gets the job done for users who aren’t after a world-eating superphone. The good news today is that the current generation Agora smartphone is getting even cheaper as Kogan readies to launch a new model.

The iPhone 5c Will Disappear In Mid-2015 -- Will It Be Replaced?

We really liked the iPhone 5c, with its bright colours and funky fresh styling. But it won’t be around on Apple Store shelves forever. The iPhone 5c is going away in the middle of 2015, but Apple may well choose to exit that low end of the smartphone race to focus on the iPhone 6 and future premium models.

Sandisk Extreme Pro 512GB SDXC Card: Australian Review

In 2004, I had a Sandisk 512MB SD card. It was the bomb. In my little Canon PowerShot S80, it captured all the 8-megapixel, 3MB images I needed it to. 10 years later, just last week, I loaded up a loaner Canon 7D Mark II — in all of its 20-megapixel, 35MB RAW-snapping glory — with the new Sandisk 512GB SDXC Extreme Pro. Five hundred and twelve gigabytes.

Proceeds Of Crime: How Polymer Banknotes Were Invented

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and CSIRO’s 20-year “bank project” resulted in the introduction of the polymer banknote — the first ever of its kind, and the most secure form of currency in the world.

The project commenced in 1968 and continued until 1988 with the release of the A$10 bicentennial commemorative banknote. But it’s the story behind this story – a personal note of forgeries, underworld figures and CSIRO – that is just as impressive.

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