Australian Stories

Infini Is An Amazing-Looking Australian Sci-Fi Action Film

Gone are the days of twee, culturally cringe-worthy Australian films. With movies like Wyrmwood and the locally-produced Mad Max: Fury Road, our film industry is alive and kicking. Infini is the latest action-horror movie on the scene, and it looks brilliantly terrifying.

Telstra In Talks With Netflix, Despite Foxtel And Presto

Despite its 50 per cent ownership of Aussie pay TV stalwart Foxtel, Telstra is talking with Netflix to promote the service and integrate its video storage and server hardware in Telstra’s own data centres.

There's A Line For The Apple Watch In Sydney, But Why?

23. That’s how many people decided to queue up for the Apple Watch outside the Sydney Apple Store this morning. There’s only one problem: they won’t be able to walk out with an Apple Watch when they’re done.

WIN! A $12k Trip For 2 To The NASTAR Space Flight Simulator In America

Alright, alright, alright guys — this is pretty amazing! To celebrate Interstellar now being available on Blu-ray and DVD, Gizmodo has teamed up with Roadshow Entertainment to send you and a friend to The National AeroSpace Training And Research (NASTAR) Center in Philadelphia. NASTAR is the only non-government facility for G force exposure in the world — perfect for your simulated space flight and overview of what it takes to be an astronaut. Entering is easy!

Watch Australia's Latest 'Daily Show' Clone Take On Internet Piracy

Video: Australia has been looking for an answer to The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight for some time now. A new ABC show hosted by comedian, Charlie Pickering, is the latest to give it a go, and for its first feature story it’s taking on Australia’s love affair with piracy. Pickering skewers Foxtel and drops some knowledge on piracy with a few laughs to boot.

Samsung Series 9 Curved SUHD TV: Australian Review

What sort of a TV do you get for $10,000? This one: meet the new flagship Samsung Series 9 Curved UHD TV. Phew!

Stan and Netflix Are Owning The Australian Video Streaming Market

The battle for users in the Australian online streaming market was taken up a notch last month when US juggernaut Netflix arrived Down Under. Releasing its April Benchmark Report analysing the local subscription video on demand market, Australian app Gyde – which helps users figure out which streaming TV providers host the content they enjoy watching – has found Stan is in the lead for total streamable hours.

Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi: Australian Review

We love 2 in 1 tablet / laptops here at Gizmodo. They’re super-convenient, usually very sleek, and still handle all the regular tasks that you need an ol’-fashioned PC for. The Transformer Book Chi is a laptop that’s already thinner than a MacBook Air for your normal work day, but then — if you don’t need its keyboard half, if you’re just watching videos or reading a book — you can tear it in half.

Chart: Top 5 Digital SLR Cameras Under $1500

Chart: Thinking of picking up a new camera, but don’t want to jump straight into the pro-level deep end? Here are the best entry-level and enthusiast digital SLRs available in Australia for under $1500 (body only) as of April 21, 2015.