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Consider the humble light globe. It hides in your ceiling, turning electricity into light, but little do you know how inefficiently it's doing that. Halogen light bulbs aren't great, but traditional incandescents are downright terrible. Ikea says that the average Aussie household could save nearly $150 a year by switching its lighting to LEDs.


The next Commodore is a huge departure from the past 40 years of storied Holden sedans. It's based on the German-built Opel Insignia, and will be mostly offered in front-wheel drive with small, efficient petrol and diesel engines. You'll still be able to buy it as a sedan and wagon, but a lot has changed underneath its skin.


Finding the perfect laptop can be tricky, especially if looking at a spec sheet makes your eyes glaze over. It can be tempting to ignore these sometimes-confusing tables. Instead, many of us rely on a quick Google search for reviews of popular brands. That is a mistake.

Learning to read a spec sheet can be incredibly valuable. Not only will you be making an informed decision, you're less likely to spend money needlessly. You should be looking for what you need, not just what sounds powerful and fancy. We explain some of the most important and head-scratch inducing parts of spec sheets mean.


Sony's Project Field looks a bit like a plastic cutting board. It is thin, light, portable and brings compatible chip-embedded real-world objects in-game - similar to a Lego Dimensions, Amiibo, Skylanders or (RIP) Disney Infinity port.

But instead of connecting to a console, it connects to a smartphone or a tablet via Bluetooth. So you take it everywhere you go. Well, that's the idea, anyway.


Australian scientists are at it again. This time researchers at The Australian National University have worked out a way to improve night vision googles - by designing a nano crystal, 500 times smaller than a human hair, that turns darkness into visible light and fits right on regular lenses.

Basically, they have invented reverse sunglasses.


Netflix recently made an appeal to the Federal Government to allow a self-classification system, bringing streaming services on par with broadcasters and the digital games industry - ultimately meaning Aussies don't have such huge delays between when shows become available, and when we get to see them.

And it has worked.


During a recent trip to Antarctica, where the 86 year old became the oldest man to reach the south pole, second man to walk on the moon Buzz Aldrin suffered from fluid on his lungs.

Transferred to a hospital in Christchurch, his treatment is being undertaken by a doctor who happens to share a name with another "starman": the late David Bowie.