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This IoT Gadget Lets You Know If Drivers Are Flooring It

It doesn’t look particularly exciting: after all, it’s just an innocuous box. But it’s something that could soon become ubiquitous for delivery drivers, courier companies and transportation fleets — and insurance companies are going to love it.

How Small Is An Atom, Really? (Or How To Make Your Head Explode)

Video: Kurzgesagt has a neat new explainer: “How small is an atom?” I watched it. It does a great job at giving you an idea of how small atoms are and how they work. But it doesn’t matter, because my brain just plainly refuses to believe any of this. Hulk head hurt. Hulk smash atoms. Oops, Hulk make nuclear detonation.

Scientists Have Recorded The Sound Of A Single Atom

What’s the sound of one atom moving? That might sound a bit like a silly philosophical question, but actually it’s a scientific puzzle that’s now been solved.

Intel's New Atom Chips Are Just Waiting For Phones To Catch Up

Today at Mobile World Congress, Intel launched its latest dual-core 64-bit mobile processor, Merrifield, and spilled some of the beans on its upcoming follow-up, the quad-cored Moorefield. Now they’re just looking for some devices to jump into.

Intel Bay Trail: Laptop-Tablet Hybrids Might Actually Keep Up Now

Just a couple of months ago, Intel’s new 4th generation processors helped laptops get a whole lot better. Now Intel’s trying to work the same magic on mobile. Meet Bay Trail, a new flavour of chips designed specifically to make Windows 8 and Android tablets more awesome.

Intel's Bay Trail Could Put It Back In The Tablet Race

Most of the tablets that you get excited about run ARM processors, putting Intel in the curious position of being the underdog in the tablet space, continually updating its Atom processors as it goes. The latest iteration, Bay Trail is looking particularly good.

Asus Fonepad Review: One-Stop Shop

What if you had the form factor of the Nexus 7, the processor of the future and a behemoth battery to boot? Meet the Asus Fonepad: your next do-all tablet.

Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 Review: Just Barely A Laptop

Lenovo probably did Windows 8 the best of anyone so far with the bendy, twisty Yoga. Now it’s got the Thinkpad Tablet 2 and keyboard combo. If the Lenovo Yoga is a laptop that’s sort of a tablet, this is the tablet that’s sort of a laptop.

Intel's New Chips: Everything You Need To Know

Intel is talking about its new stuff today at CES. Some of it is new, some of it we’ve heard before. But we’ll let you know everything important that goes down today.

Lenovo K900 Hands-On: This Tall, Skinny Hottie Needs To Get In My Pants

The Lenovo K900 is a big phone, yes, but it’s a design-y big phone. It’s handsome, skinny, and slick like the finest smartphones ever made. We never thought we would be into a 5.5-inch phone until the K900’s brushed metal back landed in our hands.

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