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Thanks, Space, For Making These Astronauts Nearsighted 

We know that astronauts’ bodies are heavily impacted by their time in space, but as more of them come back to Earth following longer and longer stays without gravity, more issues are going to arise.

NASA Is Attaching An Expandable Space House To The ISS

The ISS has gotten quite a few improvements lately, but the latest addition is unusually impressive: a 3.66m long expandable room that astronauts will attach to the space station’s back and inflate to twice its original size.

Watch Our Interview With The Astronauts Living On The ISS

Video: Join us as the crew of the ISS tells us what they think of NASA’s plan to ignite a big fire in space, share what’s on their space bucket lists, choose the best space snack and demonstrate some synchronised space gymnastics.

We're Interviewing Astronauts On The Space Station Tonight

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to drift in a large tin can hundreds of miles above the Earth’s surface? Then tune in late tonight, when we’ll be joined by members of the current ISS crew and the new arrivals living aboard the International Space Station.

Watch A Crew Of New Astronaunts Launch To The International Space Station Live

The Soyuz spacecraft will be blasting off into space today — and pulling a crew of new astronauts up to the International Space Station along with it. Watch it happen live right here.

Having Set The Record For Most Time In Space, Scott Kelly Is Leaving NASA

Having logged almost a full year in space — 340 days, more than any astronaut has even spent in space for a single stretch — astronaut Scott Kelly is leaving NASA.

Two Key Things Astronaut Scott Kelly's Body Will Teach Us About Living In Space

We’re all looking forward to interstellar travel and colonising Mars, but first we’ve got a lot to learn about how the human body responds to the cold dark void of outer space. Scott Kelly’s stint on the ISS, which ends tomorrow, is helping us answer some critical questions — including what weightlessness does to our vision, and whether all that extra radiation messes up our DNA.

Watch Scott Kelly Relinquish Command Of The International Space Station Live

As America braces itself for another seven months of bickering over which suited flesh puppet most deserves to lead them for the next four years, 400km up, a much more civilised transfer of power is taking place today.

Everything That Happened On Earth While These Guys Spent A Year In Space

Astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko return from space next week, having spent a total of 340 days up there. They left 27 March 2015 but it may as well have been a lifetime ago. Here’s everything that happened on Earth while they were away.

Sally Ride Reminds Us That One Thing Hasn't Changed For Female Astronauts

In 1983, Sally Ride became the first American woman to travel into space. Today, PBS Digital Studio released a short animated film featuring an interview between Ride and Gloria Steinem from that very same year. It’s a great retrospective on Ride’s early career — but it’s also a reminder that obnoxious gender biases have tailed female astronauts for a very long time.

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