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Astronaut Explains How We'll Fall In Love With Space Again

Our friend and astronaut blogger Leroy Chiao sat on the human spaceflight advisory committee which released its report last week. Since news stories about it were hazy at best, we asked him to explain what it really said…

A Real Astronaut Reflects On America's Moon Landings, Past And Future

Our friend and astronaut blogger Leroy Chiao was an invited guest at the Apollo 11 40th Anniversary gala last night. Here he shares a few shots, his memories of the Eagle touchdown, and his thoughts on the next moon mission.

Sex In Space: When's Someone Gonna Get Freaky in Zero G?

In his final installment as Gizmodo’s cherished Astroblogger, real-life astronaut Leroy Chiao covers the taboo topic of sex in space. Will it happen? Has it happened? Guess you’ll have to read to find out…

The Trouble With Space Toilets

Even when astronaut guest blogger Leroy Chiao isn’t asked, he knows people are dying to know: What’s the deal with relieving yourself when there’s no gravity to contain the mess? How does it actually work?

The Air Up There: What Space Stations Smell Like

In Leroy Chiao’s five-day stint as astronaut guest blogger, he’s striving to illuminate the everyday aspects of life aboard the International Space Station, stuff that isn’t in press releases. Today’s topic? The air they breathe.

NASA Giving Photosynth Tours of International Space Station

Wanna see where astroblogger Leroy Chiao spent over half a year? Check out NASA’s brand-new ISS Photosynth virtual tour (requires Silverlight). [NASA Photosynth Collection]

The Charms of Soyuz: Blasting Off In a Crazy Russian Rocket

Our astronaut guest blogger Leroy Chiao is one of the few spacemen to have flown in both a US Space Shuttle and Russia’s five-decade-old spacecraft, the Soyuz—any guess which one he prefers?

Astronimals: The Unsung Heroes of Space Travel

Astroblogger Leroy Chiao belongs to an elite, exclusive club of earthlings who have ventured into space. Also in that club? Animals. Lots of them. This is tribute to the world’s bravest astronimals.

Pre-Launch Jitters and Then... Liftoff

Contributing astronaut blogger Leroy Chiao continues his five-day mission to enlighten us about space travel, backtracking to the pre-launch period of nervous tension—and steak and eggs—then on to that unforgettable moment of explosive truth.

The Challenge of Brushing Your Teeth In Space

Contributing astronaut guest blogger Leroy Chiao continues his five-day mission to enlighten us with life in orbit, this time dealing with the troublesome business of the morning routine, particularly brushing your teeth in zero gravity.

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