Slow-Mo Video Reveals Raindrops On Sand Behave Like Asteroid Impacts

There’s little more atmospheric than striding out across a beech in the driving rain — but what’s happening as those rain drops smash into the sand beneath your feet?

Orion Is A Triumph. Let's Not Waste It.

NASA’s spacecraft Orion just survived its very first test flight. The shiny, new space capsule will one day carry a human crew to Mars or to an asteroid — wait, which is it? Amidst the hype, there’s still an unforgivable confusion about what comes next.

Watch Japan's Explosive Asteroid-Sampling Mission Take Off

While the rest of the world has been busy shedding a bitter tear over the early demise of Europe’s comet-sampling probe, the Japan Space Agency has been busy launching another mission to sample distant celestial bodies.

Japan's Rocket Launch Site Looks Like A Bond Villain's Secret Lair

Someone mentioned on Twitter that Japan’s Yoshinobu Launch Complex at the Tanegashima Space Center looks like the lair of a Bond villain. And indeed it does: Check out the photo I found while searching for information about Hayabusa 2, JAXA’s second mission to retrieve asteroid material.

Why NASA Is Sending A Spacecraft To An Asteroid To Bring A Piece Back

Not to be outdone by their ESA colleagues, NASA is sending a spacecraft to an asteroid to bring a piece of it back. Her name is OSIRIS-REx, and she will be visiting Bennu — great name for an outpost in a sci-fi movie — one of the primordial asteroids that have been orbiting the sun for millions of years.

Part Of An Asteroid Set To Skim Earth Fell And Made A Big Crater

An asteroid known as 2014 RC was due to skim past our planet over the weekend. But instead of passing by in the distance, it’s believed part of the rock fell to earth in Nicaragua creating a gigantic crater.

This Mysterious Asteroid Breakup Has Scientists Scratching Their Heads

What you see above could have not happened, as far as astronomers know. The Hubble space telescope has photographed this never-before-seen break-up of an asteroid. The observed space object has fragmented into several smaller pieces — which is common when comets approach the sun — but the process has never been observed before in the asteroid belt. Yet that is where asteroid P/2013 R3 has now ceased to exist.

Rosetta: First Spaceship To Land On A Comet Wakes Up After 31-Month Sleep

Rosetta — the first man-made spaceship to land on an comet — is alive and well. It just sent its first signal to the world after going into sleep mode 31 months ago. Scientists were anxious, hoping that the computer and the interplanetary probe would alright. All systems: nominal.

NASA Releases Its First Video Of Giant Asteroid DA14

Remember giant asteroid DA14 that buzzed our planet last week? It made for some pretty spectacular viewing. Now NASA is getting in on the video fun by releasing its observations of the space rock as seen by the Goldstone deep space telescopes.

What's The Difference Between An Asteroid And A Meteor?

The other day we dealt with an asteroid and a meteor. The 2012 DA14 asteroid zipped passed Earth today and a meteor exploded over in Russia. What the heck is the difference between an asteroid and a meteor? And a meteorite? And a meteoroid? Not too much, apparently!