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Ashton Kutcher And Marc Andreessen Team Up To Defend Airbnb From Regulation

Isn’t regulation a pain in the arse? Airbnb sure seems to think so.

Who Should Play Steve Jobs Now That Christian Bale Quit?

After a solid week of coming to terms with the fact that Steve Jobs is Batman, we’ve found ourselves in a Job-less world once more. Now that Christian Bale’s thrown in the tiny circular glasses, we ask you, dear readers, who’s your Jobsian ideal?

Ashton Kutcher Must Be Stopped (Before He Corrupts Our Laptops)

It’s a little-known fact that celebrity Ashton Kutcher moonlights as a Lenovo engineer. At first, it was tolerable: a kickstand here, a bigger battery there. But now, the chisel-cheeked entrepreneur has twisted Lenovo’s latest tablets to his own foul aims: the new Yoga Tablet 2 Pro has a built-in projector. And a subwoofer. And a 13-inch, 2560 x 1440 screen. It’s a goddamn miniature movie theatre, complete with a tiny Ashton to show you around the place.

This New TV Spot For JOBS Shows Ashton Can Actually Act

By now we’ve seen thetrailers and watched the behind-the-scenes clip and learned all about the method acting and all that, but what we haven’t done is really figured out if Ashton Kutcher can really be Steve Jobs. Brace yourselves, folks: He’s pretty good.

What Ashton Kutcher Did To Become Steve Jobs

We dished our fair share of smack talk towards Ashton Kutcher when he was tabbed to play Steve Jobs in the movie Jobs not because he couldn’t make himself look like Steve Jobs but because we were afraid he would put too much Dude Where’s My Car into Steve. We still don’t know if he’ll be able to pull Steve off but it seems the forever pretty boy actor at least tried.

New JOBS Behind-The-Scenes Clip: Ashton Can Definitely Be Steve

Waiting for the new JOBS flick has been a roller coaster of managed expectations for Apple fans. Is it going to suck? How can actor-bro Ashton Kutcher possibly play a legend? This latest clip has got me feeling about as excited as I think I can feel about the movie.

Of Course There's An Instagram Trailer For Jobs

Here’s one of those things you’d always think was a joke but turned out to be real — the filmmakers behind Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs movie have made an Instagram trailer. Open Roads Studios claims it’s the first Instagram trailer, made from 15 seconds’ worth of the official preview we saw a few weeks back.

This Is The Poster For The Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs Biopic

This psychedelic take on an iconic photo is the official poster for jOBs.

Here's The First Ashton-Packed Trailer For jOBS

No, it’s not the first Steve Jobs movie to make it out, but it’s the first one to take it seriously. And, so far, it doesn’t look half bad. We’ll have to wait and see how the whole thing holds up, but colour us hopeful.

Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs Transformation Is Incredible

Whoa. We’ve seen Ashton Kutcher in a scene from early in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, and had an early review of the film as well, but this is the first we’ve seen of his makeup for the latter day Jobs. And man, it’s something.

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