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With Just Three Keys, Keyboard Manages To Make Typing More Complicated

Learning how to efficiently type on a QWERTY keyboard is tough enough for many of us, but one Reddit user decided to make the process even more complicated thanks to a three-button binary keyboard.

Secret Trick Turns Your Facebook Photos Into Awesome Text Art

We’re not exactly sure why they’re doing it yet, but a self-described ‘Web standards fanatic’ named Mathias Bynens has discovered that Facebook and Instagram are automatically making ASCII art versions of every photo you upload. And accessing the lo-fi versions of your images is super easy.

The World's Oldest Torrent Is Enjoying New Popularity

The oldest torrent that is currently still active is a fan-made ASCII render of The Matrix, and it was shared with the internet through BitTorrent on December 20, 2003. For more than 12 years, the same 4.3 gigabyte file has been downloaded by thousands of users, but a recent upswing in shares means that it’s not disappearing any time soon.

Fluid Dynamics Simulated Using ASCII Characters

Video: Japanese programmer Yusuke Endoh uploaded a while ago this cool video showing ASCII melting into fluids. If you haven’t seen ASCII art before prepare to be amazed by this guy’s programming skills.

This Video Chat Software Runs In Terminal, Renders Your Face In ASCII

If you find Skype a little too… polished, then why not use your computer’s abilities in a rather more retro way? p2pvc is a point-to-point colour video chat system, only it runs in terminal and renders the images in ASCII.

Your Webcam Feed In ASCII Is The Greatest Thing You'll See Today

Say goodbye to the rest of your day. Because after playing with this web app that turns your webcam feed into a real-time stream of ASCII art, you’re not going to want to do anything else ever again.

The Original ASCII Art Was Just This Guy And His Typewriter

In 1922, Hobart Reese enjoyed a brief period of fame for his portraits of famous people. What made his work so special? Reese created his art using nothing but a typewriter.

Even The Crappiest Of Computers Can Handle ASCII Fluid Simulations

The incredibly lifelike computer simulations of snow and water seen in effects-heavy Hollywood blockbusters — and even video games — require a significant amount of computing power. It’s not uncommon for a single frame of a movie to require days to render, and these days visual effect studios have more computing power than NASA. But Yusuke Endoh has created a slightly cruder text-based fluid simulation that requires far less hardware.

Real-Time ASCII Art That Hangs On Your Wall

Until internet speeds were fast enough to make it feasible to share jpegs or GIFs, ASCII art — images created from text — served as a decent substitute. And while they seem antiquated now, the folks at Teehan+Lax Labs have breathed new life into the artform with this wonderful real-time display that uses simple segmented displays like you’ll find in any alarm clock.

ASCII-fied Google Street View Is A Beautiful Way To Get Lost

Digital maps of the world have gotten so comprehensive, complex, and accessible that it’s easy to take marvels like Google Street View for granted. Leave it to these gorgeous, real-time ASCII renderings of Street View to remind you that holy crap it’s incredible.

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