Weird Art Brings Plastic Shopping Bags Closer To Nature

Plastic bags might be the most annoying and harmful byproducts of our consumer society. There are few more sorrowful views in nature than a tree covered with polyethylene. Unless, of course, you’re talking about the work of Endre Koronczi.

Mind-Bending Sculptures In Nature Make Me Question My Reality

Whoa. Benjamin Ducroz’s Spinning Daggers installation places totally trippy wooden zoetrope sculptures next to trees and the effect is pretty mind melting. It’s really interesting to see nature next to these man made objects that move in ways that are totally unnatural and yet so very natural all at the same time.

Watch An Incredible Laser Beam Zap Out Art At Blazing Speeds

Damn. That laser is something. It’s a specially designed LasX proton laser art system that blasts a beam to make art at lightning speeds. The CAD file for the design, called After Sunset, was created by Andy Gikling and was imported to the laser control software and then zapped out onto the chalkboard to etch the design. How cool is that?

Watch A Ball Carve Beautiful Sand Art With The Secret Power Of Magnets

Bruce Shapiro’s Sisyphus is a magic machine that shows a steel ball rolling around in the sand to create wonderfully intricate sand drawings. The balls are all controlled with magnets but they seem to have a mind of their own. It’s like making a Zen Garden, only with the sorcery of magnets instead of old style rakes.

I Just Want To Dip My Body In This Amazing Black Light Liquid Body Paint

Video: Outside of magnets and like, vinyl records, the closest thing we have to magical sorcery is liquid paint. Watch as Brad Lawrence shows off another level of the amazingness that is painting by water: liquid body paint that only shows up only under a black light. It’s like the most subtly loud temporary tattoo a person could get.

A Sketchbook Full Of Synthetic Skin Lets Tattoo Artists Safely Doodle

Not every artistic creation is an instant masterpiece, that’s why there are Moleskine sketchbooks. But where perfection really counts is with tattoos, so a magazine dedicated to the craft created a sketchbook made of artificial skin that lets amateur tattoo artists hone their skills. It’s like an unholy grimoire for artists.

Lovely Illustrations Of 25 Different Types Of Ramen

Anyone with motor skills and a place on their head to chew food substance loves ramen. It could be fancy, it could be instant, it could be piping hot, it could even be cold, it could be dipped, it could be weird, but it is almost always fun to eat. Designer Fanny Cheuk Chu wanted to document the many different styles of ramen so she created this tongue-waggingly delicious illustration of the top 25 most common styles of ramen.

The Original Art Behind Some Of The Craziest Star Wars Posters

Thanks to Budapest Poster Gallery I had the opportunity to take a very close look at the original oil paintings for the world famous Hungarian Star Wars movie posters. The three original artworks are going to be auctioned off today and now you too can examine them closer than ever.

This Online Font Lets You Write In Instagram Pictures

Like our new logo? Just kidding; this is one of the many results you can achieve if you type a string of letters into Type to Design’s new site, which renders your text in carefully selected Instagram photos.

Gorgeous Microscopy Images Are Actually Pictures Of Sexual Biology

The Cell Picture Show has collected 10 images of sexually significant science from labs around the world: the resulting slideshow (summarised in their image above) takes you on a walk through sex systems across many types of living things.