Things That Look Surprisingly Weird And Awesome When Cut In Half

I don’t know about you, but I love to see things cut in half. Sometimes they are boring, but most of the times they are incredible, like the mechanical calculator shown above. It’s hard to believe this metal mess works. Here’s more stuff that looks awesome stuff when cut in half. Warning: A few of these images are not for the squeamish!

Watching This Kaiseki Chef Putting Food On Plates Gives Me Goosebumps

Food all goes down the same but there’s so much beauty in food and each ingredient that chefs like Niki Nakayam of Los Angeles Japanese Kaiseki restaurant n/naka turn the idea of putting plate of food into an art form. You’re no longer eating protein and vegetables, but edible art on a plate.

These Amazing Nudes Are The Smallest Sculptures Ever Made [NSFW]

These sculptures by London-based artist Jonty Hurwitz are so small that are impossible to see with the naked eye. They are smaller than a hair and a bit bigger that a human sperm but, despite their size, the level of detail is just insane. NSFW for tiny naked women.

This Dude Wants To Wear Oculus For A Month And Live As Someone Else

Virtual reality is used to transport us to other worlds, but usually just for a short burst here and there. One British artist is prepared to do it for much, much longer. Mark Farid wants to live in a gallery wearing a VR headset and noise-cancelling headphones for 28 days, streaming another person’s daily experiences.

I Want This Darth Vader Sculpture Made From Scrap Metal

French sculptor Alain Bellino has quite an impressive portfolio of metal sculptures with some sci-fi references, but this Darth Vader helmet made from old brass ornaments is pretty incredible.

New York At Night Beautifully Recreated With 3454 Oil Paintings

I’ve had this night in New York before. Actually, anyone who has lived there has had this night. And though you might not immediately recognise it, you will. That’s because the art in this video is lifted straight from those nights you don’t exactly remember but you know were awesome. Basically, New York on any given night.

Damien Hirst's Latest Artworks Turn Scalpels Into City Maps

British artist Damien Hirst is often controversial, but his latest works are unlike the pieces he’s put together before: intricate depictions of cities from above, created using a variety of sharps, from scalpels to safety pins.

Connectable Crayons Make It Easy To Draw A Perfect Rainbow

Kids have enough of a challenge trying to keep their colouring inside of those lines, so why not throw them a bone when it comes to something like drawing a rainbow? Not only will these tongue-and-groove crayons never roll off a desk and shatter, they actually all connect together letting young artists draw a perfect rainbow, or any multi-coloured optical effect, in one motion.

13 Amazing Paintings Of Space Based On Actual Missions

Yesterday we looked at an artist who immortalised the US space program. Today, we meet an artist who does the same — except that this American illustrator, Paul Fjeld, bases his work on the actual transcripts of missions. It’s science and art in equal measure, and it’s beautiful.

The Hungarian-Born Painter Who Immortalised America's Space Program

In a way, artists are the most important men and women in the aerospace industry when it came to visualising the visions of the near (or far) future from engineers, scientists and experts. The first piece of our new series showcasing the work of some of the most noted aerospace artists, is about to pay tribute to the exceptional talent of official NASA artist Attila Héjja (1955-2007).