Why Doesn't Every Stairwell Let You Play Digital Skeeball? 

Kids shouldn’t be allowed to play on the stairs. (Too dangerous!) Adults, on the other hand, just need a good reason. This interactive Skeeball-style game played with bouncey balls and flashing lights might just be the reason you need.

Pouring Paint On Top Of Paint Creates Mind Melting Art

Video: Here’s a nice way to have fun without doing drugs: Pour different colours of paint on top of other colours of paint on top of a wooden block. The layers of paint will stack on top of each other and the colours will expand and you’ll get a super psychedelic art piece that looks like the world has melted down.

Facial Recognition Software Could Have Discovered A Rare Anne Boleyn Portrait

When Anne Boleyn was executed in 1536, images of the beheaded queen were destroyed leaving only one certain depiction of her in existence. Now, facial recognition software may have discovered another contemporary portrait of Boleyn.

The Concept Art Of Jupiter Ascending Is Glorious Eye Candy

“Jupiter Ascending isn’t just a mediocre film. It’s also self-indulgent, and in love with its own excesses,” says Charlie Jane Anders for io9. One of the excesses is the glorious eye candy, which seems to be a constant mental overload. You can thank the genius of George Hull and his baroque concept art for that.

The Japanese SDF Crafted This Massive Star Wars Snow Sculpture

Well, that’s really darn impressive. Who knew the Japanese Self Defense Force had such excellent crafting skills? After seeing this marvellous creation, consider yourself educated.

Clever Video Shows Artist Painting With Paint Made From Lego Bricks

Video: I love this stop-motion animation video so much. Created by animator Jon Rolph, it shows a painter painting, but instead of using regular ol’ paint, the paint is made of Lego. It’s so clever and so well done, you can see how the lighter brushstrokes use different bricks from the finished painting.

Huge Neon Signs Photographed From Below Become Futuristic Abstractions

It’s a wonderful sensation when you encounter something you’ve seen countless times before, only from a different vantage point. The electric glow of neon signs is familiar in all big cities around the world, but seeing them from the vantage point of photographer Rainer Torrado lends them an entirely new shape.

Fire Fighters Of The Future Race To Save Their City

Image: Even in a technologically-advanced future, we’ll still need to put out fires.

An Inflatable Planetarium Where You Can Climb Into The Night Sky 

If you were one of the millions of people driving over London’s perpetually congested A13 highway in late November, you probably wouldn’t have noticed it: Below the underpass, an eerily glowing orb surrounded by crowds of people who seemed to be crawling in and out of it.

Incandescent Bulbs, 135 Years Ago And Today

On January 27, 1880, Thomas Edison was awarded a patent for an incandescent lamp. It was still two years before his first power grid would flicker to life in NYC, and Edison was living on the precipice of a new age. Oh, how things have changed.

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