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Game Of Thrones Characters, Autocorrected

Artist James Chapman depicted Game of Thrones characters as the autocorrected versions of their fantastical names, and the results are funny and delightful.

These Mathematical Scarves Are Designed By A Computer Algorithm 

These mathematical merino scarves designed with a computer algorithm are perfect for colder temperatures. It’s also making us wonder if we need to improve our coding skills.

Eclair Bandersnatch: Street Artist For The Snowden Age

Walk pretty much anywhere in San Francisco’s SoMa, Haight or Mission neighbourhoods, and you’ll see one of Eclair Bandersnatch’s glittery stencils, often featuring “Saint Snowden” or Chelsea Manning. We talked to Bandersnatch about bringing art, tech and politics together on the streets.

Why Chuck Jones, The Creator Of Looney Tunes, Was Such A Great Artist

Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting does his always wonderful deep dive thing on Chuck Jones, the creator of Looney Tunes, and examines how evolved as an artist. It goes beyond his technical skill and his jokes and his characters his discipline and tells how Jones used the real world to inspire his work in his world.

Stunning Pluto Art Makes Me Want To Hike The Norgay Montes

Over the past few weeks, we’ve watched Pluto transform from a fuzzy grey ball into a reddish-pink world with ice plains, mountains ranges, and hints of geologic activity. But science isn’t the only great thing about the recent Pluto discoveries: The new artwork is pretty stellar, too.

This Beautiful Map Of Rotterdam Is Actually A Gigantic Ant Farm

People love watching ants scurry about while they frantically live their lives, that’s why we still trap them in tiny farms. But it’s hard to feel bad for the ants living inside this giant map of Rotterdam created by design shop Studio 1:1. It’s like the Palace of Versailles for insects.

Watch How Google's Artificial Brain Transforms Images In Real Time

In recent days, we’ve seen Google’s dream robot reimagine everything from internet memes to Hunter S. Thompson’s acid trips. But exactly how the artificial neural network creates these trippy images is hard to grasp… until you watch it all happening in real time.

This Artist Is Making Haunting Paintings With Google's Dream Robot

It’s been a week of nightmarish image-making, thanks to the public release of Google’s “DeepDream” algorithm. If you missed this whole thing, let me explain: DeepDream is an artificial neural network that Google originally developed to identify the contents of an image using computer vision. To do this, the network is “taught” using thousands of existing images — say, of animals — which means it’s possible to reverse the algorithm to actually create images based on what it already “knows”.

The Manhole Covers In Japan Are Absolutely Beautiful

Manhole covers don’t have to be ugly sewer lids. In Japan, they can be astoundingly intricate, colourful, museum-worthy feats of urban design.

An Artful Reminder That Surveillance Is Becoming Second Nature 

From far enough away, this installation by the Czech artist Jakub Geltner almost looks like a flock of seagulls preening at the end of a jetty. Almost.

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