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Neat Art Piece Hides Two Different Wire Sculptures Depending On Your Perspective

Video: Here’s a fun art piece made by artist Matthieu Robert-Ortis: in one perspective, it looks like two giraffes standing opposite each other, while in another, it looks like a single elephant staring straight at you. The piece plays on your perspective and hides two wire sculptures in one, what you see depends on which angle you’re looking at it.

This Papier Mâché Smaug Would Bring A Tear To Tolkien's Eye

Video: Benedict Cumberbatch might have moved on to bigger and more problematic things, but papier mâché artist Dan Reeder has been fielding requests for the greediest of dragons since the first Hobbit movie. Now, he’s finally delivering.

The Woman In This Famous Painting May Have Suffered From A Brain Disorder 

The American artist Andrew Wyeth found inspiration for his most famous painting in a neighbour woman who suffered from a crippling, mysterious disorder that baffled her physicians. Now a child neurologist at the Mayo Clinic thinks he’s found the correct diagnosis.

David Bowie's Blackstar LP Does Amazing Things When It Sees The Sun

David Bowie’s hauntingly beautiful Blackstar was the artist’s final gift to us all, shortly before he died last year. But as it turns out, there was one final surprise hidden in the gatefold cover of his last LP.

How To Understand A Picasso Painting

Video: Everybody knows Picasso, his name precedes his art. But what exactly are we looking at when we look at a Picasso painting? Are we marveling at how wild his work was? Questioning him for cubism? Wondering about his blue period? Thinking if we could paint some wonky pieces and have it considered art? Nerdwriter breaks down how to understand a Picasso painting (or any art piece, really) by simplifying it into steps.

It's A Lonely Day On Jakku In This Majestic Star Wars Art

Today is May 4, AKA May the Fourth Be With You Day, and the onslaught of celebratory Star Wars material has already begun. As usual, some of it will be crap, but these posters by Tim Doyle and Joshua Budich are not, and we’re excited to exclusively debut them.

Awesome Animated GIFs Show The Famous Characters Actors Play In Their Careers

Artist Prasad Bhat made this fantastic art series, The Evolution, that tracks the career of famous actors and the iconic roles they have played in different movies. It’s great because the expression of each actor never changes (and the expressions are so, so on point), even through all the characters’ costumes and wigs and facial hair and so forth.

You'll Scream For These Seven New Horror Posters From Mondo

It’s probably too late to book an affordable ticket to Dallas for this weekend’s Texas Frightmare convention, but it may be worth it. Mondo has revealed some crazy cool new posters for Scream, Jaws, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and more that will exclusively debut at the event.

Original Tintin Art Fetches $1.2 Million At Auction

Two pages from one of Herge’s Tintin comics sold at auction at Artcurial yesterday for €1.05 million ($2 million). While not a record, the price demonstrates the robust nature of original comic book art, even outside of the superhero comics.

The Phantom Of The Opera Terrifies In This Menacing New Poster

The 1925 silent version of The Phantom of the Opera starring Lon Chaney is one of horror’s most celebrated films, and deservedly so. This celebration will continue this Saturday, April 30, when Dark Hall Mansion releases this gorgeous, gothic poster for the film by artist Nicolas Delort.

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