13 Amazing Paintings Of Space Based On Actual Missions

Yesterday we looked at an artist who immortalised the US space program. Today, we meet an artist who does the same — except that this American illustrator, Paul Fjeld, bases his work on the actual transcripts of missions. It’s science and art in equal measure, and it’s beautiful.

The Hungarian-Born Painter Who Immortalised America's Space Program

In a way, artists are the most important men and women in the aerospace industry when it came to visualising the visions of the near (or far) future from engineers, scientists and experts. The first piece of our new series showcasing the work of some of the most noted aerospace artists, is about to pay tribute to the exceptional talent of official NASA artist Attila Héjja (1955-2007).

A Mona Lisa Wall Clock That Reconstructs The Masterpiece Over Time

There’s a good chance that more people would ‘get’ and maybe even learn to appreciate art if it did something more practical for them. Van Gogh’s Starry Night could serve as a nightlight, for example, and Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon could double as an air freshener, just like DaVinci’s Mona Lisa is now a functional wall clock.

These Biscuits Are So Beautifully Decorated That It's Wrong To Eat Them

Videos: Even though all biscuits should be eaten so more biscuits will be made to be eaten, I would feel so guilty if I ate any of these biscuits made by SweetAmbsCookie. They are a work of art. The painstaking detail and beautiful decorations are unreal. You wouldn’t want to eat a painting made by Picasso, right?

This Fake Classical Painting Turns Peepholes Into Murder Mystery Props

You might think that peephole on your front door gives you the upper hand when it comes to ignoring unwanted visitors, but to the person on the other side of the door it’s obvious you’re watching them. You can make it slightly less obvious, though, with this faux Victorian-era portrait that cleverly camouflages your front door’s peephole. Or at least, just as obvious but way more creepy.

Painting With Fire Creates Some Really Beautiful Art

Sure, you’re not supposed to play with fire but what about painting with fire? That’s what artist Steve Spazuk does. He uses flames and smoke to create beautiful artwork with images that are literally burned in. Spazuk employs other tools like feather brushes and x-acto knives but his artwork begins with fire. Pretty neat.

This Melting House Of Wax Is Like A Nightmare Come To Life

‘Tis the season for terrifying nightmare things! How’s this for creepy: Artist Alex Chinneck constructed a full-sized, two-storey house of wax — actual wax! — in London that’s slowly melting down to nothing over the course of a month. Paging Vincent Price…

These Glowing Balloons Recreate A More Peaceful Berlin Wall

November this year marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. In addition to the usual civic ceremonies and the like, this anniversary will be commemorated by an art installation tracing the site of wall with lit-up helium balloons.

Whitney Museum Earnestly Proclaims 'KOONS IS GREAT FOR SELFIES'

The Whitney Museum just closed out one of the most influential selfie backdrops of the past three decades. Uh, I mean the Whitney just closed out its Jeff Koons retrospective, an exhibit where it encouraged #teens to post #selifes with #balloondogs. Cool.

Art Is Best Displayed In A Frame That Follows You Around

For artists who want to get their work known — and sold — a static frame hanging on the wall of a gallery just doesn’t cut it anymore. Whey let a potential admirer — or customer — just walk by your work when there are now autonomous picture frames that can track and follow someone walking by, ensuring your work is always perfectly in their line of site?

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