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The Wait Is Over, A Drake Colouring Book Is Finally Here

If you thought Aubrey Graham’s career peaked at playing Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation, apparently a bunch of other stuff also happened after he left the show that now warrants an entire colouring book dedicated to his life and accomplishments.

Mother Makes Knitted Version Of Her Son For Cuddling, Still Can't Understand Why Real One Won't

It’s a good day to be frustrated with something ridiculous your parents did, because Marieke Voorsluijs will help put it in perspective. Frustrated with her teenage son’s reluctance to cuddle, she created a knitted doppelganger of him that makes whatever stupid thing your parents did seem not so terrible.

Evolution Of Robots In Movies And TV

Video: Science fiction movies and TV shows don’t really count unless they have iconic robot characters. That’s a completely true statement, by the way. Nobody cares how good a story is unless they can pretend living in a reality where sentient robots, awesome droids and fun little machine pals exists. We want to live in the future where Roombas go on adventures with us! Artist Scott Park illustrated all our favourite robots from movies and TV shows — think R2-D2 and HAL 9000 and Optimus Prime and Johnny Five — to show the evolution of these synthetic characters.

Watch A Crystal Clear Video Shot With A Lens From 1880

Back in 1880, James Garfield was elected president of the United States and Thomas Edison was alive and tinkering in his Menlo Park lab. That’s also the year also when this camera lens was made.

Here's The Totally Awesome Way An Aeroplane Gets Painted

Video: It takes a whole team of painters, an orchestra of machines and paint spray, what seems like miles of tape and paper, and oh so much work (not to mention the planning process) in order to paint an entire plane. Southwest Airlines shows some of its detailed plane paintings in the videos below (the Missouri One and Colorado One) along with their more basic painting efforts.

This Kinetic Sculpture Was Inspired By The Flocking Of A Murmuration

Murmurations are large flocks of migratory birds, most notably starlings, that zip through the sky at high speeds without ever breaking formation. And those formations can be pretty spectacular. Small wonder they have inspired the design of a striking kinetic structure: the Murmuration Chandelier.

Super Fun Illustrations Of 42 Different Types Of Ramen

Ramen can be eaten with pretty much anything and in any style, and it is almost always delicious. Designer Fanny Cheuk Chu previously made a poster that detailed 25 different varieties of ramen but is back now with a bigger and better version that includes 42 styles of ramen. She illustrated them in her own unique style with descriptions on what makes each ramen variation unique (like what’s in the broth and what toppings are used). You will want to eat them all. Or at least I do.

The New York Public Library Just Uploaded Over 187,000 Free Images For All To Use

While it’s easy to forget just how many things are actually in the public domain, the New York Public Library is very much into making sure that its collection is as available as possible. Which is why over 187,000 public domain images were put online yesterday.

These Cross Sections Of Ships And Vehicles From Star Wars Are Incredible

The best thing about the world of Star Wars (other than it being the world of Star Wars) is how incredibly detailed it is. Everything you see on screen has a backstory, everything basically has an explanation, anything can be nerded out on. So here are the backstories and explanations for the vehicles and spaceships used in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s all told in beautiful cross-section art and available for purchase so you can see it closer in book form below.

A Mirror Made Of Fuzzy Pom-Poms Is A Creepy, Beautiful Thing

Daniel Rozin is obsessed with making mirrors, but instead of using glass or silver paint, he takes a more unorthodox approach to creating reflections. Using data from a Microsoft Kinect sensor Rozin manipulates everything from animated plush toy penguins, to his latest subject, a wall of fuzzy pom-poms.

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