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An Artful Reminder That Surveillance Is Becoming Second Nature 

From far enough away, this installation by the Czech artist Jakub Geltner almost looks like a flock of seagulls preening at the end of a jetty. Almost.

Which Of These Leaves Are Not Actually Real?

Video: Super-photorealistic drawings are always fun to see because they tickle your brain into thinking things that you know are fake could possibly maybe be real because they just look so similar. Here’s a drawing from Dino Tomic showing a leaf drawing with a pile of other leaves. It’s hard to tell which one is fake!

This Action Figure Finally Gives The Venus De Milo Her Arms Back

Have you ever wondered what the Venus de Milo looked like before the sculpture’s arms were broken off? Besides offering a version of the famous piece for your own private gallery, this six-inch figure includes a set of articulated arms letting her point, scratch her head, and even hold things again.

I Want To Live In This Colourful Maze Made From Sheets Of Plastic

Each year a different artist or designer is tapped to create the Serpentine Pavilion, a site-specific installation that’s open all summer in London’s Kensington Gardens. This year’s Pavilion just opened to the public as a colourful, cacophonous labyrinth — with a secret cafe at the centre. When can I move in?

This 3D Printer Is An Artist That Paints With Light

3D printing needn’t just be used to make real objects. Artist Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi has been using one to paint with light — and this is what it looks like.

This Is The First Video To Be Projected Onto Clouds From An Aeroplane

This video isn’t in 4K. Or 3D. It isn’t even in full colour. But that doesn’t matter, because it’s the first video to be projected from an aeroplane onto the clouds outside.

This House Dangling From A Construction Crane Is Art, Not An Accident

This year, the German city of Karlsruhe is staging a series of installations around town that are themed around a surprising topic: construction work.

How A Museum Restores A Beautiful Painting From Hundreds Of Years Ago

Charles Le Brun’s painting of Everhard Jabach and His Family was finished in 1660. Now that it’s 2015 and hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, my favourite museum in New York, it was in need of a little bit of, um, reviving. The Met guides us through as it restores the giant piece of art and shows the steps the artwork needed to shine again.

What Classic Gadget Would You Turn Into A Phone?

Smartphone concepts come and go like Ron Swanson memes. But amidst a deluge of half-baked renderings, a few ideas are so well executed we can forgive the fact that they will never see the light of day and simply admire the genius.

How Computers Can Detect The Complexity Of Human Thought In Paintings

There are plenty of ways that experts identify forged artworks — from paint analysis to isotopes left over from nuclear bombs — but each is flawed in its own way. And now a pair of Serbian computer scientists say they have figured out a simpler way.

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