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Ink, Coffee And Wite-Out Helped Make This Wonderfully Intricate Animated Short

Video: Jake Fried’s hand-drawn Mind Frame may only last one minute, but it’s incredibly intricate, crafted from detailed drawings made using ink, coffee and Wite-Out. And this is just one of several similar yet distinctly different experimental animations in his body of work.

This Transformers Art Nails Something The Movies Do Not

One of the things that gets lost in Michael Bay’s Transformers movies is the individuality of the Transformers themselves. In the ’80s, each character had such a distinct, fun look to them, and this new print set by artist Tom Whalen celebrates just that.

This Vibrating Pen Would Be Great For Prison Tattoos 

When artist Georges-Pierre Seurat painted his famous A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, he painstakingly added every dot of paint, one by one, until his masterpiece was complete. It was a technique that’s come to be known as pointillism, and thanks to this vibrating electronic pen, the process is now far less excruciating.

Mind-Melting Graffiti Makes This Concrete Support Look Invisible

The whole point of graffiti is to get people to look at your artwork, and remember your tag. But a new piece by a graffiti artist in the Czech Republic does more than just catch someone’s eye, it will actually leave them scratching their heads wondering how they made this massive concrete support appear partially invisible.

Not All Monopolies Are Ugly

It’s not cool when a giant corporation uses unfair business practices to dominate a market, but other monopolies aren’t so bad. It’s surprisingly enjoyable to use a Monopoly to your advantage when playing the classic board game, particularly when the board features the vibrant bold artwork of Romero Britto.

The Art That Inspired Ahsoka And Darth Vader's Epic Duel In Star Wars Rebels

The long-awaited clash between fallen master and former apprentice was the crowning moment of Star Wars Rebels‘ second season — and it’s fascinating to see just how long producer Dave Filoni has been planning Anakin and Ahsoka’s heartbreaking reunion through his sketch book.

The Illustrated Version Of The Original Game Of Thrones Novel Looks Gorgeous

A new A Song of Ice and Fire book is coming out this year! Sort of! Next month sees the arrival of a new, illustrated edition of the book that started it all, A Game of Thrones, and this early look at some of the volume’s illustrations are looking pretty damn cool.

These New Posters Make Your Favourite Sci-Fi Properties Look Better Than Ever

Where can you see Ghostbusters, Batman, Ex Machina, Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Scott Pilgrim, Big Trouble in Little China and Alien all at the same time? At Craig Drake’s latest show at the Hero Complex Gallery, or right here.

Triple Domino Spiral Is A Marvel Of Destructive Engineering

Video: Domino master Hevesh5 spent 25 hours building this triple spiral over eight days. Despite following three separate paths at three different heights, the delicate structure takes less than two minutes to come tumbling down, creating beautiful patterns in the process.

Here's Just A Bunch Of Awesome Star Trek Art 

We’ve written a great many words about the 50th anniversary of Star Trek this week, we thought maybe it was time for a change of pace. But how do you do that and also continue to celebrate Star Trek? Cool pictures.

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