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We've Solved The Mystery Of Those White Splotches On The Scream

A team of Belgian researchers has closed the case on the origins of a mysterious smudge on Norwegian painter Edvard Munch’s most famous painting, the Scream. Long believed to be bird poo, they found that it is bees wax.

What The Heck Happened To Video Game Box Art?

Video: Does it feel like the box art for every video game these days is the protagonist… just kind of standing there with, I dunno, a gun or a sword, probably scowling? You are not alone. Jacob Christensen noticed too. Yup: video game box art these days absolutely sucks. And the reasons why are complicated.

This Jungle Book Poster Is Just As Lush As The Movie

The fact Jon Favreau’s remake of The Jungle Book was so damn good was a huge surprise to film fans. No one was looking forward to yet another live-action remake of another classic animated Disney film, but the director and his team vastly improved on the original.

If This Robot Spinning A Serbian Man Isn't Art, I Don't Know What Is

What is art? According to Plato, art is an imitation of an imitation, a mere illusion twice removed from the reality of the eternal Forms. According to me, art is something I like looking at.

Trying To See All The Art In All The Museums In London In One Day Looks Like A Fun Time

Video: OK, it’s probably hell if you actually try it. Alex Gorosh visited 13 museums in London, saw more than 140,000 works of art, and walked more than 35km in one day in an attempt to see all the art there is to see in London. He didn’t even see more than one per cent of the art in the city. That’s because London has 92 museums and more than 20 million works of art.

Kurt Russell Is Getting His Own Art Show Because Sometimes The World Is A Good Place

Kurt Russell is one of the most fascinating actors in the world. From his start at Disney, to his background in baseball, his wacky comedies, insane list of cult classics and current resurgence, it feels like there’s nothing he can’t do. So who better to be the subject of their own art show than Jack Burton, Snake Plissken, R.J. MacReady and Wyatt Earp himself, Kurt Russell?

Mad Max, Harry Potter And The Walking Dead Are Adorably Badarse In This Amazing Art

Whether it be Twitter, Facebook your text messages or just general web surfing, it’s almost certain you’ve seen the work of 100% Soft. The artist has become the go-to person in terms of pop culture emojis because his style is so perfectly suited to it. This weekend, he’s having his second solo art show, and we’re excited to debut some of the pieces.

This Guy's Ugly LEGO Creations Make Beautiful Shadow Art

Video: With the lights on, John V. Muntean’s LEGO creations look like something a five-year-old would build. “Look, mummy, it’s a horse!” But turn the lights off, shine a spotlight on these creations and suddenly their real raison d’être is revealed; intricate shadow designs that change as each mass of LEGO bricks is turned.

Hang This Awesome Stranger Things Poster Next To Your Christmas-Light Alphabet

Fro Design Company’s new poster, “The Upside Down”, really captures the misty, watery terror of the neighbouring dimension that haunts the characters of Stranger Things. The monster is, of course, front and centre — and Eleven is looking especially badarse with that Terminator-ish right eye.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Battle A Giant Space Monster In New Sequel Concept Art

And perhaps more importantly, Groot is adorable. I mean seriously, you might be distracted by the giant tentacle monster space battle going on at first, but look at that little face in the bottom left. Oh my God.

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