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Learn To Take Drone Photographs That Are Breathtaking Art

Photographer Eric Cheng has captured some of the most dramatic natural phenomena on Earth with drones. And now he has a new book, Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones, about learning the the art of drone photography.

CandyAnatomy Reveals The Sweet Complexity Of Human Reproductive Structures

University of Glasgow medical student Mike McCormick released diagrams of the female and male reproductive systems made out of all the kinds of lollies I hated as a kid.

This Gorgeous Poster Contains Every Single Bird You'll See In North America

Whether you’re a bird lover or a data fiend, this poster will please you immensely.

A Zen Garden Clock Is A Relaxing Way To Watch The Hours Slip By

A Zen Garden is supposed to be an ideal way to help you relax and unwind, but all that raking seems like a lot of time that could be better spent doing nothing instead. So we’ll opt for this Zen Garden clock that does all the raking for you.

A Beautiful Scrap Of Metal Reminds Us Space Travel Can Go Wrong

Image Cache: In 1996, the European Space Agency’s Ariane 5 rocket exploded spectacularly above its French Guiana spaceport. Now, artist Sascha Mikloweit has brought some of the debris back to life — which is what this striking image shows.

Twitch Is Streaming People Painting Now

Today, Twitch announced it’s channeling a new service which lets users zone out as they watch videos of artists making art. It’s called Twitch Creative.

Couple Uses Sensors To Turn Sex Into A 'Depersonalized' Experience

Between our smartphones, Fitbits, and other wearable sensors, we have tons of opportunity to capture how we move during the day. So it’s not surprising that some people opt to capture the data when they have sex. But as far as I know, only one person has made music from it.

Inspire Aspiring Artists With Boogie Board's New Infinite Tracing Tool

They say good artists copy, while great artists steal. But aspiring artists? They trace, and the new transparent Boogie Board, which we first covered back at CES, is finally hitting the market with an accompanying tablet app and activity packs letting kids practice their penmanship, or just doodle.

Artist James Turrell 'Truly Flattered' That Drake Ripped Off His Work In New Video

The works of artist James Turrell have been described as mind-altering experiences that contort reality and change people’s ability to perceive truth. Apparently this happened to Drake, who after seeing Turrell’s art in person, copied it almost exactly in a new video.

This Desk Is A Also A Playable Pipe Organ 

This wooden desk doubles as a playable pipe organ: push in the various drawers and air flows into the wooden pipes.

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