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Beautiful Video Shows Black And White Imagery In Stunning Colour

It sounds backwards but this video is completely in black and white but it was shot in colour. As in, everything that you see in the video is actually black and white in real life and was captured to express the real colours in the colorless colours. And it works! Black and white ‘in colour’ pops so much more than it would if you just slapped a black and white filter on it.

These Are The Year's Best Of Examples Petri Dish Art

Who says scientists can’t be creative? The American Society for Microbiology organizes an Agar Art competition, where researchers battle it out by creating artwork in a Petri dish — and these are this year’s winners.

34 Amazing Photos Of The Super Blood Moon

Sunday night’s sky was a rare treat for those on the other side of the globe. We won’t even see another lunar eclipse until 2018. But in the meantime, we have a lot of fantastic photos taken by Gizmodo readers – as well as the stories behind them – of the blood super moon.

Painting A Rooftop With Calligraphy Graffiti Looks Like So Much Fun

If you watch calligraphy artist Pokras Lampas up close, it looks like he’s just randomly sweeping his broom whichever way he likes it as he dances around the rooftop. But when the drone flies up and takes the overhead aerial view, we get to see the whole design of his rooftop calligraphy and it’s pretty bad arse.

This Guy Makes Art Out Of Sloppy Photoshop Disasters

People spend years mastering the tools of Photoshop. They labour arduously to create seamless images with no trace of manipulation. Lucas Blalock labours arduously as well. But in his art, the artifacts of cutting, duplicating, and transforming become the very backbone of the finished product.

This Is The Most Beautiful View Of Poop You're Ever Going To See

Poop is sometimes considered a little taboo, but it can tell you a lot about your health and potentially even save your life. And, if these images are anything to go by, it can even look beautiful, too.

YACHT's New Song Can Only Be Played When Uber Surge Pricing Is In Effect In LA

Yacht’s new album, I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler, drops on October 16, but the collective is teasing the new songs in expectedly inventive ways. You can only watch the video for the new single “L.A. Plays Itself” when Uber puts surge pricing into effect in Los Angeles. This is a fun trick.

Ambitious Finnish Artists Create A GIF That Lasts 1,000 Years

If you pride yourself on patience, you’re going to love this new art project in Helsinki. Its creators, Finnish artist Juha van Ingen and developer Janne Särkelä, made an animated GIF that takes 1,000 years to play. It’s called “As Long as Possible.”

An Acrylic Tunnel Turns A London Museum Into A Sci-Fi Alice In Wonderland

You’re staring through a new installation at London’s V&A Museum, called Mise-en-abyme. The narrowing isn’t just perspective — those acrylic archways really are getting smaller.

New Art Installation Makes Music Out Of Bitcoin Trades

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin enjoy a brisk pace of trading activity. But what does all that cyber wheeling and dealing look like? Better yet, what does it sound like? A new art installation in Moscow takes all that raw data and transforms it into musical notes, making melody out of global finance.

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