Watch A Detail-Oriented Man Carve The Eiffel Tower Into A Pencil Tip

Video: We’ve seen plenty of tiny works of art hit the internet lately. But it’s truly rare to see how one of these impossibly small masterpieces is actually created. Architecture students in Mumbai offer us a glimpse at the mini sculpture skills of Vilas Lakkabathini in this video, though, and it’s transfixing.

There's A Trippy Walk-In Kaleidoscope Hiding In This Shipping Container

Who needs LSD when the world has talented designers like Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki? Last year, the Japanese duo took on the challenge of creating a mind-bending environment inside of a shipping container — and did they ever succeed.

Optical Illusion GIFs Make Classic Horror Characters Three-Dimensional

Gallery: Saline used a well-known optical illusion to turn the greatest scary monsters of all time into beautiful postcards that feel 3D on your screen. I love that they paid homage to the often gimmicky classic horror films of yesteryear with such a gimmicky technique.

Optical Illusion Turns Flat Letters Into 3D Calligraphy

Gallery: I love calligraphy to the point in which I shiver with pleasure when I see someone writing beautifully — slowly and carefully. I’d have liked to see Turkish calligrapher Tolga Girgin making these 3D writings spotted by Colossal.

Sculpting With Magnetic Clay Looks Fantastically Weird

When we last checked in with Jolan Van der Wiel, the Dutch designer was mixing iron filings and plastic to cast gravity-shaped furniture. This spring Van der Wiel returned, with an exhibition showing the process of sculpting with clay mixed with iron filings. And it’s bizarre.

Projectors Could Turn Your Tiny Apartment Into A Goggle-Less Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift promises to makeStar Trek TNG’s holodeck a reality, but only in your head. You can’t spend every moment of your life with a goofy visor strapped to your face, and that’s why this alternate approach to the holodeck — using projectors to make a tiny non-descript room appear massive — seems far more plausible.

The World's Biggest Picnic Blanket Is Growing In The Swiss Countryside

An art installation that plans to be the world’s largest picnic blanket is currently checkerboarding its way through the green rolling hills of Switzerland. This year, about 1500 picnickers have ventured to the site, which is adorably named BIGNIK. And it’s only going to get bigger.

Scary Creatures Are Hiding Inside Our Washing Machines

Next time you do the washing, don’t just walk away after you put the load in. You’ll miss the monsters. Because if you stare through the looking glass, you’ll discover terrifying creatures that look like they come from Guillermo del Toro’s imagination trapped inside.

Futurama In 3D Is Absolutely Stunning

Whoa. Artist Alexy Zakharov re-imagined the world of Futurama in 3D and transformed a flat cartoon into a completely stunning vista. It makes me want to watch a movie version of Futurama, set in this world, right now. Hell, it makes me want to cryogenically freeze myself so I can live in this world when I wake up.

Watching Ceramics Masters Do Their Work Is Incredibly Soothing

I wish there wasn’t any music to this video. I wish it would just be the sounds of the pottery wheel spinning, the hands shaping the clay and the quiet focus of the ceramics masters resonating. But even with the music, watching masters of their craft actually perform their craft is an incredible sight to see.