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7 Installations Protesting Climate Change In Paris, Even If Actual Protesters Can't

The entire world is watching as politicians pour into Paris today to decide the future of the Earth. But you might have missed what’s going on outside the summit, where dozens of activists and artists have transformed the city with installations about climate change.

Watch The City Melt Into Itself In This Experimental Timelapse

Video: This week, the world’s great and good assemble in Paris to discuss the future of our planet. But, on a slightly less serious note, what if things on Earth got so hot that entire cities melted?

This Cambridge Cathedral's Light Display Is A Glorious Ode To Knowledge 

The interior of a Cambridge chapel comes alive with light in an eye-popping immersive project art installation. It’s the creation of artist Miguel Chevalier and the installation was commissioned by the University of Cambridge for a fundraiser last month — the first time the university has invited an artist to do such a project in its famed King’s College Chapel.

This Light Show In Tokyo Is Bewilderingly Pretty

Every year, the Caretta Plaza in Tokyo is adorned with an impressive light show to mark the end of another 365 days. This time, over 270,000 LEDs are being used to create an elaborate six-minute audiovisual light show that you can see in these images.

Become Master Of Your Own Little Cosmos With A Space Glass Pendant 

As Men in Black taught us nearly 20 years ago, galaxies can come in all sizes. They can even disguise as tiny, wearable ornaments right under our noses. But it’s not just secret agents supervising extraterrestrial life forms who get to play God — you, too, can become the master of your own cosmic arena.

Start Your Day Right By Checking Out This Tiny Book Of Awesome

Sometimes, the smallest things can brighten up a miserable day. No, I mean literally. One glance at this teensy, tiny, hand-illustrated book was a poignant reminder that everything in the Universe is not actually terrible.

Peace Never Hides For Long

Image Cache: In this gorgeous concept art, Karl Ellis gives us a peek at a world that is almost like Earth, but not quite. At the base of that gravity-defying rock column, you can see the glowing cave mouths where someone is settling in for a peaceful evening.

Crayola Now Has Its Own Line Of Colouring Books For Adults

Crayola has always been the first name in colouring innovation, so it’s surprising it wasn’t the company behind the recent trend in adult colouring books. But now it’s showing everyone how it’s done with its own line of wonderfully-detailed colouring books targeted at those who are already masters of staying within the lines.

You'd Never Guess This Animation Was Actually Made In Keynote

Keynote may not be as painful to use as PowerPoint, but it is still a pretty basic piece of presentation software. You might find it hard to believe, then, that this cute animation was made using the humble piece of everyday software.

Think Cat Pics Are Worthless?  This One Sold For Nearly A Million Dollars

You’re looking at “My Wife’s Lovers,” a painting done by Carl Kahler in 1891. It represents forty-two felines of an eccentric California millionaire, and it sold for $US826,000.

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