Artist's Trash Exhibitions Depict A Planet Colonised By Plastic

Landfills, e-waste piles and ocean garbage patches are a part of our world we’d rather not see, but these eyesores aren’t going away. Rather than simply accept that our planet is being swallowed by garbage, one artist has started turning this discarded junk into something beautiful.

Why An Artist Totally Whitewashed This Motel -- Palm Trees And All

With a sweep of a paint sprayer, an artist has managed to take a decrepit motel in my Los Angeles neighbourhood and turn it into a destination — not by fixing it up, but by temporarily erasing it from the street.

These Vases Are Actually Made From The Liquified Byproducts Of Batteries

It’s not something anyone likes to think about, but your smartphone — or your laptop, or the battery in your hybrid car — created a huge amount of toxic and radioactive waste. And now we know what happens to that waste in the long term. It returns to the earth, mingles with sludge, and finds its way into clay pots.

90 Artists And Designers Reimagined R2-D2 In Weird And Wonderful Ways

As part of Star Wars Celebration last week, Sideshow Collectibles reached out to over 90 artists, designers and friends with a simple task: take the company’s new sixth-scale R2-D2 figure and re-imagine the astromech droid in weird and wonderful ways.

The Interesting Art Of Needle-Felting A Teddy Bear Skull

The art of needle felting is creating something 3D from wool by just stabbing it over and over until it achieves the shape you want. Or something like that. Watch as sculptor Stephanie Metz shows you how she makes her ‘Unnatural History’ teddy bear skulls through fascinating needle felting in the video below.

These Beautiful Electronic Bugs Are Made From Old Computer Parts

Electronics and nature don’t normally mix, but the fact the two aren’t the most natural of combinations shouldn’t stop one from trying. UK-based artist Julie Alice Chappell took it upon herself to have a crack — the result being these glorious cybernetic bugs made from discarded computer chips, circuit boards and other man-made, electron-powered debris.

Hollywood's Most Terrifying Monsters As Life-Sized Recycled Metal Statues

I’m scared already and they’re just photos of the darn things. An Etsy magician by the name of “Kreatworks” crafts beautiful/horrifying sculptures from recycled metal, with the alien queen above just one glorious example of his work. You can buy them too… if you live in Thailand and have $15,000 to spare.

Mind-Boggling Body Painter Makes It Look Like She's Reattaching Her Head

Video: Hikaru Cho is an amazing body painter who bends reality and breaks eyeballs with her art. Here’s an old favourite where she essentially makes her neck disappear and creates a floating head only to re-attach it later. It’s done completely through body paint with no Photoshopping whatsoever.

This Floating Flower Garden Is Like A Magical Dreamland Forest

This beautiful floating flower garden would be such a wonderful place to get lost in. That’s because it’s like a dreamland that’s come to life. Over 2300 flowers are ‘floating’ in the garden, and they’re all alive and blooming and growing. It’s an incredible sight to see them rise up and down while being planted to seemingly nothing.

Illustrations Of Characters From Wes Anderson Movies

Wes Anderson’s quirky characters are always memorable and leave an impression on me even long after I’ve watched the movie. Artist Alejandro Giraldo memorialised them in these illustrations, capturing the essence of each character in his drawings.