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Blade Runner Gets Remastered In Microsoft Paint

There’s been approximately 50 million different cuts of Blade Runner since it first released, but we finally have the definitive version of Ridley Scott’s vision: the MS Paint cut.

The Birth, Death, And Resurrection Of True Movie Poster Art

A great movie poster can be better than the movie itself. With one single glance, it can sell an impossible promise and offer unlimited possibility. However, in the past few decades, the idea of the illustrated, artistic, idealistic movie poster has more or less gone away. Now, a new documentary called 24 x 36: A Movie About Movie Posters explores why that happened and poses a solution to the problem.

Just Look At This Gorgeous Concept Art For The 1966 Batman Show

Batman ’66 aesthetic is burned into the very fabric of pop culture — bright lights, bold colours, biffs, boffs and kapows. But these recently resurfaced pieces of production art go behind the scenes in seeing how that aesthetic was eventually brought to life.

How A Pop-Up Book Works

Video: I enjoyed this portrait of pop-up book artist Matthew Reinhart because, well, pop-up books are awesome and will never stop being amazing no matter how old I am, or how far technology advances. But also because he explains the technical aspects that go into making a pop-up book, like the V-folds he uses to make something lunge out, the layers he builds to establish structure and the different hinges he puts in to make objects move around.

These Pop Culture Sculptures Are Too Cute For Words

Artist Brad Hill has a very distinct style. He takes some of your favourite pop culture properties and turns them into small, handmade sculptures. Some are very detailed, others are more kid-oriented, but they’re all beautiful, and you’ve got to check them out.

Classic Paintings Side-By-Side With Movie Shots That Look Just Like Them

Video: Seeing these film shots from Empire of the Sun, Lost in Translation and Sexy Beast next to the paintings of Norman Rockwell, John Kacere and Marc Chagall is like seeing double. The film version are close versions of the original art. It’s obvious that Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick and Sofia Coppola get their inspiration from many things in life, but it’s still interesting to see how some of their vision comes directly from fine art.

This Website Will Turn Your Photos Into Crayon Mosaic Masterpieces

Looking for a new and unique way to share your Instagram shots with the world? A company called Colour.Works now offers a unique alternative to simply having your digital photos printed: It will instead turn them into elaborate mosaics hand-assembled from thousands of coloured crayons.

Inside A Treasure Trove Of Rare Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars Art

There is no doubt that Ralph McQuarrie’s sublime art was fundamental in shaping the success of Star Wars, and enriching the galaxy far, far away. For years his work has been archived and championed, but a new book is collecting some of his best (and some of his rarest) Star Wars art in a lavish volume, and we have an exclusive look inside.

We Should Take The Other Road

This is why the traffic report really needs to take monster attacks into account. Here’s some beautiful concept art by Nacho Yagüe.

Negotiations With Aliens This Massive Are Just A Little Bit Trickier

When Scout Zhang spotted the creature scrambling up and away from the wreckage, he took a deep breath. Sure, the thing had just devoured thirty tons of perfectly good salvage, but when it came to first contact, patience always trumped anger.

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