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Philly's Beautiful Plan To Fight Crime With Neon Murals

Just the presence of streetlights can deter criminal behaviour. A South Philadelphia neighbourhood is trying something a little more innovative than that — using neon-lit murals to not just brighten the footpath, but also turn the area into a destination.

Would You Spend $70,000 On This Slo Mo Guys Painting?

The Slo Mo Guys create some of the most YouTube-y videos out there. Their shtick involves shooting and smashing things and filming them in slow motion, which is what online videos are all about really (besides cats).

Humanity's Unwitting Alien Enslavement Has Never Looked More Adorable

Truck Torrence, better known as 100% Soft, has made a career of taking icons of pop culture and making them unbelievably, almost excruciatingly cute. After all, he’s the guy who made the Star Wars emoji that broke the internet that one time. But his homage to They Live may be his finest (and most adorable) work yet.

The Detail In This Apollo 11 Poster Is Almost As Amazing As The Trip Itself

Apollo 11 is the most famous space flight of all time, due to it being the trip that first brought human beings to the moon. Now, you can get a bit closer to what Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins experienced back in July 1969.

George Lucas Is Taking His Museum Away From Chicago

After a prolonged battle with San Francisco’s NIMBY empire, George Lucas announced two years ago that he would take his giant filmmaking museum project to the friendlier shores of Chicago. Now, after yet another vicious battle with Chicago’s NIMBYs, he’s abandoning his plans there, too. You’d think he was trying to build the Death Star or something.

Stargate: SG-1 Producer Goes On Behind-The-Scenes Reveal Spree

Perhaps prompted by the recent news that Stargate will be getting a reboot in movie form, Stargate: SG-1 writer / producer Joseph Mallozzi has started posting production notes and concept art from the long-running series. Keen for some behind-the-scenes insight? Now’s your chance.

Satellite Photos Show Christo's Floating Walkway As It's Being Built

This past weekend, Bulgarian-American artist Christo unveiled his latest piece — a 3km floating walkway across an Italian lake. New satellite photos show how this ambitious work of art was put together.

Artist Draws Eminem Out Of Spaghetti, Because Memes Never Die

Video: Despite critical and commercial success and a storied career, the two words that have followed Eminem the longest are “mum’s spaghetti,” from his Academy Award-winning song “Lose Yourself.” Bait-and-switch text memes were built around it.

This Floating Walkway Is Christo's First Truly Important Work Of Art

Over the weekend, my social media feeds were draped in neon orange as the world exuberantly shared the first photos of Christo’s latest work, The Floating Piers, a 3km walkway across an Italian lake. It is easily the artist’s most ambitious piece from an engineering perspective — and one that actually adds value to its location.

Watch A Watermelon Become The Night King From Game Of Thrones

For a facsimile of a scientifically unfeasible guy who abducts babies and commands an army of the dead, the watermelon Night King looks pretty friendly! Though that seems to be the case with most villains who are later reduced to a disembodied head (Futurama’s Nixon and the Spiral King in Gurren Lagann come mind).

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