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Hamsters Become Talented Self-Portrait Artists While Running On This Wheel

As far as pets go, hamsters rate somewhere just above goldfish when it comes to entertainment value. But watching them run for hours inside a tiny plastic wheel is far more satisfying when their miniature treadmills are part of a larger contraption that sketches hamster self-portraits at the same time. Someone put this rodent in a gallery.

Rey Finds Luke Skywalker In This Gorgeous Force Awakens Poster

No matter what you think of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you’ll never forget that final moment, when Rey, ready to start her life as a Jedi, finally finds the hiding Luke Skywalker. And now, you can enjoy that moment forever.

Sound Art Shows You What Musical Notes Actually Look Like

Sound is something of an ephemeral phenomenon, existing in the moment that vibrations travel through the air.Those vibrations also exhibit distinct patterns, depending on frequency, which can be visualised by scattering a fine dust over a vibrating plate. This was the inspiration for Resonantia, an album whose catalogue features photographs that capture those distinctive patterns for all 12 musical notes.

50 Artists Commemorate 50 Years Of Star Trek In This Amazing Art Exhibit

Celebrating a half-century of all things Starfleet, Star Trek 50: Artists 50 Years is a wonderful art exhibit that’s kicking off at this year’s Comic-Con before hitting the road to Las Vegas, Toronto, New York and other cities (unfortunately not Australia). But if you can’t make it to those, here are a few pieces from inside the exhibit in San Diego, followed by a few of our favourite pieces in the show.

That Homeless Person You Just Helped Might Actually Be A Robot

This doesn’t mean you should stop being helpful or charitable to homeless people you encounter on the street — but if you see this guy, there’s something about him you should know. At a recent Maker Faire in Nantes, France, a man wearing worn clothing and pushing a shopping cart actually turned out to be a lifelike robotic hobo, or robo, as they prefer to be called.

Dedicated Artist Films Himself Repainting This Clock Every Minute For 12 Hours Straight

Video: Hanging over one of the lounges at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport is an unusual clock that instead of moving hands, features the work of artist Maarten Haas. For 12 straight hours the artist filmed himself painting and repainting the clock’s hour and minute hands, in real-time, minute by minute, so that it accurately displayed the time.

Rembrandt Probably Traced His Self-Portraits With Mirrors And Lenses

Rembrandt was renowned for his masterful use of light and dark contrasts, and the precise proportions in his paintings and etchings. Now a British artist claims the 17th century painter likely used combinations of mirrors and lenses to project images onto a drawing surface to create them — especially his famous self-portraits. It’s the latest volley in a longstanding debate about the possible use of optical aids by Renaissance artists.

Watching These Toys Rhythmically Expand And Collapse Is The Most Relaxing Thing

Video: You’ve probably played with one in passing while wandering through a toy store, but did you know that these expanding plastic spheres have an actual name? They’re called Hoberman Spheres, named after engineer Chuck Hoberman, and they’re now somehow even more relaxing.

1200 Metres Of String Wind Through This Pointlessly Complicated Pulley Clock 

Video: As far as complicated clocks go, it’s going to be hard to top Felix Vorreiter’s FLUX 1440, which displays the time using a simple pulley system, and around 1.18km of white string covered in what looks like random marks. However, as layers of the string align inside the clock’s various pulleys, so do those random marks, revealing the current time every minute.

Gorgeous Minimoog Cutaway Poster Hides 28 Electronic Music Pioneers Inside It

UK design shop Dorothy has a new cutaway schematic print that reveals the inner working of the Minimoog analogue synthesiser that’s been a distinctive part of electronic music for decades. But you won’t find transistors or electronic components inside — just 28 electronic music pioneers hidden like a Where’s Wally book.

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