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Inside Sydney's New Cathedral Of Light

Image Cache: The annual “light, music and ideas” festival Vivid Sydney kicks off in Circular Quay today. This year, it’s constructed a giant tunnel, known as the Cathedral of Light, which runs along the edge of the Royal Botanic Gardens — and there’s a rather large surprise waiting at the end.

This Massive Scrollable Re-Telling Of Star Wars Might Be The Greatest Fan Art Ever

You probably can’t get away with watching movies at your desk all day at work. But since most websites are still totally acceptable, warm up your scrolling finger and go to town on this incredible fan tribute that sees the entire original Star Wars: A New Hope turned into one long scrollable schematic.

An Artist Has Made The Louvre's Pyramid Disappear

Now you see it, now you don’t. Street artist JR’s latest work has seen him shroud the large pyramid outside the Louvre in Paris with material that, at a glance, makes it look like the structure has disappeared altogether.

What Makes Calvin And Hobbes So Special?

Video: Calvin and Hobbes should be everyone’s favourite comic strip. But what makes it so special? Kaptain Kristian dives in to explain why the strip is so good. The argument centres around the idea that Calvin and Hobbes puts art before commerce, as all art should.

Check Out The Incredible Art In The Folio Society's New Edition Of The Shining 

We’ve really been enjoying The Folio Society‘s special editions, and the incredible artwork that they have been including in each one. Its latest edition is Stephen King’s The Shining with illustrations from Edward Kinsella.

Our First Look At Ciena Ree, One Of The Star Wars Novels' Most Intriguing New Stars

While Disney’s Star Wars canon has been spreading itself across all sorts of mediums, it’s mainly focused on books, so we don’t really know what a lot of these fascinating new characters look like. That makes it all the more interesting when we finally get “official” looks at some of these book-based heroes.

This Amazing Carbon Fibre Pavillion Was Woven By A Robot

London’s Victoria & Albert Museum has unveiled an incredibly intricate robotically woven and biologically inspired carbon-fibre pavilion in its courtyard.

Hand Drawing Sheet Music Is Such An Impressive Skill

Video: Making music is art. And so is making a blank piece of paper sing. Watch as sheet music is hand drawn using charcoal, graphite, a ruler, and a triangle. The amount of work is ridiculous — I mean, drawing the straight lines for the template is already hard enough — but it’s pretty damn satisfying to see the notes get slowly filled in. Who knows what it will sound like but it sure looks amazing.

A 3D Scan Of A Famous Graphic Designer's Arse Could Win The World's Most Famous Art Prize

Yes, you are looking at an 5.49m sculpture of a man’s arse. In fact, the artwork is one of the finalists of this year’s Turner Prize — though the owner of the depicted arse is a mystery, with the artist admitting only that it’s from a 3D scan of a well-known graphic designer’s posterior.

This Huge Art Installation Is Inspired By The LHC

The Amer­ican artist Peter Halley has taken over 460m² of the Schirn Kunsthalle exhibition hall in Frank­furt, turning its huge rotunda into a futuristic exploration of architecture and space that’s inspired in part by the LHC.

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