Stunning Video Shows What It Must Be Like To Travel Through Dimensions

Video: This clip is so well made and so amazing that it’s unbelievable. It’s like being able to step into portals that jump through dimensions and break the laws of physics. Made by artist Daniel Crooks, it’s called ‘An Embroidery of Voids’ and you can watch it above. Seriously, enjoy it. It’s the coolest thing.

This Vacuum Chamber Is The Easiest Way To Perfectly Apply Decals To Toys

You know what skill kids are never taught in school? How to perfectly apply stickers and decals to their toys. And while it’s hard enough to properly stick them on a flat surface without training, it’s impossible to do so when it’s curved. Or at least it was impossible until Mattel designed a kid-friendly vacuum chamber that perfectly sucks decals onto any shape or surface.

I Can't Believe These Hyper Real Pictures Are Completely CG And Not Real

David O’Reilly and Kim Laughton curate a wonderful head innards shaking website, Hyper Real CG, that shows a collection of pictures that look completely real but are actually just hyper real 3D art made from CG. It’s really crazy how close to real life we can get with art.

Some Very Patient Genius Soldered A Digital Clock From 1,916 Components

You would need a microscope to be able to see all of the miniature components etched onto the single tiny microchip powering the clock in a digital watch. But you can see them all with the naked eye on artist Gislain Benoit’s The Clock, which is made from 1916 hand-soldered components that end up weighing a hefty 6.35kg.

The NSA's In-House Magazine Looks Like A 1970s Punk ZineĀ 

Back in 1976, the NSA started an in-house magazine called Cryptolog that served as reading material for employees of the top secret agency. In 2013, the agency declassified heavily redacted issues of the magazine dating up to 1997… and its design is actually pretty amazing.

5 Things I Didn't Get About Making Video Games (Until I Did It)

Before I joined Gearbox Software, I worked at Destructoid as a features editor. I worked there from 2006 to 2010, and specialised in highlighting indie games and spewing vitriol at big-budget games I didn’t like. It turns out there were a shitload of things I didn’t know about games development.

Well, That's One Solution To The Parking Problem

Briefly: When technology fails to create more parking, just use magic. It’s the only way. This amazing piece of mind-bending photomashery was created by UK artist and designer Alex Chinneck.

The Delicate Art Of Making Bonsai Trees

Video: I love this video about Ryan Neil, an American Bonsai master, because not only do I get to watch him work but I also get to hear him talk about the art of Bonsai. Neil reveals the amount of respect and consideration you need to be able to craft these beautiful pieces of art from nature. It’s just lovely.

This Digital Mondrian Was Made In 1964

Piet Mondrian sits well in the world of science and technology, his clear geometric forms so neatly and rationally ordered. But perhaps the earliest example of technology and Mondrian intersecting is in these images, created digitally way back in 1964.

Watching This Cute Animation Makes Me All Nostalgic And Tingly Inside

I think this animation should totally be a test to see if you’re a decent human being who remembers the ’80s or ’90s: If you have feelings of nostalgia or get some tingles when you see some of these animations, you’re a human! If you don’t, you’re a sad robot (or a sucker who wasn’t around when life was fun).

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