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Creepy Body Painting Makes It Look Like You Can See The Guts And Bones Of A Hand

Video: It starts off a little cartoonish but then it quickly turns creepy and almost squeamish as the hand starts to legitimately look like it’s been sliced to expose the blood, guts and bones. Luckily, for us and for Natalie Nakles, the artist who did this, it’s only the work of markers, pens and clever camera angles. Your brain knows that it’s fake but your eyeballs do a helluva job trying to convince yourself that it’s real.

The Mesmerising Colours Of Paint Swirling Around Together

Video: Thomas Blanchard made this lovely video, The Colours of Feelings, using paint, oil, milk, honey and cinnamon as a sort of analogy for feelings like love and joy and sadness and so forth. The work is mesmerising and verges on feeling like you’re in a dream. I can watch this type of thing (it’s not quite watching paint dry but watching paint mix), for a very long time.

Artists Turn Tectonic Activity Into Stunning Data Visualisations

We usually use words like “immensely powerful” and “destructive” to describe Earth’s tectonic forces. But to artist Ken Goldberg of the University of California, Berkeley, even the most violent agents on Earth have an inner beauty.

A Gigantic Upgraded Lite-Brite With Colour-Changing Dials Instead Of Pegs

Hasbro’s Lite-Brite is one of those brilliantly simple toys that has stood the test of time. It doesn’t need an upgrade — at least that’s what we thought until we saw this giant Everbright board that replaces those coloured plastic pegs with dials that can reproduce any colour you can imagine.

Carving Candles To Expose Hidden Designs Is Absolutely Beautiful

Carving decorative candles is such an exquisite art because not only does the end result look great but the whole process requires a lot of planning to get the right mix of colours and demands a lot from the artist, because there’s a time limit as the candle hardens throughout the carving process. Here’s a few videos showing how it’s done.

This City In China Built Its Own Chicago Bean In A Desolate Parking Lot

When it comes to architectural simulacra it’s hard to top the ballsiness of China, where a real-life World Showcase includes convincing replicas of cities like Venice, Paris, and London. Now the copycats have come for the art world, with a knockoff Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate sculpture, colloquially known to Chicagoans as “The Bean.”

Video: A Portrait Of The World's Youngest Master Penman

It’s not like I totally judge people’s handwriting (ok, I judge them a little) but it’s just refreshing to see good penmanship in 2015 because it’s so rare. We all just type on computers or phones and the most we write is two or three looping scribbles on a receipt. Here’s a look at someone who doesn’t just type and scribble though, in fact, he’s a Master Penman.

A New Type Of Temporary Tattoo Magically Lasts For Two Whole Weeks

Temporary tattoos are a fun because the regret usually only lasts a couple of days. But a pair of brothers from Toronto have created a new kind of temporary tattoo that’s just as easy to apply, but actually last a full two weeks through showers, swims and daily life.

Watch A Computer Attempt To Sing '90s Power Ballads -- With Feeling

Computers do many things well, but expressing emotion is not one of them. So what happens if you ask one to try and sing a heartfelt version of a ’90s power ballad?

Game Of Thrones Characters, Autocorrected

Artist James Chapman depicted Game of Thrones characters as the autocorrected versions of their fantastical names, and the results are funny and delightful.

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