This House Dangling From A Construction Crane Is Art, Not An Accident

This year, the German city of Karlsruhe is staging a series of installations around town that are themed around a surprising topic: construction work.

How A Museum Restores A Beautiful Painting From Hundreds Of Years Ago

Charles Le Brun’s painting of Everhard Jabach and His Family was finished in 1660. Now that it’s 2015 and hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, my favourite museum in New York, it was in need of a little bit of, um, reviving. The Met guides us through as it restores the giant piece of art and shows the steps the artwork needed to shine again.

What Classic Gadget Would You Turn Into A Phone?

Smartphone concepts come and go like Ron Swanson memes. But amidst a deluge of half-baked renderings, a few ideas are so well executed we can forgive the fact that they will never see the light of day and simply admire the genius.

How Computers Can Detect The Complexity Of Human Thought In Paintings

There are plenty of ways that experts identify forged artworks — from paint analysis to isotopes left over from nuclear bombs — but each is flawed in its own way. And now a pair of Serbian computer scientists say they have figured out a simpler way.

The Painstaking Art Of Making Shoes By Hand

Video: I’m glad that there are still people doing things the old fashioned way because the art and detail of making these shoes is just so impressive. Carving the shape of the shoe from wood, patching it out with the leather and then putting it altogether, seeing it all makes you appreciate all the little fine details of hand made goods.

Hair Dryers Are Magical Instruments That Make Paper Planes Fly Forever

Video: Antoine Terrieux’s art installation at La Maison Des Jonglages in La Courneuve near Paris, France, utilises hair dryers in such a way that there has to be some sort of magic sprinkled on them. You’ll see the hair dryers levitating balls and string in the air, hair dryers creating a fire tornado, hair dryers making a paper aeroplane fly in a circle forever and more.

A Galaxy Of Gorgeous Space Habitats

Art allows us to see beyond the boundaries of what’s currently possible. On sites like DeviantArt and Tumblr, artists share their stunning visions for life in space. Let’s take a trip through the wormhole to a future of space stations, colony ships and distant living quarters on dusty planets.

Watch This Lovely Profile Of A TV Repairman Turned Artist

Bill Czappa is a TV repairman. But he’s no ordinary TV repairman: he creates sculptures from the discarded components and materials that he collects during his day job. This video tells his story.

The Art Of Making Neon Signs Looks A Lot Like Pyromancy

Video: Meet Matt Thompson. He’s been making neon signs and blowing glass for over 30 years that he’s basically become a wizard of the bright and glowing arts. Watch him bend tubes and illuminate glass and explain the process of making neon lights in this short documentary. Making neon lights is awesome not just because it looks like flame sorcery, but because it’s done in the same manner as it has been for 100 years.

Sandwiches Deconstructed In A Neat Chart

I have spent many waking hours trying to rank the best sandwiches. But there are so many sandwiches! Here’s a good place for me to start: this poster shows all types of sandwiches deconstructed in delicious drawings. But there are still so many sammiches I haven’t eaten!