Everything We Know About The US Army's Uncanny Chatbots

Sgt. Star is the U.S. Army’s dedicated marketing and recruitment chatbot, and he isn’t going to turn whistleblower any time soon. There’s no use threatening him for answers either — he’s programmed to report that kind of hostility to the Army Criminal Investigation Division.

US Army Compares New Hacker School To 'The Birth Of The Air Force'

Over the next three years, the US Army will be filling its brand new cyber warfare institute at West Point with the best and brightest hackers it can find. Not just hackers, however: the institute will bring together psychologists, lawyers, mathematicians — anyone who can help the United States win the inevitable cyber war.

What Military Food Ration Packs Look Like Around The World

Different cultures, different food. Different folks, different strokes. Different armies, same soul-evaporating packaged foods for army rations. OK, that’s not exactly fair. Some countries obviously have it better than others (I’m looking at you France) but at the end of the day, most armies around the world are eating out of pouches and cans and what looks like condom wrappings.

Training For Underground Warfare At A Nuclear Weapons Complex

In the early, angst-filled days of the Cold War, miners starting carving the insides out of a hill between Dallas and Austin, Texas. The workers didn’t know what they were building, but — at 7000 acres — it was huge. At that point in time, it was only known as “Project 76″.

Video: Huge US Bomb Lands On US Army Soldiers

Shocking video of a US Army infantry outpost hit the web today, showing an airstrike gone awry. The soldiers are waiting for the strike to take out a group of Taliban soldiers, when a 220kg bomb explodes just metres from their outpost.

US Army Is Perfecting A Pizza That Lasts For Years And Years

Life is hard for soldiers in the battlefield, so when the troops want something that might make things a little more bearable — say, a particular food item in their meal rations — the military listens. And right now, soldiers want pizza. They want it bad. And it looks like they’re finally going to get it.

US Army Wants To Replace Up To 25% Of Its Soldiers With Robots

Cash-strapped and somewhat adrift in terms of missions, the US Army is in the midst of an existential crisis. Once ballooning in budget and size, the US Army now says it wants to be “a smaller, more lethal, deployable and agile force”. And it’s going to need robots to do it right.

Monster Machines: This Gigantic German Gun Can Ruin Your Week From 50km Away

The Germans know a thing or two about building big guns. Incredibly, while this self-governing Howitzer is only a fraction the size of the Gustav of WWII, it’s just as deadly — with the ability to strike targets up to 50km away. Don’t bother running.

Marching Into The Future Of 3D-Printed War

We all know by now that 3D printing is the future of manufacturing — even the US President says so. The march of progress doesn’t always move as quickly as we’d like, however, especially when the military-industrial complex is involved. While 3D printing machines are becoming steadily cheaper and the possibilities incredibly sophisticated, the disparate branches of the US armed forces tend to move slowly, weighed down by procedure and convention. However, there’s plenty of evidence to believe that’s changing when 3D printing is concerned.

The Military Is A/B Testing The Future Of Warfare

Down some spookily-lit corridor at the Pentagon, there are surely soldiers dreaming about the future of warfare. But, at the National Defence University, some of the nation’s top brass are actually playing out the scenarios. In fact, a group of generals just finished a rather innovative year-long wargame.