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Bad Luck, Karise Eden: How The Voice Doesn't Actually Sell Music

The final episode of TV talent show The Voice a fortnight ago saw Karise Eden win the inaugural Australian season and attracted an audience of 3.1 million. But less than two per cent of those viewers have actually coughed up money to purchase her music.

Ten Weird Lessons About The Future Of Music

This week the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) released its annual wholesale figures, indicating how much money the music industry is turning over and where it comes from. Turns out the future isn’t quite as filled with MP3 files as you’d think. Here are 10 notable lessons from the data.

What Do You Get When You Cram A HTC Phone And Fake IPhone 4 Into A Game Boy?

Mayhem. That’s what you get. Modder “Goteking” hollowed out a Game Boy, and stuck a HTC Aria in, to peek through the Game Boy’s screen. Not to mention a fake white iPhone 4 for the back. Why? Err…

Aria iTunes App Lets You Stream Concerts Live To Your iPhone This Week

The ARIA awards are happening this weekend, and all this week to celebrate, Apple and ARIA are putting on a series of concerts in the Botanic Gardens in Sydney. And they’re streaming the shows live via a free app on the App Store.

HTC Aria Coming To Optus, $49 Cap With 1GB Data

HTC and Optus this morning just announced their latest Android release, the HTC Aria. Available from mid-October for $0 upfront on a $49 cap plan, including 1GB of data, the phone will be an Optus exclusive.

HTC Aria, A Lower-End Android Phone, Gets Official For AT&T

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We’ve seen leaked pics and specs for HTC’s latest touchscreen Android phone, but AT&T just made it official.

Latest Leaked Pic Of HTC Aria Comes With Rumoured "Liberty" Name-Change

A clearer shot of the HTC Aria we saw last week has surfaced, however it sounds like the phone has been renamed as the HTC Liberty. Unless it’s a different Android phone altogether…

HTC Aria Looks Set To Be A Small Android, Exclusive To AT&T

They’re not blurry, but they sure are low-res. Nonetheless, these photos will pique Android users’ interests, as they’re pointed at being of the teensy HTC Aria, exclusive to AT&T.

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