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Monster Machines: DARPA's Building Real Flying Transformers!

Between their remote locations and the ever present threat of ambush (or worse yet, IED), it’s simply getting too dangerous to deliver the average 45,000kg of supplies that far-flung American forward combat bases require each week. Air drops by cargo plane or helicopter are one option, but DARPA researchers may already have a better solution: shape-shifting, cargo-carrying UAVs.

$US500 Million NASA Ares 1 Rocket Launcher Needs One (1) Rocket

If anyone has an Ares 1 rocket they need launching, NASA has a brand new, never-been-used $US500 million mobile launching pad that’s just itching to hurl something rocket-sized into space.

Obama Gives NASA Bigger Budget, Backs New Rocket, Cancels Ares 1

Sad news, space cowboys: According to NASA insiders, Ares 1 will be no more. Good news, space cowboys! According to the same sources, Obama has decided that it’s worth investing in space. The man got a plan:

Palm's In-Browser App Factory Is Open For Business

The Ares pitch: a stupid-simple way for developers to crank out webOS apps for the Pre and the Pixi, without ever leaving their browsers. It’s looks like a clever concept; we’ll have to see if it actually works. Updated.

Good News! NASA Is (Probably) Getting More Money

NASA needs more money, because let’s face it, rocket launches ain’t cheap. The good news is, it looks like they’ll be getting some. Not as much as they want, but some.

Pre Developers Get Stupid-Simple Tool To Make Stupid-Simple Apps

It’s no secret that Palm’s been taking it niiiice ‘n slow with their app strategy, whatever it is. Here’s their next baby step: Ares, a browser-based, drag-and-drop development toolkit for making simple apps. It’s a marginally good idea!

One Spectacular Big Bang

Wonder at the impressive technological prowess of the genius engineers at NASA, as brave Ares launches. Be amazed at the sheer beauty of the mighty rocket as it it breaks the sound barrier, thundering the skies of America.

Successful Ares First Stage Test Brings Hell To Utah

What 20,000,000hp engine can deliver 1.6 million kilograms of trust in a howling vomit from hell? The Ares’s first stage, that’s what. Not as hot as 8-kilometre pyroclastic plumes burning holes in the atmosphere, but hot enough.

THIS Is The Biggest Rocket You've Ever Seen

The last time we looked at the Ares I-X, we only got to see the tip of what will be one of the world’s biggest rockets, but now it’s nearly done and right on schedule for a Halloween launch. [NASA]

From Earth To Moon Redux: How The Next Moonshot Will Happen

May 2019: Our scheduled return to the moon. There’s plenty of labouring to be done on the Constellation Program before then, but the foundation is set. Here’s how you—as an astronaut—would experience the mission:

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