This Cantilevered Library Design Is Terrifyingly Brilliant

If a hurricane ever happened to hit downtown Calgary, I think I’d rather stand out in the open than hide under the cantilevered main floor of this proposed library design, in case the whole thing fell over. But apocalyptic design flaws aside, this failed proposal for Calgary’s central library is incredibly clever, and I’m slightly sad it isn’t being built.

This Rickety Bridge Between Two High-Rises In China Can't Be Legal 

We’ve seen some pretty incredible ad hoc architecture on China’s high-rises — this alpine rooftop mansion should jog your memory — but we may now have a challenger for craziest illegal addition: A bridge built between two different apartment buildings built by and for a lone resident.

9 Of The Year's Best Photographs Of Buildings 

Most architectural photography these days is about capturing a building’s “hero shot”, that single perfect image and angle where the light flits through the glass and, for a second, real life looks like a perfectly executed digital rendering. These are not those photos.

This Is One Way To Get Around Planning Restrictions

What you’re looking at is probably the most overbuilt answer to the centuries-old problem of ‘I want to build a skyscraper, but there’s a pesky protected building on the plot already’.

The Fight Over Tokyo's Olympic Stadium Is Getting Very, Very Ugly 

We already knew that Japanese architects (and the public) are no fans of Zaha Hadid’s massive Olympic stadium — they have been protesting the design for a year. But last month things escalated — rapidly — when a whole slew of new insults emerged, and now, Hadid has responded. It’s pretty bad!

10 Bizarre Buildings And Their Fascinating Histories

Iconic buildings such as the Flatiron Building and the Empire State Building are revered for their historical and cultural significance. However, few people are aware of the equally important structures scattered around the world — structures that have survived time, nature, and the wrecking ball.

This High-Altitude Overlook Perfectly Frames A Volcano

It takes some work to get to Ecuador’s Quilotoa Lake. Visiting the collapsed volcano requires hiring a bus or truck to navigate the steep roads, and a hardy constitution to endure its 3658m altitude. Now a simple yet elegant platform allows a moment of meditative respite on the precipitous edge of the electric blue caldera high in the Andes.

Bureaucracy and Bad Design Killed The World Trade Center's Green Dream

Once upon a time, One World Trade was a trumpeted as the future greenest skyscraper in the world. It turned out to be anything but, and today Mother Jones has obtained documents explaining what the hell happened. The short answer is money, bureaucracy, bad design. Oh, and Hurricane Sandy.

There's An Entire House Crammed Into This Tiny 98-Year-Old Boiler Room

There’s residential design, and then there’s jigsaw puzzle design. This elegant project by the San Francisco architect Christi Azevedo, who wedged a full guest house into a laundry and boiler room from 1916, falls somewhere in between the two.

Zaha Hadid Has Designed The World's Worst Billboard

Well, here it is: the world’s worst billboard. Not that billboards are ever, like, especially great. And that’s why for the most part, cities don’t put up new ones. Or commission one by an architect known for her tone-deaf hubris. It’s like Zaha Hadid swept up some of the trash from her vagina stadium in Qatar and plopped it onto a curb in London.

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