The World's Oldest Basketball Court Has Iron Poles In The Middle Of It

Basketball is famously an all-American sport (invented by a Canadian). But thanks to an odd twist of fate and the YMCA, the world’s oldest surviving basketball court is actually in France. Tucked away in a neighbourhood of Paris, the handsome facility has parquet floors and iron pillars running down the middle of it. It looks dangerous as hell.

This Clever Wardrobe Hides An Entire Apartment

Thanks to the increasing price of real estate in almost every growing city, apartments are growing smaller by the year. But architects are thankfully getting more crafty with every reduction in size. Previously, I’d have written off an 8sqm apartment as impossibly tiny for anything but my pet hamster — but after seeing this design, I’m not so sure.

6 Ways The World's Mega-Cities Could Deal With Explosive Growth

People are moving into cities at an astounding rate — so fast, not even the cities themselves will be able to keep up. A new show at the Museum of Modern Art opens this week to examine how that explosive growth will affect six cities globally: Hong Kong, Istanbul, Lagos, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro and New York City.

Paris Is Still Winning Its Battle Against Skyscrapers

Among first-world capital cities, Paris is fairly unique in its rejection of skycrapers; to date, there’s only one, the Tour Montparnasse, in the centre of the city. And thanks to a politically tense vote yesterday, things are set to stay that way.

How New York City's Skyline Will Look In 2018

The supertall boom in New York City is happening. Although we’ve seen a few different visualisations of how this might look, here’s a series of brand-new images that puts the changing skyline in perspective, with two dozen proposed or under-construction supertalls that will irrevocably change the New York City skyline by 2018.

5 Concert Halls Designed For The Most Famous Composer Of All Time

It’s been almost 250 years since Beethoven was born in 1770, and as his big two-five-oh birthday rolls around, his birthplace of Bonn is planning a big, big party — including a $US90 million concert hall in which to throw it.

The Best View Of The Eiffel Tower Doesn't Look Like The Eiffel Tower

Photo: There’s something about this magnificent photo of the Eiffel Tower taken by Sylke Scholz that makes it look completely different from what I remember — most probably the choice of lenses.

This Tiny Hotel Pod Sits On The Roof Of A 60-Year-Old Historic Building

The idea of super-dense cities building new structures on top of old buildings has been kicking around sci-fi novels and architecture circles for decades, but the idea still isn’t ubiquitous. In Austria, the owner of a 1950s-era building is giving it a shot.

How To Build A Pillow Fort, According To An Architect

Building a pillow fort is one of life’s simple pleasures, young or old. But, like anything, it’s more satisfying when done properly — so why not take some advice from an architect?

How Fast Do The Elevators In The World's Tallest Buildings Go?

When you’re building supertalls, there are other problems to worry about than just making sure they don’t fall or blow over. One of the biggest is how to get people up to the top in a reasonable amount of time. If you’ve got a slow elevator the 125th floor might as well not exist.

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