So This Is How You Move A Neighbourhood Of Houses Across San Francisco

San Francisco’s current tech-led boom has seen slick new housing high-rises pop up all across the grid, but Bay Area urban renewal in the 1970s had a very different look. Photographer Dave Glass is a native of the city’s Western Addition, and snapped these images of Victorians being driven around town like massive domestic trailers almost 30 years ago.

3D Printing Is Being Used To Restore A Frank Lloyd Wright Classic

The largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in the world is at Florida Southern University. Depending on how you count, there are 7 to 12 buildings, the most distinctive of which is Annie Pfeiffer Chapel. Time has taken its toll on the chapel’s one-of-a-kind concrete blocks, but it’s the 21st century, and we now have a modern solution to fix them: 3D printing.

Shenzhen's Towering City Within A City Will Battle A Tide Of Smog

A few years ago, you’d probably never heard of Shenzhen. Now, the tiny Chinese fishing village has grown into a certified megalopolis, with 10 million residents, a thriving tech industry,and a gorgeous world-class airport. To cement its rising status in the world economy, Shenzhen has announced its most ambitious project yet: A green “super city” within the city, complete with what would be the world’s second-tallest tower.

7 Dead Shopping Centres That Found Surprising Second Lives

The shopping centre is a dead and dying creature, its demise chronicled in photos that fill up entire websites and books. Not all, however, have to end up so sad and empty. When the shoppers are gone, these are still colossal pieces of infrastructure that can be repurposed, as medical complexes and churches and apartments and more.

Architects Designed These Intricate Cat Shelters, Because Cats

Cat folks know their precious furball deserves the very best, but feral kitties are often left to fend for themselves. So FixNation, a non-profit dedicated to spaying and neutering street felines, commissioned a group of LA-based architects to design custom outdoor accommodations for an event raising awareness — and cash — for their cause.

Small House In Sydney Is Selling For $1.875 Million

The Small House in Surry Hills, in inner city Sydney, in fact. The converted 7x6m parking garage, which featured in an episode of Grand Designs Australia, is going up for sale in a month. The owners, including original architect Dominic Alvaro, are asking for a cool $1.875 million.

Amazon's Using The Heat From Its Data Centres To Warm Its New HQ

Downtown Seattle is being slowly consumed by Amazon-funded infrastructure, thanks to the expansion of its corporate headquarters — glass domes, bike lanes, streetcar improvements. Now the company has figured out an innovative way to heat their new buildings by using the energy generated by their data centres across the street.

This Home Filled With Cold War Design Is Stuck Behind The Iron Curtain

Imagine a parallel universe filled with products you’ve never seen before, brands you’ve never heard of. Where everything looks vaguely familiar, yet the logos and styling are just a bit… off. That’s what it feels like in this home decked out with Cold War-era products.

Latin America's New Tallest Skyscraper Will Look Like A Quarter Pipe

Argentina’s planning to erect a new waterfront tower, and it looks like it belongs in a skatepark. President Cristina Fernández posted the winning design on Facebook this week. It’s wrapped in the same white and sky blue on Argentina’s flag. And it’s a quarter pipe.

This Footbridge Spins Open On Two Giant Wheels To Let Boats Pass

If you ever find yourself outside the Brazilian headquarters of pharmaceutical company Bayer, you’re in for a treat — because you’ll get to walk across the beautiful, innovative bridge.

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