The Best Buildings Of The Year, According To The Internet 

The people who get to dole out awards to architects each year are normally critics and panels of experts who know exactly what goes into designing a building. But what would normal people — or even the internet at large — choose?

Does Preserving The Past Keep Cities From Moving Into The Future?

In the last 50 years, the preservationist movement has become powerful — maybe too powerful in a place like New York City, where a third of the buildings are now protected. But the buildings we think of today as landmarks inevitably replaced older structures, ones we tend to forget were demolished in the path towards progress. This provocative video argues that “saving” so many buildings now will actually do more damage than good.

A Failed Lab Experiment Accidentally Invented A Replacement For Cement

As the world’s cities expand at faster and faster speeds, so does its use of cement. One oft-quoted statistic shows that China alone used as much cement in the last three years as the US used in the last 100. Just one problem: Cement is responsible for pushing a hell of a lot of carbon dioxide into the world.

Take A Tour Of New York City's Best Architecture In One Image

Love it or hate it, you have to admit that New York City is home to some of the world’s most impressive and diverse architecture. Pick a style from the last 200 years, and you’re bound to find a fantastic example somewhere in Gotham. Now, you can find them all on one reasonably priced poster.

8 Stunning, Award-Winning Urban Structures

From a bridge that makes walking an adventure to a cost-effective way to revitalise an ageing port, Architizer’s A+ Awards announced yesterday include smart and simple architecture for everyday life. Here are a few public structures that make grand statements about our changing cities or solve a universal problem in a beautiful way.

This Japanese Airport Has Running Tracks For Travellers To Follow

Stepping off an aeroplane at Narita International airport in Japan might be even more frenetic than your usual travel experience — because you’ll be racing along a running track.

Tokyo Has The Largest Underground Water Tank In The World

This enormous, cathedral-like building is the main water tank of the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel facility in Tokyo, Japan, which is one of the most famous water infrastructure complex in the world, and also the world’s largest underground flood diversion facility.

Only Six Of Today's Baseball Stadiums Were Built Before 1989

Today is opening day for major league baseball, a sport that’s imbued with tradition. But this game outfitted with old-timey pinstripes and vintage Cracker Jack packaging is enjoyed in mostly contemporary spaces: 23 out of 30 teams play in stadiums that were built after 1990.

It's OK To Be Jealous Of Playmobil's New Ultra-Modern Luxury Mansion

Our toys have always lived far more lavish lifestyles than we could ever dream of. Barbie has owned everything from motorhomes to planes, G.I. Joe was better equipped than the US Military, and now your child’s Playmobil figures have a gorgeous ultra-modern mansion to call home.

A Guide To Scientology's Most Ostentatious Real Estate

Empire-building has been part of many a religious group’s strategy throughout history. But no one does it better than Scientology. The documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, which debuts on HBO tonight, offers the first in-depth survey of Scientology’s practices, including its ongoing quest to acquire high-profile real estate.

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