Celebrate Bugs Bunny's 75th Birthday With This 1944 Short About 2000 AD

Unofficially, Bugs Bunny turns 75 today. It’s unofficial because Warner Bros doesn’t recognise birthdays of fictional characters. But that’s no reason we can’t celebrate! And what better way than looking at Bugs Bunny predictions for the year 2000?

New Zealander's Self-Built 'Skysphere' Is The Retreat Of Your Dreams

Being able to escape to your own personal haven, complete with beautiful views and peaceful seclusion, is one of many dreams many of us have. Enterprising Kiwi Jono Williams decided to make his perfect retreat a reality and three years and $NZ75,000 later, he’s ended up with the above creation, dubbed the “Skysphere”.

The World's Deadliest Construction Projects, Visualised

The infrastructure being built for Qatar’s World Cup is using the most cutting-edge construction technologies. Yet due to the poor treatment of migrant workers, an estimated 4000 people could die building it. A new timeline of construction deaths shows this inconsistency throughout history: Even though construction methods have improved over time, worker conditions don’t always keep pace.

Yes, There Is An Airport Being Designed Just For Animals

Air travellers have long complained that they’re treated like cattle; and now cattle will actually be treated better than most economy passengers. An entire airport terminal is being built for animals, including a dog spa with “pawdicures” and a bone-shaped doggie wading pool. Yes, it’s all very real, and it will be open next year.

The Plan To Reuse Earthquake Rubble For Emergency Homes In Nepal

The earthquake that killed thousands of people in Nepal and destroyed priceless heritage sites also flattened hundreds of thousands of normal homes and buildings. Now, the rubble from those structures is being put to use by an architect who is designing permanent shelters for those who lost their homes.

Shipping Container Offices Are Right At Home On An Industrial Seafront

We usually don’t think of shipping containers as fun or interesting places to hang out. Let’s face it, most of us don’t usually think of them at all. But this clever, low-budget office complex made from bright red shipping containers highlights the hidden infrastructure potential they hold.

Architect Of London's Shard Explains How To Craft A Better Sandcastle

Here’s something to try once summer comes along (though judging from the last few weeks in Australia, that could be never). Architect Renzo Piano, the man behind The Shard in London, has a few tips on how to construct a sandcastle that should better withstand nature’s assaults.

These Geothermal Homes Use Heat From The Mountainside They're Built Into

Japan is a country that’s 75 per cent mountains, which makes construction more than a little tricky. One architect’s solution? Build homes into the mountains — then rent them out. Tenants then score natural geothermal insulation in an abode that’s downright Seussian.

The Foundation Of The World's Next Tallest Building Is Just A Lake Now

Can the world’s tallest building be built in 90 days? It’s been two years since we asked that question, and as a report from a local Chinese paper illustrates today, the answer is an unequivocal no — at least not when the government thinks the plan is dangerous.

We Cannot Allow This Awful Idea For Airport Design to Become Real

Airports and cities don’t get along for a few specific reasons — namely, air pollution, noise pollution and plain old risk. As such, some designers think that a future of increased urban density could be an opportunity to mix things up. This concept for a new airport in downtown Stockholm is simply mixed up.