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Custom Chess Sets Let You Play With Your Favourite US City's Famous Landmarks

For those who don’t live under a monarchy, memorising the ranks of queens, kings, bishops and other pieces makes learning chess that much harder. But swap out royalty and peasants with buildings from famous US cities, and all you really need to know is that taller is better.

Unsellable 60-Metre Picnic Basket Marked Down To $6.5 Million

According to some, the future of architecture is wood, but in Newark, Ohio, the future has already arrived — in the form of big, dumb picnic basket that’s also an office building no one will buy.

Watch 116 Excavators Demolish A Massive Overpass In Just One Night

Video: Finding 116 excavators to demolish an ageing 24-year-old overpass in just one night is all but impossible — unless you live in China.

Living In An Aeroplane Hangar Isn't Such A Bad Idea

Video: Adam Kalkin is an architect in New Jersey who found the smartest way to expand his home: Cover it in a bigger house.

You Can Finally Build The US Capitol Out Of LEGO

Almost every building in Washington DC is iconic and recognisable in its own way. But no structure in the city, or the country, serves as a more iconic symbol of America than the US Capitol building, with its soaring dome and imposing structure… one that’s now slightly less imposing as LEGO’s newest Architecture set.

Latest Flyover Reveals The Truly Epic Scale Of Apple's New $6.5 Billion HQ

Video: So how does a company spend the hundreds of billions of dollars of cash it has on hand? It builds itself a fancy new headquarters, and the latest drone-shot flyover of Apple’s new HQ reveals the truly immense scale of not just the central spaceship building, but of the entire new campus.

These Amazing Trompe L'oeil Illusions Bring Drab City Buildings To Life

Trompe l’oeil (literally “to deceive the eye”) is an ancient technique whereby a painter creates a visual illusion via a trick of perspective. French street artist Patrick Commecy is a modern master of this art form, working with his team of artists at A-Fresco to create huge, hyper-realistic murals on otherwise drab building facades.

This Mind-Bending City Skyline Would Be Fun To Live In

Video: Can you imagine if buildings in a city could grow and bend on a whim as if they were living, breathing organisms? This short film, Spatial Bodies by AUJIK, plays with that concept, transforming the cityscape of Osaka into a totally trippy world where the laws of physics and gravity don’t really exist and buildings can take any shape.

This Building Looks Different Every Hour

Video: This is the “Kiefer Technic Showroom” in Austria and the changing panels are meant to help the people inside regulate the internal temperature. Given China’s “weird architecture” ban, it’s good to see that there are still weird buildings around the world.

Video Shows Off The Relationship Between Dance And Architecture

The concept behind the short film “Fabricating Performance” by the Interactive Architecture Lab and the study that surrounds it concerns reciprocation in design.

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