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What You Can Buy For $9 Million (If You're Not Buying This Island)

It must feel thrilling to be rich, free to fling millions of dollars at whatever your heart desires. Right now, you can buy a private island and former sea fort off the coast of Denmark for a little under $US9 million. That includes a restaurant and a hotel. What a bargain!

Historic Melbourne Post Office Transformed Into The Perfect Apartment

If you’re looking for a slick two bedroom apartment situated right in the middle of one of Melbourne’s trendier suburbs, this warehouse conversion of Windsor’s first post office, originally crafted in 1900 by Sir John Monash, should do the trick. I’m sure it’ll cost vital organs and a ritual sacrifice, but at least we can dream.

Photo Essay: Inside A 120-Year-Old Steam-Powered Water-Pumping Station

A small village on the left bank of the river Tisza in Hungary hides one of the best-preserved industrial relics I have ever seen. If you wander along the flood prevention dyke near the village, you’ll see an old building with an enormous brick chimney towering above the trees: this is the old Tiszabercel water pumping station, a one-of-a-kind gem from the steam age.

What The Oval Office Looks Like Empty

The Oval Office has a very pretty floor! You’d never know it based on most photos of the White House’s most famous non-square-shaped room, but the president spends his days walking on a Reagan-era design. It’s a heck of an improvement over the wood-grain linoleum of the Johnson years.

The Most Incredible And Bizarre DIY Cabins On The Tisza River In Hungary

One of the strangest places in Hungary lies beside the Tisza River in a village called Gergelyiugornya. Hugged by a bend in the river, it’s a relatively narrow, woody flood basin area packed with small cottages, showing incredibly wide variety of architectural design and creativity. Walk with me among the shades of poplar trees and see the weird weekend homes and summer houses.

Frank Gehry Wants To Preserve The LA River's Infamous Concrete Walls

Good news for those of you who still want to drag race, chase T-1000s, or, heck, even land small planes in the concrete banks of the LA River. Frank Gehry, the architect chosen for a controversial new master plan for the revitalized river, says he wants the cement walls to remain.

Frank Gehry Is The Wrong Architect To Revitalise The Los Angeles River

Last month Los Angeles was promised $US1.3 billion in US federal funding to transform its river from a cinematic cement chute to an honest-to-goodness urban waterway. That great news has been eclipsed by today’s puzzling announcement that the city has tapped architect Frank Gehry to lead the redevelopment. It’s a really bad idea.

I Want To Build All These Amazing Alternative Lighthouses

A new lighthouse would probably be a fitting memorial to the 2012 sinking of the Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy. Open-idea competition platform matterbetter has been running a contest to design a new lighthouse concept to live at the spot where the ship capsized, and while the entries aren’t realistic, they’re sure pretty to look at.

An Architect Wants To Retrofit This London Power Plant With Tesla Coils

A few weeks ago, the design mag Dezeen reported on a lecture by the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels at the Royal Academy in London. During the lecture, Ingels nonchalantly described a plan to turn an ageing power station’s smokestacks into tesla coils — if only London would let him.

The World's Biggest Free Form 3D Printer Is Being Used To Build Houses

The dream of 3D printing buildings is not a new one and, typically, it’s not a pretty one either. However, the visionaries at Branch Technology, a startup founded by architects in Chattanooga, Tennessee, want to change that — and they have built the world’s largest free form 3D printer to do it.

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