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The House That Calculus Built Can Be Yours For Just $24 Million

Most people cringe in horror at the mere mention of calculus, but one man loved it so much, he designed his Toronto dream house around it. And now the so-called “Integral House” — named after one of the key concepts in calculus — has hit the market. Asking price: a cool £11.4 million (about $24 million).

Apple Just Secured A Second Spaceship

Apple’s “spaceship” campus is scheduled to open next year, but it apparently won’t be big enough: The Cupertino company reportedly just signed a lease for a second spaceship. It, too, looks like it’s ready to blast off.

These Structures Are Engineered To Survive A Global Catastrophe

Surviving a global calamity is, thankfully, a hypothetical usually posed only by summer blockbusters and InfoWars. But dammit, let’s talk hypotheticals.

This Is How Foster And Partners Wants To 3D-Print A Martian Settlement

The acclaimed architecture firm Foster + Partners has unveiled a series of images that depict plans for a 3D-printed settlement that could be built on Mars.

Take A Look Inside Samsung's New U.S. R&D HQ

Yesterday, Samsung opened a brand-new 102,193m² building in San Jose. Home to its American R&D teams, it will house 2000 employees. Why not take a look around?

China's New Vertigo-Inducing Glass Bridge Is Both Great And Impractical

If you’re looking for something to do in China, you should definitely check out the pyramids at Xian. However, if you decide to do two things (or more), the newly constructed glass bridge in Hunan is worth a look… and a walk.

This Mirrored Pavilion Is A Space For Mind-Bending Personal Reflection

This 2.4-metre cube, covered in five mirror-clad faces, was designed by Los Angeles based architect and designer Michael Jantzen as a personal retreat. Presumably it brings new meaning to the idea of personal reflection.

At Scotland's Crawick Multiverse Garden, You Can Look Into The Void

Have you ever wanted to meander between two spiral galaxies, or follow in the footsteps of a comet? Now visitors to southwest Scotland’s Nith Valley can do just that. Welcome to the “Crawick Multiverse,” a massive installation created by renowned landscape architect Charles Jencks that gives symbolic physical form to some of our most abstract physics theories.

An Acrylic Tunnel Turns A London Museum Into A Sci-Fi Alice In Wonderland

You’re staring through a new installation at London’s V&A Museum, called Mise-en-abyme. The narrowing isn’t just perspective — those acrylic archways really are getting smaller.

LA's New Broad Museum Tries To Cement Its Place In History

“How do you build next to this beauty?” architect Liz Diller said yesterday, pointing next door to the glinting dorsal fins of Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall as she stood in front of the new Broad Museum, which she designed.

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