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Drone Footage Shows Apple's New HQ Continuing To Grow

Video: Apple’s new UFO headquarters/backup plan for escaping the planet is continuing to take shape, as this update from a drone shows.

Designers Will Knit A Neon Rope Canopy Over MoMA's Concrete Courtyard This Summer

Each winter the Museum of Modern Art’s Queens outpost, PS1, chooses an up-and-coming designer to create a temporary installation in its courtyard. These have ranged from a fortress of used skateboards to towers of bricks grown from fungus. This year, it’s a colourful crocheted net.

Putting Buildings On Hydraulic Legs Is The Ultimate Flood Protection

We are slowly hurtling towards a dystopian future where cities raise themselves on hydraulic legs to begin the long hunt for resources. Only, in this case, replace cities with greenhouses, and the only resource being hunted here is dry land.

China's Enormous Derelict Shopping Mall Does Not Bode Well For Humanity's Future

China is known for building ambitious infrastructure projects, and finding humans to populate them after the fact. Sometimes, it doesn’t go according to plan. This is one of those times.

This Plan To Turn Stockholm Into A City Full Of Sky Ways Looks Incredible

We know that cities will need to get taller and denser in the next few decades. Yet it’s not easy to convince residents to build skyscrapers. This Swedish proposal for Stockholm’s downtown incorporates light, greenery and public space into its tall buildings. It makes density look beautiful.

Architecture's Top Prize Went To An Incredible Chilean Architect You Probably Haven't Heard Of

The Pritzker Prize was announced this morning, an award which many consider to be the highest honour for design. This year’s prize went to Alejandro Aravena, a Chilean architect who you may not know — but you definitely should get to know his work.

When Will Dubai Fix Its Burning Skyscraper Problem?

Watching a 63-storey Dubai hotel explode into flames on New Year’s Eve and smolder well into New Year’s Day, you might’ve been wondering the same thing I was: Why do so many of Dubai’s skyscrapers catch fire? And how terrifying is it that this city can’t seem to stop this from happening?

The Future Of Architecture Is Already Happening In Portland

Framework sounds like a futuristic, Frankenstein-like treehouse. But as one of two winners of a contest for high-rise buildings built out of wood, it’s a actually a glimpse into the future of urban architecture.

Melbourne's New Skyscraper Looks Like A Giant Earplug

You might’ve seen Zaha Hadid’s name in the news after Japan’s Sports Council announced a design to her replace her widely loathed and alien-like Olympic stadium in Tokyo. But the real update comes in the form of a new skyscraper in Melbourne. It looks a little bit like… an earplug?

This Will Be Tokyo's 2020 Olympic Stadium

Japan’s Sport Council has had a turbulent few years deciding on a design for its Olympics stadium, but it’s finally chosen one. This sympathetic structure will be the focal point of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

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