China's President Wants To Ban Weird Buildings -- And That's A Huge Mistake

From smog-chomping supercities to giant penis skyscrapers, China has built its reputation on wild and wacky structures of late. But in a public speech last week, China’s president made a promise to his country: “No more weird architecture.” No way! Here’s why we need to Keep China Weird.

Abandoned Buildings In Tampico, Mexico Are Filled With Trees

Tampico is a beautiful tropical city located on the Gulf of Mexico, traversed by canals, dotted with palm trees, graced with kilometres of undeveloped beach.

Cool Video Illustrates How Much Shanghai Has Changed Over The Years

Video: Over the past thirty years, few cities have undergone the transformation that Shanghai has. It went from a vertically challenged city filled with greenery to mutant New York on speed and steroids. Claire and Max illustrate how much has changed by eliminating the current buildings from the skyline and then drawing them in and putting them back.

Check Out The 148-Storey View From The World's Highest Observation Deck

As long as architects keep building up (and up and up), folks are going to want to check out the view from way up in the air. Well: The Burj Khalifa just unveiled a new observation deck that gets visitors a little closer to heaven on the 148th floor — that’s about 555m. Gulp.

Australian-Designed Bicycle Pulley System Is A Surprisingly Practical Storage Solution

Ever since I moved into my apartment, I’ve been trying to convince my roommates that what we need is a pulley system to pull our bikes up onto the balcony. And ever since we moved in, my roommates have been telling me that it’s a terrible idea that will unquestionably end with someone being mutilated by a falling crankset. But now a group of Australian architects have vindicated my crazy plans (and built an awesome storage system for bikes in the process).

The View From The Top Of NYC's Tallest New Apartment Building Is Nuts

We’ve already seen some night-time vistas from the top of 432 Park Avenue, the tallest residential building in North America. They’re pretty wild. But now, the developers have released some high-res images of the views during the day time. They’re absolutely nuts.

A Brief History Of Buildings That Spin

It wasn’t just the recipes that were faddish. The 1960s were halcyon times for restaurant experiences that hold almost no appeal today, from the dine-o-mat to the drive-in diner. But one curious product of this era had true staying power: the revolving restaurant.

Four Famed American Structures That Almost Looked Radically Different

Mount Rushmore. The Washington Monument. The Empire State Building. These are some of the most familiar, most photographed structures in the US. But though they seem unchangeable to us, all of these icons came close to looking very different than they do today.

Rotterdam's New Farmers Market Looks Like The Inside Of A Vitamix

Rotterdam’s just-completed Markthal, or Market Hall, is an innovative, sustainably designed building charged with delivering local, healthy food to the city centre. But there’s one particular element of the structure that’s getting all the attention: An arching, technicolor tossed salad of a ceiling.

This Mountain Hut Looks Like An Ice Cube Perched In The Snow

With its sharp peak and angles, this mountain hut designed by Atelier 8000 both mirrors and complements the icy mountains surrounding it. To use the studio’s evocative description, it sits like “an erratic block left behind by the retreating glacier.”

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