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Dyson 360 Eye Review: A Robot Vacuum That Sucks Up All Your Dirt (And Cash)

You’d think that the first robot vacuum from a company like Dyson, who reinvented the vacuum, fan, and hair dryer, would rival R2-D2 when it came to functionality. But with the 360 Eye, Dyson instead focused on creating a robovac that did one thing very well: cleaning. It delivers as promised, but is that worth $US1,000?

Innocent Slices Of Bread Will Cower In Fear At This Death Star Toaster

The ultimate power in the Star Wars universe can also be the ultimate power on your kitchen counter now that the Death Star has been turned into a two-slice toaster with settings for light, dark, burnt, and Alderaan’d.

You Probably Don't Need A Laundry Folding Machine

The makers of the FoldiMate realise that the worst part of doing laundry is having to fold all your clothes once they come out of the washer and dryer. A third machine that does all that for you could revolutionise chores as we know it, but the FoldiMate might not be the answer to our lazy prayers.

A Cooler With A Freezer Section Greatly Improves Beach Picnics

If you’re going to spend an afternoon at the beach, you’ll need to make sure you bring along all the snacking staples. That includes soft drinks, hot dogs, burgers — and thanks to this over-the-top cooler with a dedicated freezer section — even microwave pizzas, ice cream and frozen turkeys?

Hands On With Dyson's New V8 Cordless Vacuum

We called Dyson’s cordless DC59 Motorhead the first genuine replacement for a full-sized vacuum, even with a few annoying design quirks and limited battery life. It has taken the company almost two years to design a follow-up, but the new Dyson V8 appears to fix most of the complaints we had with the original.

This Microwave Oven Is The Size Of A Thermos

There’s a reason the microwave in your kitchen is a heavy brick: it uses a magnetron and vacuum tube technology that dates back to World War II. But since then, the technologies involved have been vastly improved (see mobile phone towers) and a company called Wayv in the UK is finally using them to shrink the microwaves.

Say Goodbye To Washing Dishes With An Edible Spoon Maker

Head to any housewares store and you’ll find aisles full of machines designed to easily bake up everything from cupcakes to cake pops. But none can compare to the life-changing potential of a machine that can quickly and easily bake up edible spoons.

GE's New $US10,000 App-Powered Pizza Oven Is My Dream

Imagine a world where pizza didn’t come from the pizza store. Imagine if you could pop down into your spacious kitchen, toss some toppings on dough and throw it all into your very own internet-connected pizza oven. This future is finally possible — but it’s expensive.

Hands Too Filthy? You Can Open LG's New Fridge With A Foot Tap

LG has added a see-through door to its new Signature line of fridges that lights up when tapped, so you can check its contents without letting out the cold. And to save you the strain of actually physically opening the door when you see something you want, a simple foot tap now does that for you.

Whirlpool's New Washer And Dryer Automatically Restocks Detergents Using Amazon Dash

The only thing worse than running out of clean clothes is realising you’re also out of detergent when it comes time to clean them. So Whirlpool is introducing a new washing machine and dryer with Amazon Dash’s replacement service built right in ensuring there is always enough soap or fabric softener on hand.

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