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Apple's Newest Store In China Looks Freaking Gorgeous

Video: When you think of an Apple Store, you probably imagine swathes of glass, fancy wood-grain and gorgeous minimalism. Apple’s latest store in China is a little different, with the gadget giant contracting one of China’s best calligraphers to paint a beautiful mural for the front of the new store in Hangzhou.

Report: Apple's Hiring Fashionistas To Help Flog Its Watch

With the impending launch of the Apple Watch, many people have been wondering how a company geared towards selling gadgets to techies will flog $US5000 fashion accessories to Vogue editors. According to documents seen by 9to5Mac, the solution lies in hiring conscious staff.

Stop Bending The Apple Store's iPhones

In the wake of the uproar that followed last week’s purported iPhone 6 Plus pliability problem, some people have apparently taken it upon themselves to go into Apple Stores and bend iPhones. And while it pains us that this even needs to be said, guys, please: Breaking private property doesn’t prove anything. Except that you’re an arsehole.

What iPhone Frenzy Is Like For An Apple Store Employee

It’s iPhone 6 launch weekend, Christmas for Apple fanboys and girls — and for employees of the Apple Stores where eager customers are currently lined up around the block, it’s a strange glimpse into the tech-obsessed human psyche.

Apple's Worldwide Retail Takeover In One GIF

Apple opened its first brick-and-mortar store back in 2001, and they have spread to pretty much everywhere since, as you can see in an animated map from Business Insider. Is there anywhere you can go where there isn’t an Apple Store nearby?

The Six Types Of Apple Store Genius

This isn’t brick and mortar, it’s glass and steel. Pseudonymous Apple Store employee J. K. Appleseed walks you through a choose-your-own-adventure story with a twist. Yep, we’re going backstage at Apple Retail, the supercollider of human expectations and consumer technology.

Pranking People Into Thinking You're An Apple Store Employee Is Funny

When you walk inside an Apple store and start swiping one of their iPads, a clingy, colourful shirt wearing person usually attaches themselves to you and gives you the verbal rubdown of the features. It’s part of the Apple Store experience! But what if that Apple Store employee was a fake? What if they scared you away with rumours of diseased products, advice to buy Android phones and unbelievable steals? Well, it’d be pretty damn funny.

A Crazy-Making Day In The Life Of An Apple Store Creative

I didn’t know this until I went to work for Apple Retail, but their credo is “Enriching Lives”. I never had a job with a philosophy attached to it. I know the Marines have one. It’s Semper Fi. If you see that on a bumper sticker, it’s Latin for “Mess with this car, and you’re dog meat.”

New Brisbane Apple Store Comes Together Before Tomorrow's Grand Opening

New Apple stores open all the time, and now Brisbane’s CBD is getting a new one in the old Macarthur Chambers space. Someone snuck in before it was opened and got us a few photos if you’re into that sort of thing.

Report: Apple's iBeacon Location-Aware Shopping Available In US Stores Today

The Associated Press is reporting today that Apple will switch on its new iBeacons service — which will provide location-aware services to phones — across its 254 US stores today.