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iAppalooza: Mobile App Stores Comparison Chart, October 2010

Apple might have been first off the block with its App Store, but two years down the track and the mobile app market is overflowing with apps we love… and apps we love to hate. Here’s an updated look at the app stores we first saw back in April last year.

BlackBerry App World Now Has Paid App Support

Back in April 2009, Research in Motion launched BlackBerry App World, their online app serving portal accessible directly from a Blackberry handset. Unless you were an Australian, of course. In December last year, RIM finally launched the Australian version of App World, but despite the fact that the payment method of choice was the global Paypal, paid apps weren’t supported down under. Until now, that is.

Twitter For BlackBerry Steps Out Of Beta, Ready For Full Launch

Twitter for BlackBerry is finally leaving the beta tag behind and making a full launch tonight. It took a while, having toiled in private and public beta for ages, but it’s been well-improved since then.

BlackBerry App World 2.0 Adds Carrier Billing, BlackBerry ID Accounts

BlackBerry App World 2.0 is getting a much needed update that’ll bring features like carrier billing, BlackBerry ID accounts, QR code support, better search, and a MyWorld section to your app-starved BlackBerrys.

WordPress App Hits Australian BlackBerry App World

If I owned a BlackBerry, I would now be able to write and edit Giz posts directly from my mobile with the release of the official WordPress app on the Australian BlackBerry App World. Helps You Drive Safely (If You Have A BlackBerry)

Everyone knows how dangerous it is to talk on a mobile phone while driving. Everyone knows that sending or reading text messages is even worse. Now there’s an app to make the whole process much safer by reading out your emails and text messages, so you can keep your eyes on the road. The catch? It’s a BlackBerry app…

PayPal "Send Money" App For BlackBerry Can Be Used Right Now

Paypal has just launched a new app for the BlackBerry called “Send Money”. It lets you send money to people in your contacts list without having to manually enter a recipient’s details. You can make it work for you right now, following these easy steps:

BlackBerry App World Finally Launches In Australia

Own a Blackberry? Want to buy apps from a dedicated app store rather than disparate sites all over the Interwebs? Well you’re in luck, because RIM has today launched the BlackBerry App World for Aussie BlackBerry owners… Only eight months after it launched in the US, Canada and the UK.

BlackBerry App World 1.1 Brings Archived Apps, Advanced Sorting

The newest update to BlackBerry’s App World, version 1.1, launched today, and it’s pretty minor but certainly welcome. Apps can now be adequately sorted by free, paid, and other rubrics, and can be archived onto either internal or external memory.

RIM Starts "MyBlackBerry" Social Network, Integrated With App World

RIM has popped off the lid off their MyBlackBerry social network, which is half App World enhancement (reviews, decent PC interface), and half per-device support forum. It’s invite-only for now, but the site, with previews, is live. [MyBlackBerry]

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