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The 9 Most Popular Apps No One Uses Anymore

When the App Store first appeared more than a year after the iPhone’s debut, we were in awe. The possibilities seemed endless! And the first thing most of us did with all that infinite opportunity? Use our phones to feign binge drinking.

The Best Free And Cheap Apps In The App Store Sixth Anniversary Sale

Apple has gotten in the wonderful little habit of discounting some of its most beloved App Store fare for its birthday, and this year is no different. In honour of the sixth anniversary of the App Store, Apple developers have kindly discounted a whole slew of gems for you. We’ve picked out the best of the bunch.

The Best Free Android Apps In Amazon's Two-Day Giveaway

The Amazon Appstore already gives away one free app each day, but now it’s gone and decided to give away 30 apps worth a combined total of $100, for free to anyone with an Android phone. Here are the pick of the bunch that you should download first.

Apple Is Banning Apps That Reward Social Sharing And App Promotion

Apple has always been strict about what makes the cuts in its App Store, and the arrival of iOS 8 seems to be ushering in some extra rules. It seems Apple is looking to remove apps that rewards social sharing or provide in-game credit for watching videos.

Here's How Much Extra Australians Will Pay For Apple Apps Now

The Apple App Store is about to get a bit of a tweak thanks to currency conversion rates between Australia and the US changing. The short of it is that you’re about to pay more for all of your iOS apps. Here’s exactly how much apps will cost now.

Apple Is Increasing App Store Prices In Australia

In recent years, Apple’s app prices in Australia have generally been reasonably close to the US standard from which all other pricing is set. That is set to change a little; in the next day or so, local App Store pricing will increase to accommodate “changes in foreign exchange rates.”

God Help Us: There's Now A Dedicated Selfie Section In The App Store

Just in case you were feeling a little too happy with humanity, here’s something to change your tune: Apple now has a dedicated Selfie section in the iOS App Store.

How A Rogue Developer Got Apple To Approve A Drone Strike App

After nearly two years and a lot of media attention, you can now download an iPhone app that alerts you every time a drone strike kills someone abroad. It only took the app developer six tries and several different names to get Apple to approve it.

Flappy Bird Is Officially Gone From The App Store And Google Play

As promised, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has removed his torturous app from Apple’s App Store. Flappy Bird is gone. It is survived by knockoffs like Clumsy Bird and Happy Poo Flap, and by the nightmares and thumb pain it has caused you these last few weeks.

Definitive Proof That App Store Search Is The Absolute Worst

One of the most exciting new apps in months has hit the iTunes App Store in the US today: Paper, an app that provides a refreshing new Facebook experience. This is an app that, conservatively, hundreds of thousands of people want to download today. Good luck finding it.