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Apple's App Store Is About To Get So Much Better

The App Store is about to get some much-needed cleanup.

Apple Reportedly Planning To Overhaul The App Store With Better Search

Navigating Apple’s App Store is… frustrating. Now, a new report suggests that plans are afoot to make it a little easier.

Why Are All The Third-Party Reddit Apps Vanishing From The App Store?

Last week, only a couple years late, Reddit finally released its own app for iOS and Android users. Today, the most popular third-party Reddit apps have been purged by Apple from its App Store, and no-one knows why.

Kim Kardashian Says Her App Broke The App Store, Apple Disagrees

Kim Kardashian released an app called Kimoji this week. The app gives people who pay $2.99 for it a set of illustrated references to the television personality’s life — a rounded, be-thonged thumbnail of her arse; her crying face; the word “BASIC”. But that’s not what this blog post is about. This blog post is about the truth.

Apple's Most Downloaded App Of 2015 In Australia? Netflix (At Least On iPad)

All of Apple’s stats for the App Store downloads in 2015 are out, and one particular entrant is simultaneously very interesting and not at all surprising. The most downloaded free app of 2015 on the iPad was actually only available for nine months: it was Netflix.

Apple Is Teaching Kids To Code In Store This Thursday

All 22 of Australia’s Apple Stores will be hosting Hour of Code workshops this Thursday, inviting kids in to teach them about coding as part of Computer Science Education Week. What’s more, Apple will be opening a room on the App Store today called Hour of Code 2015. This room will provide resources including apps and iTunes U courses for anyone who can’t make it into a store.

Faulty Security Certificates Are Screwing Up Some Mac App Store Updates

If your Mac’s app updates are acting a little weird, you’re not alone. A security management slip-up means that some software updates might actually require a delete and reinstall to work properly.

A Finished Version Of Firefox For iOS Is Finally Available On The App Store

It’s been in the planning since the start of the year and testing since September, but the first version of Firefox for iOS is finally available in the App Store.

Apple Pulls Sketchy Password-Stealing Instagram App From App Store

The App Store is a pretty well-fenced garden, which means it’s big news when someone manages to pull off a heist. But that’s what InstaAgent, a third-party app that would let you see who was viewing your Instagram profile while skimming your password, seems to have done.

Prices On Apple's Aussie App Store Are Going Up

If you’re a regular online shopper, you’ve probably noticed that the Aussie dollar has been fluctuating wildly of late — and not in our favour. Thanks to our weak dollar, Apple is getting ready to update (read: raise) App Store prices to better reflect our terrible exchange rate.

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