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Prices On Apple's Aussie App Store Are Going Up

If you’re a regular online shopper, you’ve probably noticed that the Aussie dollar has been fluctuating wildly of late — and not in our favour. Thanks to our weak dollar, Apple is getting ready to update (read: raise) App Store prices to better reflect our terrible exchange rate.

Apple Is Cleaning The App Store Of Its First Major Malware Attack

Apple cleaned the App Store of apps containing malware today, having discovered a long con that saw developers using infected software tools, inadvertently turning their legit apps into data-collection tools for hackers.

The Janky World Of Unauthorised Kardashian Apps

You haven’t truly seen what bad pixelated graphic cleavage looks like until you start looking around the off-brand junk drawer world of unauthorised Kardashian apps.

8 Years Later, Apple TV Finally Gets Its Own App Store

The iPhone’s App Store is the virtual marketplace that launched a thousand think pieces. Apple called it “revolutionary” (as it does every product) and many tech sites called it worldchanging, too. And now, the Apple TV will finally get its own App Store.

Apple Store's New Credit Card Tech Is Its Most Reliable Yet

Because it was invented some time in the 1940s. In the wake of what appears to be a global iTunes/App Store outage, Apple Store employees (at least those in the UK, where this picture was taken) are resorting to some severely old school methods of payment.

The Solution To Awful iOS App Store Navigation Is... Pinterest?

There are more than 1.4 million apps available on iOS and finding them can be an absolute nightmare. Now, Apple and Pinterest have announced a new collaboration that will allow users to pin and download apps directly to and from Pinterest boards.

App Developers In Crimea Are Getting Cut Off Thanks To US Sanctions

When one country annexes another, there’s some things you expect to happen, like airstrikes or strongly worded letters to the UN. One consequence you probably wouldn’t have predicted is that you’ll no longer be able to buy certain apps.

'Papers, Please' To Head To The App Store In Its Unedited Form

After instructing a game developer to resubmit indie darling Papers, Please due to a definition of pornography including ‘sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings’, Apple got its way. But shortly after, it’s reversing its decision — and Papers, Please will be re-resubmitted, nudity and all.

Apple Is Pulling A Bunch Of The Best iOS 8 Apps

Remember when Apple went after that handy note-taking widget, a popular app that’s one the first truly useful widgets for iOS 8? It turns out Apple has been pulling all kinds of apps that take advantage of new features in iOS 8 — even after they have been approved to be in the App Store. And developers are starting to get pretty upset.

Opera Wants To Make All Apps Subscription Services

Opera wants to shake up the app store as we know it. Instead of one-time paid and free apps, it wants to build a store where each and every app works as a subscriptions service.

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