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Listen To A Song That Hasn't Been Heard For A Thousand Years

An ancient song repertory lost since the 11th century has been reconstructed by researchers from the University of Cambridge.

Artificial Intelligence Sheds New Light On The Origins Of The Bible

Twenty six hundred years ago, a band of Judahite soldiers kept watch on their kingdom’s southern border in the final days before Jerusalem was sacked by Nebuchadnezzar. They left behind numerous inscriptions — and now, a groundbreaking digital analysis has revealed how many writers penned them. The research and innovative technology behind it stand to teach us about the origins of the Bible itself.

Batman And The Rise Of Nerd Culture

At exactly the same time Batman was becoming an obsessive, a new breed of enthusiast began its rise to prominence. For years they had lurked in the shadowy corners of popular culture, quietly pursuing their niche interests among themselves, keeping their heads down to avoid the inquisitive, judgemental gaze of the wider world.

Ancient Warrior Found Buried With Ritualistic Spears Stabbed Into His Body

Archaeologists working at the Pocklington burial site in Yorkshire have discovered the 2500-year-old skeletal remains of a high ranking warrior who was buried alongside his sword — and who had a half-dozen spears thrust into him in ritualistic fashion.

These Ancient 'Hand Prints' Were Not Made By Human Hands

The Wadi Sura cave in the Libyan Desert features a number of stencil paintings dating back to between 6000 and 8000 years ago, including over a dozen tiny human-like hand prints. Since its discovery, the hands were thought to belong to human babies, but an anthropologist now says they’re not human at all.

Sunken Bronze Age Settlement Is The 'Pompeii' Of Britain

Archaeologists in Britain have uncovered the charred remains of a 3000-year-old stilted wooden structure that plunged into the river after it caught fire. The remarkably well-preserved roundhouse is offering an unprecedented glimpse into what domestic life was like during the Bronze Age.

This Rediscovered Leather Trunk Contains Thousands Of Letters From The 17th Century

The 300-year-old linen-lined trunk is filled with over 2600 letters that were mailed out — but never received — between the years 1680 and 1706. Historians are now taking a closer look.

The Controversy Over Homo Naledi Is Actually A Good Thing

Homo naledi, the newly discovered species of early hominin announced last month, is drawing a lot of fire from paleoanthropologists.

The Plague Has Been Around For A Lot Longer Than We Thought

The Black Death wiped out nearly half the population of Europe during the 14th Century, a blight that swept through the continent in the gut of fleas. But a new analysis of ancient human DNA shows that the dreaded bacteria emerged at least 3000 years before the first plague pandemic — a time before it mutated into its modern and more virulent form.

Newly-Discovered, Ancient Humans Were Tree-Climbers Who Walked And Used Tools

Last month in South Africa, scientists announced the discovery of a new group of early humans called Homo naledi. Now an analysis shows that this hominin had hands capable of both tree climbing and tool use, plus feet that were adapted for walking upright.

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