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Every Major US Airline's Wi-Fi Service, Explained And Ranked

You know that Louis CK joke about Wi-Fi on aeroplanes? He says, “It’s fast, and I’m watching YouTube clips. It’s amazing — I’m on an aeroplane! And then it breaks down.… And the guy next to me goes, ‘This is bullshit.'” It’s so true.

This Cheap Little Circuit Could Double Data Speed On Your Next Phone

Wireless technology is already amazing. It’s any data you could ever want through the air. But some exciting innovations are hiding on the horizon. This cheap little circuit that allows a wireless antenna to send and receive data at the same time is one of them. It stands to double the rate at which your phone transfers data.

Tiny Satellite Antennas Are The Coolest Party Balloons You Never Had

There’s a small army of adorable, little, (sometimes) phone-powered satellites out in space, circling the globe. And while they’re damn impressive for their size, they face some challenges. They don’t have much room for antennas, for instance. But MIT’s new inflatable balloon antennas should change all that.

Graphene Antenna Could Give Us Wireless Terabit Uploads In One Second

Wireless uploads of big files take for-ev-er. But researchers at Georgia Tech University have plans for an antenna made of crazy thin graphene that would let you transfer a whole terabit of data in just one second.

Cat Survives After Eating TV Antenna

No matter how bad I feel for Alphie, this cat is stupid. He was rushed to the emergency room after eating a TV aerial antenna.

Is Watching TV Over The Airwaves Making A Comeback?

Between pay TV, Boxee and online streaming videos, there’s never been more ways to watch your favourite TV shows. So why are so many people turning to old-fashioned bunny ears to watch TV? Because it’s good, it’s cheap, and it’s live.

Spray-On Antenna Boosts Reception Using Zero Power

If you often find yourself lacking wireless signal, there may soon be a simple solution. Scientists have developed a spray-on coating that can boost your phone’s reception, make your home amplify signals instead of attenuating them, or even turn a tree into a transmitter.

Bowl-Shaped Antennae Could Shrink Phone Innards Forever

Other than the battery, a phone’s myriad radio antennae take up a good chunk of its internals. But a new design from the University of Michigan, funded by government grants, could dramatically change this. Tiny, hemispheric, super-efficient. Maybe the future.

Consumer Reports Confirms Verizon iPhone 4 Death Grip Problems

We’d heard previous reports that the Verizon iPhone 4 was susceptible to the same death grip issues that rocked the original iPhone, but now industry heavy Consumer Reports confirms it: the death grip is back. According to CR:

Verizon iPhone 4 Reportedly Loses Reception With Death Grip

You’d think that after protracted debacle of the AT&T iPhone 4’s attenuation problems, Apple would have made absolutely certain to fix the issue completely before the Verizon version hit. But this iLounge video indicates otherwise. Antennagate 2.0?

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