The FBI Used Open-Source Hackerware To Uncover Tor Users In 2012

Wired reports that the FBI used a bunch of cobbled together, freely available exploits to help expose users hidden behind Tor servers back in 2012. According to the report, the FBI relied on Metasploit to first deanonymise users operating Dark Net child porn sites during a sting called Operation Tornado.

Australian Federal Police Arrest Two Alleged Anonymous Hackers

The Australian Federal Police is out to teach alleged hackers a lesson, and after a lengthy investigation, it has arrested what it claims are two members of Anonymous.

British Spies Have Attacked Anonymous With DDoS

New documents leaked by Edward Snowden and obtained by NBC News suggest that the UK’s spy agency, GCHQ, launched a DDoS attack on the hacker collectives Anonymous and LulzSec.

Participating In Anonymous DDoS Attack For One Minute = $183,000 Fine

Eric Rosol is not a big-time hacker. However, the Wisconsin man did participate in the 2011 distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that Anonymous unleashed on Koch Industries — for one whole minute. And for that one minute of his life, a judge just decided, Rosol must pay a $US183,000 fine.

#OpAustralia Is Back: Australian Federal Police, Reserve Bank Attacked By Indonesia Cyber Army

A disgruntled hacktivist operating under the banner of Anonymous is claiming to have taken down the sites of both the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Reserve Bank down overnight as retribution for Australia’s ongoing spy operations against Indonesia and its senior officials.

Anonymous Has Been Hacking US Government Sites Since Last December

The FBI has released an official memo indicating that hackers related to Anonymous have been accessing federal government computers in various agencies for almost a year and stealing data.

Anonymous Hacker Gets 10 Years In Jail, Blames Informant Sabu

Anonymous hacker Jeremy Hammond knew that he was going to serve serious time for his role in the 2011 hack of Stratfor Global Intelligence. But, holy crap, the judge threw the book at the guy! The 28-year-old Chicago native was just sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. For hacking.

Queensland Police Dismiss So-Called 'Anonymous Threat'

It has been just over 48 hours since the Queensland Police Minister described a so-called “member” of “Anonymous” as a “gutless coward” for posting a video that he perceived as a threat Premier Campbell Newman. Now, police are dismissing the video and the accused Anon member, following what appears to have been a needless investigation.

Why The Anonymous 'Threat' To Campbell Newman Isn't Really A Threat At All

It’s being reported today that Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has been personally threatened by the hacktivist collective known as Anonymous. Don’t believe the hype.

Anonymous Hacked Quebec Government Sites With Primary School Student's Help

Primary school boys can be a handful. Tracking dirt into the house, crashing their bikes, helping Anonymous take down the local government’s websites. Wait, what?