Watch Hayao Miyazaki Animating The Last Shot Of His Career

Video: This excerpt from The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness – a new documentary about the legendary Studio Ghibli — shows anime master Hayao Miyazaki drawing the last shot of the last film of his career, The Wind Rises. It was precisely during the shooting of this documentary that Miyazaki decided to retire from filmmaking.

AnimeLab Is How You Do A Streaming Video Service Properly

I haven’t watched anime for years, but there’s one particular streaming service that is getting me back into it at a rapid pace.

Murakami Turns Pharrell Music Video Into Anime-Style Video Game

Video: Here’s the official music video for Pharrell Williams’ latest single “It Girl”. It’s a visual trip that combines lovely anime and nostalgia inducing 8-bit video games with the always colourful imagination of artist Takashi Murakami. It’s not so much a music video as it is moving art.

Oculus Rift Lets You Rest Your Lonely Head On An Anime Woman's Lap

It found you a car. It enlisted in the navy. It gave this grandma the thrill of her life. And now, at long last, the Oculus Rift is giving you a taste of what it’s like to know a woman’s touch sort of. Meet your new, anime, virtual girlfriend(‘s lap). It was only a matter of time.

Madman AnimeLab: Australian/NZ Anime Streaming Service With Free Trial

Madman Interactive has just unveiled AnimeLab, an anime-dedicated streaming service. It’s in beta, but it’s available now.

Japan Makes Awesome Anime Of Its Latest Rocket Launch With NASA

Today the NASA and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) launched a Japanese H-IIA rocket with the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory onboard. The joint mission will collect data to map global rainfall and snowfall every three hours. And there is an awesome anime about that. Because Japan.

The Congress Looks Like A Beautifully Heartbreaking Film

Imagine being digitally scanned so that your likeness can live forever. Imagine selling your “character” to a film studio so that it can preserve you and re-use you in future. Would you regret that decision and its implications? That’s the plot of The Congress, a French film that looks both beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

An Ode To The Unsung Art Of Anime Backgrounds

Backdrops are called backdrops for a reason — they’re designed to fade against the focus of a particular scene. But as a new single-serving Tumblr called Anime Backgrounds proves, sometimes the best art is to be found behind the characters.

Tom Cruise Looks Bloody Ridiculous In This Mechanical Battle Armour

I’m sure it’s meant to look exciting, thrilling even. Tom Cruise bolting hell for leather from an encroaching explosion, a mechanical suit strapped to his arms, legs and torso, providing support in all the important places. Unfortunately, due to a combination of his odd gait and crazy facial expression, it just looks a bit… meh.

Ghost In The Shell's Think Tanks Are Intimidating, Even In LEGO Form

Major Kusinagi’s climactic fight against the Alakuneda Think Tank in the original Ghost in the Shell is easily one of the best fight scenes in modern anime. Now, that arm-shearing battle has gotten a bit cuter with a think tank made from stock LEGO bricks.