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Warner Bros. And Toho Are Teaming Up For A Live-Action JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Movie

Attack on Titan, Ghost in the Shell, the ever-present threat of the chance for a western Akira movie… we’re living in an age of big anime-to-live-action-film adaptations. And now the zany shenanigans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure are joining the bandwagon, courtesy of Warner Bros. and Toho.

Fans Recreate Scenes From Akira In Gorgeous CG

Akira is one of the best and most beloved anime* of all time. Full stop.

The Gizmodo Guide To Gundam

For nearly four decades, Mobile Suit Gundam has defined the giant robot genre, and anime in general. As much an examination of war as a simple action series, Gundam can be intimidating for new viewers… but it doesn’t have to be.

Attack On Titan Will Finally Return In Autumn 2017

Fans of Hajime Isayama’s smash hit manga, and the wildly successful anime that it spawned in 2014, have been waiting for the show’s return to TV for over two years now — they have had to make do with movies, spinoff short series and even baby-fied versions of Eren and the crew. But the wait for season two is nearly over.

This Concept Art For Chris Evans And Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Akira Is Shockingly Cool

The idea of a live-action American remake of the seminal anime movie Akira has always seemed like a disaster in the making to me, and the fact that the movie has languished in various forms of development hell seems to corroborate that idea. But after seeing this concept art of Chris Evans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Kaneda and Tetsuo roles, I almost want to change my mind.

There Are Official Evangelion Dumbbells And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Do you like Evangelion? Do you like working out? Do you live in Japan? If you answered yes to all these questions, I’m pretty sure you still won’t want these utterly ridiculous, yet totally real Evangelion-branded dumbbells.

There's An Actual Baby Named Naruto And Now Anime Is Real

Naruto Scott Murphy was born earlier this month at 5:23am in Titusville, Florida, to parents Devon Scott Murphy and Deedra Lee Newsome. The baby, whose legal name — and I cannot stress this enough — is Naruto, was of normal health, aside of course from the giant, mythical nine-tailed fox sealed inside him.

10 Anime That Will Change Your Life

Only a handful of TV shows, movies, books or cartoons can be called “life-changing,” masterpieces that transform you and the way you perceive yourself and/or the world, or let you understand something you never did before. These 10 anime series will change you if you watch them. But it’s not a definitive list, so add your candidates in the comments!

The United States Of Japan Shows What Happens When Ideology Crumbles

In Peter Tieryas’ novel The United States of Japan, the United States loses the Second World War to Japan, and finds itself split between the invading Japanese army and Nazi Germany.

Australia Gets A New Convention: The Madman Anime Festival Is Coming To Melbourne

Designed to be the ultimate celebration of anime and Japanese culture, Madman Anime Festival will debut later this year in Melbourne. Held on 3 and 4 September at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the event is a collaboration between Madman and Animelab.

What can you expect? Think international guests and exhibitors, cosplay, live stage performances, pop-up shops, screenings, and “exclusive anime events”.

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