Animator Turns Nintendo Power Glove Into Cool Stop-Motion Film Tool

Animator Dillon Markey — who works for Robot Chicken and famous animation studio PESfilm — took an old Nintendo Power Glove, replaced the circuit board, added bluetooth connectivity and transformed it into a cool animation tool. This short documentary explains how he did it.

It's Hard To Believe This Horror Short Was Not Filmed With Real Cameras

I was zombied-out after Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead, the seminal horror movies by filmmaker George A. Romero, but apparently you kids keep loving those dumb walking corpses. You will like this fantastically crafted 3D animation short, which feels like the beginning of a full feature.

Guy Spent One Year Crafting One Second Of This Crazy Animation Per Day

Greg McLeod — from BAFTA Award-winning animation studio The Brothers McLeod — created “one second of animation every day for the 365 days of the year 2013.” According to him, there was “no storyline, script or storyboard. The ideas come from things read, seen or experienced on the day.” Brilliant.

Short Film: Loneliness Is The Most Common Illness 

Video: 366 Days – an award-winning animation short film written and directed by Johannes Friedrich Schiehsl — tells the story of a young man working in an ambulance during his year of national service. As he gets closer to his patients he realises they all suffer from the same illness: Loneliness.

Clever Animation Shows How We Hide Our True Feelings To The World

Video: Elena Rogova’s Appearance and Reality is a clever short story that tackles something we can all relate to: the difference between the feelings we show to the world and our hidden true feelings. It’s like as we grow up, we put on a mask to suppress our feelings to look cool or appear strong or whatever. Screw that.

What It's Like Being Inside An Artist's Sketch Book

Video: I’m imagining this animation by Minhyuk Jang called Rocketboy as a glimpse into the note book from the kid in the back of the classroom. It’s a little dark mixed with a lot of imagination and is sketched in a way that reminds me of those outside of the margins doodles that we all made. Only this time, they’re moving together in a story.

Video: The Life Of An Ant Is Just Like A Fun Video Game

Video: I really enjoyed this video from Shiva Kumar and Siddharth Manugula about tracking the life of ants. It turns them into a video game of sorts, with battery life meters and Wi-Fi signalling and objectives and goals. It’s also fun to see “human” things get digitally imposed into their world like street lamps and mini buildings too.

The Hilarious Ridiculousness Of The New Star Wars' Crossguard Lightsaber

Like the rest of us, Machinima Happy Hour wondered what would happen after the crossguard lightsaber scene in the new Star Wars trailer. Unlike the rest of us, they created this hilarious animation imagination of how ridiculous that fight would be because adding light sabers to just anything is just crazy.

Short Film: The Grim Reaper Can Be Bad At His Job Too

I like this cute short film from animation studio Simpals called ‘Dji. Death fails’ because it shows how the Grim Reaper can be bad at his job too. Death, he’s just like us! The Grim Reaper thinks he has easy pickings when a driver careens off the road, but ends with death escaping, well, death.

A True Australian Survival Story About A Crazy Fishing Trip Gone Wrong

Red Bull is animating crazy surfer stories and this one from surfer Dean ‘Dingo’ Morrison is a doozy. It starts when he decides to buy a boat to try and catch the biggest fish he can. But him and his friends get too drunk and capsize the boat and end up swimming from island to island in search of rescue.