Short Film: An Underwater Adventure Begins When A Proposal Goes Wrong

Video: Taking the Plunge is a cute short animation film that shows the hijinks a person could get into when he accidentally drops an engagement ring into the ocean. Meet an adorable sidekick octopus, dodge an evil giant shark, explore the underworld of the ocean and still manage to get the girl at the end.

Watch The Opera House Come Alive With Projection Mapping Animation For Vivid Sydney

The Sydney Opera House is as iconic a building there is in this world so it’s always stunning to see it come alive as a canvas for artists to display their animation on. Twenty different animation studios teamed up to transform the Sydney Opera House into a living mural that is just so enjoyable to watch. The colours, the characters, the mini-stories, the art, you forget that you’re looking at a building and start to think that the building has a personality of its own.

Video: More Recycled Scenes From Different Disney Animation Movies

Here are more recycled and reused scenes that Disney lifts from previous animation movies and then adds to its others movies. You can see how the same general movement and scene constructions are used but just with different characters across different movies. It’s both very revealing and endlessly interesting to compare.

Video Shows How Disney Recycled Scenes In Its Animation Movies

Sometimes instead of coming up with new ideas for scenes in movies, it’s just easier to copy your own work. Check out this video that shows how Disney recycled and re-used and repurposed scenes from its movies. Sleeping Beauty is Beauty in the Beast, Robin Hood was used in Snow White and so on.

Silly Animation Imagines If Fast And Furious 7's Stunts Were Realistic

Some people think the Fast and Furious movie franchise is too ridiculous and dumb and filled with stunts that are even more realistic and dumb. Those people are so, so wrong. Because it really doesn’t matter how crazy it gets because it’s fun as hell to watch. You wouldn’t want to see the realistic version because they’d just be stuck in traffic all the time.

Fun Video Reveals The Hidden Easter Eggs In Pixar Movies

Video: Pixar movies are always fun to watch because of the characters and the stories and most of all, the personality that each film has. The storytellers and animators of Pixar love to leave little unique bread crumbs in each movie to give the die hard fans something to talk about. Here’s a fun video showing fun easter eggs in Pixar movies.

Video: The History Of The PG-13 Rating And Why The MPAA Sucks

The Dissolve put together this neat animation that briefly looks at the history of the PG-13 rating, a rating that was invented after Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Gremlins was released. And in discussion of the rating, it reveals how backwards the MPAA can be when it comes to violence vs sex, love and nudity.

Short Animation Makes Fun Of Our Embarrassing Addiction To Smartphones

Video: We’re missing out on the world around us because we’re all so focused on what’s happening in the world inside of our phones. This bitingly hilarious animation jabs at our smartphone addiction by showing cartoon characters so obsessed with their phones that they don’t notice danger in front of them, or when their clothes have been stripped off, or when people are dying and so on. It’s great.

Short Film: The Daily Struggle Of Living In A City That's Too Crowded

Video: I never feel more at peace with life than when I’m in a crowded city that always has people on top of me, below me, around me and suffocating me, making me wonder if humans are meant to live in cities. This short film by Tim Divall examines the pains of living in a crowded city in such a hilarious exaggerated fashion that anyone who has step foot inside the “concrete jungle” would recognise that it’s basically all true.

Cute Short Shows A Digital Animation Vs A Traditional Drawing

Video: Digital animations are great! But so are more traditional drawings! This cute short film by Nata Metlukh pits a digital animation against a traditional drawing and we see the strengths and weaknesses of each as they battle for supremacy. The slickness of digital vs the nostalgia of drawing traditionally. Versatility vs what’s simple. And so on. It’s all very fun.