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A Giant Robot And The 1986 Transformers Movie Taught Me About The Cold Inevitability Of Death

Optimus Prime passed away on 8 August 1986. It was 30 full years ago, when Transformers: The Movie debuted, that the heroic robot sacrificed his own life to defeat the evil Megatron. But an event that was tragic for Prime’s fellow Autobots turned out to be completely traumatic for me and God knows how many other kids.

This Firefly Cartoon Is Too Perfect To Actually Exist

Video: Firefly might be long gone from TV, but there isn’t a power in the ‘verse that will stop fans from cooking up tempting what-might-have-beens. Case in point, this delightful teaser for the Firefly animated show that some parallel universe is probably really enjoying round about now.

The Animators Of Sausage Party Are Speaking Out About Intolerable Conditions

Sausage Party has become the surprise hit of a winter sorely lacking in them, making almost $US37 million ($48 million) on a $US19 million ($25 million) budget. Well, now animators are speaking out about how the film kept costs down.

The Making Of Sausage Party Is A Tale Of Pubic Hair, Orgies, And Religious Discovery

Hot dogs who want to have sex with buns: this was the original idea behind Sausage Party, the animated film coming to theatres soon. It’s the first animated film released by a major studio in 17 years to be R-rated in the US and making it was not without its difficulties.

Smart Animation Taught Me More About The US Civil War Than History Class

Video: I’m pretty sure I could pass a high school history test about the US Civil War armed with only the knowledge that was dropped on me from watching this highly entertaining 10-minute animation from John D. Ruddy. I’m actually halfway certain I would do better on that test after watching this YouTube video than I would have if I read a sterile textbook.

How Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything

Video: The future is going to be genetically modified. That means the future could be disease-free with babies being designed in labs by parents who live in a world where ageing has stopped all thanks to genetic engineering. Or the future might be something else entirely with state-mandated genetic engineering to turn citizens into super soldiers. Who knows.

Report: The Ghostbusters Sequel Is Being Shelved In Favour Of An Animated Movie

Ghostbusters has been out for a bit now, and a new story from The Hollywood Reporter says that the movie is going to lose millions. As a result, a sequel has been put on the back burner — but Ghostbusters isn’t quite dead yet.

Super Fun Stop Motion Animation Turns Paper Into Delicious Food

Video: These stop motion short animations show what it’s like to turn paper into things like penne with meatballs or a bowl of ramen or a banana split. They’re so damn clever and fun that it hurts my cheeks when I watch them.

Former Ghibli Producer Details The Large Amount Of Work That Goes Into Creating A Movie

Studio Ghibli’s films are legendary for multiple reasons, one of course being the gorgeous animation, much of it hand drawn. Even in the 21st century, when most studios were using CGI to create feature-length films, Hayao Miyazaki, for example. went back to traditional styles for his 2008 film Ponyo.

Short Animation Exposes The Many Grossly Embarrassing Things The Human Body Can Do [NSFW]

Video: Aisha Madu’s animated short Bodily Dysfunctions starts off with an awkward meeting between two men who can’t figure out how to shake hands — and quickly becomes a very surreal (and NSFW) exploration of the title. The simple animation style is absolutely perfect vehicle for all the glorious ickiness.

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