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These 3D Animations Will Take You Inside The Human Body (Online)

Have you ever wanted to see what’s going on inside the human body? The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Victoria is creating a free online database of more than 100 scientifically accurate 3D biomedical animations.

Thrawn Isn't The Only Surprise In The Star Wars Rebels Season Three Trailer

Rebels has a new Big Bad, and it’s an old Big Bad — Grand Admiral Thrawn, the brilliant Imperial military commander who took over the remnants of the Empire in the old Expanded Universe, as revealed in the very first EU novel trilogy by Timothy Zahn. But that’s just the tip of the X-Wing of the fun in this giant trailer.

A Chameleon Redefines Gluttony In This Adorably Gross Animated Short

Video: This homage to nature films from director Tomer Eshed is titled Our Wonderful Nature: The Common Chameleon. The animated faux-doc takes a particular interest in the lizard’s eating habits, which amount to astonishing gluttony even though it never leaves its perch. Bonus points for the perfectly droll narration.

The Killing Joke Movie Is A Disaster, Right Down To Its Comic-Con Panel

The Killing Joke is a 30-year-old Batman graphic novel that goes to ugly places, especially in what it does Batgirl. And when folks expressed anger at Barbara Gordon’s portrayal in a new, controversial scene in the upcoming film adaptation during a DC panel, things got ugly in real life.

The Gizmodo Guide To Gundam

For nearly four decades, Mobile Suit Gundam has defined the giant robot genre, and anime in general. As much an examination of war as a simple action series, Gundam can be intimidating for new viewers… but it doesn’t have to be.

Watch Classic Video Games Get Recreated In Stop Motion With Random Objects

Video: All those old games that people used to play? They’re still a lot of fun. Kids today can have their Overwatch and their Pokemon GO, just give me the simple complexity of a Centipede or a Frogger or an Asteroids and I’ll always be happy. They will never get old. Stop-motion animation masters PES made an ode to those games of yesteryear by recreating them with totally random objects like steaks and cupcakes and beetles.

The Transformers: Combiner Wars Cartoon Has Its First, Mind-Bogglingly Cool Trailer

Video: The first trailer for the much-anticipated new Transformers cartoon has rolled out at Comic-Con, offering a first look at the Machinima-made series. The verdict: Man the show can’t get here quick enough.

This Japanese Trailer For Disney's Moana Has A Real Miyazaki-ness To It

Video: Hey, if you’re going to advertise an animated film in Japan, why not release footage reminiscent of its greatest anime director?

How Futurama Made Maths And Science Funny

Futurama may not make me laugh as hard as other comedies, but its vision of the future and all the shenanigans that come with it have always been enjoyable to watch (throughout all its various cancellations and comebacks). Kaptain Kristian makes the case that Futurama is special because it was the “master of hiding brilliance in plain sight. Bridging the gap between comedy and arithmetic while bringing humanity to the science.”

What Kind Of Scary Creatures Are Hiding Deep In The Ocean?

Video: The deep sea is home to creatures that are sort of normal but then have some sick twist that make them monstrous and so creepy you want to peel your skin off. A squid can’t be just a squid, it has to be a giant squid the size of a school bus. A shark can’t just be a shark, it has to be a goblin shark with a jaw that protrudes out of their face. A giant isopod looks like the world’s largest cockroach and zombie worms are freaking called zombie worms. Life is scary down there, man.

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