This Hypnotic Music Video Made Me Go Into Weekend Mode Again

Mornings are tough. I had my shower, my coffee, I went through my morning work routine, and just when I thought I was recovering from my monday blues I bumped into this: A surreal and hypnotic animated music video that made me go into full weekend mode again.

This Hand-Drawn Big Hero 6 Trailer Is So Simple But So Lovely

CGI is wonderful, and I love it when excellent animators use it for their films, but there’s something about the ol’ trusty pen and pencil way of hand drawing (even if it’s not done with a pen and pencil) that always makes me smile. It’s like doing things simpler is sometimes better.

How Guardians Of The Galaxy Should Have Ended

Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the best movies of the year and probably one of the funnest movies I’ve seen in a long while but it also had its fair share of logic gaps that were glossed over. HISHE hilarious fixed the movie by changing some scenes in the movie so it all makes sense. Spoiler alert: the bad guys win.

Has An App Ever Made You Feel Special?

Last night, I experienced a moment of pure wonder. It felt like it was meant for me. Sick in bed, still coughing and sneezing at 3am, I absentmindedly checked my smartphone. To my astonishment, a tiny blue spark appeared on my screen.

Seeing Random Objects Get Animated To Act Like Birds Makes Me Laugh

Video: Here’s a silly exercise in animation: Zeitguised made this lighthearted clip to show how different objects would look and act like if they were birds. Yeah, I told you it was silly. But I can’t stop laughing at sliced eggs and a bunch of leaves and worms sitting on a tree branch. Oh the worms.

Stop-Motion Video Shows What It's Like To Chase Something That's Lost

We’ve all been there. When things change, when love is gone, when something happens, when someone leaves, we spend too much time chasing it back again. Péter Vácz made this stop-motion animation music video for James’ All I’m Saying to illustrate that chase.

New York At Night Beautifully Recreated With 3454 Oil Paintings

I’ve had this night in New York before. Actually, anyone who has lived there has had this night. And though you might not immediately recognise it, you will. That’s because the art in this video is lifted straight from those nights you don’t exactly remember but you know were awesome. Basically, New York on any given night.

Short Film: The Bloody Re-Encounter Of Two Old Childhood Friends

Video: Despite Facebook, we all have childhood friends we’ve completely lost track of. This short animated film — beautifully drawn by Amsterdam-based filmmaker Hisko Hulsing — tells the story of one of this reencounters going really bad.

What The Characters From South Park Look Like In Real Life

If you ever wondered what the characters of South Park looked like in real life in the minds of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, wonder no more. Last night’s crazy episode revealed what Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny would look like if they weren’t just cartoons made of shapes and circles but actual humans instead.

Everything You Need To Know About The Cold War In A 9-Minute Animation

These cute animations that teach you about our history are just the best. Partly because I love history, partly because the cartoon drawings make me laugh and partly because I really think I’m learning more than I ever did in school. I mean, spending 10 minutes on YouTube is better than a semester at school.

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