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Snow White And The Seven Dwarves Makes A Surprisingly Great Crime Movie

We’ve seen endless adaptations of Snow White, but we’ve never seen one quite like this. In this animated short, a crew of thieves in matching hats has just pulled the job of their lives, but things don’t turn out quite as they expected.

This Dark Animation About The Future Is Stunning

Video: The music video for Lorn’s song Anvil doubles as a short animation about the future where the year is 2100 and overpopulation is dealt with by a mandatory postmortem social network. That is, a social network where people are forced to plug in and die. Yeah, it’s a wee bit dark.

Ink, Coffee And Wite-Out Helped Make This Wonderfully Intricate Animated Short

Video: Jake Fried’s hand-drawn Mind Frame may only last one minute, but it’s incredibly intricate, crafted from detailed drawings made using ink, coffee and Wite-Out. And this is just one of several similar yet distinctly different experimental animations in his body of work.

Disney Pulls Offensive Moana Costume Off The Shelves

Just a few days after people noticed that a costume of the demigod Maui being manufactured and sold by Disney included a bodysuit of tattoos and darker skin, Disney has removed the costume from stores, both physical and online.

Here Are All The Space Ghost Episodes You Can Watch Right Now For Free

It’s not every episode of cult animated series Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, but Adult Swim has just made a binge-worthy selection of episodes from over nine seasons available for free and easy streaming. The occasion is a sad one — the passing of lead animator and voice actor C. Martin Croker — but there’s no better way to pay tribute.

Fox Is Making A Movie About The Friendship Between A Preteen And A Preteen Bigfoot

Fox is making an animated feature that sounds just perfect — an adaptation of Jennifer Weiner’s children’s book The Littlest Bigfoot, about two 12-year-olds who feel like they don’t belong in their worlds but do love each other. The best friends are one human and one Bigfoot.

The New Moana Trailer Is An Epic Start To Adventure

Video: Of course, Moana’s actual meeting with the demigod Maui is a bit more frustrating than it normally is in most mythic adventures. But holy crap, Auli’i Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson have such good chemistry as these characters.

The New Trolls Movie Trailer Is For Masochists Only

Video: Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, in both real and animated form, do their duty in this trailer for Trolls, Dreamworks’ upcoming CG musical that is “a story about happiness” that also manages to work in a treacly cover of “True Colours”. Who knew the wild-haired plastic toys that inspired this tale could be so emo?

When Two Robots Are Created To Do Nothing But Feel Emotions, Of Course They'd Fall In Love

Video: “ei: emotional intelligence” is a lovely short film from Dennis Sungmin Kim made during his first year at the University of Pennsylvania. There’s a touch of Wall-E here, sure, but mostly it feels like an unusually sophisticated children’s book.

Alien Vs Predator Stop-Motion Battle Takes It To The Tiny Streets

Video: The Predator is on a mission to destroy a barrage of bean-headed aliens that have invaded a small office — with Boba Fett’s help, of course.

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