I Don't Know What This Is, But It's So Cool You Should Watch It

Video: I don’t know what Italian animators Salvatore Murgia and Dario Imbrogno mean by this: “OTTO is a video created with the intention to talk in a metaphorical and abstract way about the natural circle of events, which often switches the rules of the characters involved.” But I know you should watch it because it’s great.

Great Animated Short Film Is As Sweet, Fun And Sad As Real Love Is

Video: I read somewhere that love was invented as a cure for loneliness. I don’t know if that’s completely true, but this brilliant short film — directed by Julio Pot — illustrates that thought perfectly.

Simple Animation Explains Why You Should Vaccinate Your Kids

There’s a lot of hubbub and crap being spewed about not vaccinating your kids and letting measles creep back into our lives. The animation explaining shop Kurz Gesagt doesn’t want to deal with the arguments of pseudo-science, they just want to explain what measles does inside your body. And why it’s helpful for everyone to get vaccines.

These Crazy Animation Loops Are Addictive

Video: I imagine that the creators of The Amazing World of Gumball are heavy consumers of zolpidem tartrate. Argentinean animation studios Ronda probably got a few boxes too, so they came up with theses never-ending loops of the show for Cartoon Network. Pure sour eye candy.

Watching This Cute Animation Makes Me All Nostalgic And Tingly Inside

I think this animation should totally be a test to see if you’re a decent human being who remembers the ’80s or ’90s: If you have feelings of nostalgia or get some tingles when you see some of these animations, you’re a human! If you don’t, you’re a sad robot (or a sucker who wasn’t around when life was fun).

This Cute, Animated Short Film Would Make Miyazaki Proud

Video: Tsunami is a cute — and perfectly crafted — animated short film made by the students at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. It tells the story of a man returning to his house, flooded after a tsunami, and water spirit that got trapped there.

Short Film: This Hilarious Love Story Between Snails Is Worthy Of Pixar

Video: This collaborative animated film tells the hilarious story of two snails in love tragically separated by a very busy highway — and a daredevil frog that risks his life jumping from one speedy car to another.

Awesome Animation Is Like A Cross Between Back To The Future and Tron

Video: If this video doesn’t get you going, you’re dead inside and we can’t be friends. Florian Renner made this short animation, Retrowave, as an ode to the style of the 1980s. It basically combines the worlds of Back to the Future and Tron by turning the DeLorean into a Light Cycle on The Grid.

Life Would Be A Lot Cooler If It Had These Anime Effects Built In

Neat animation effects in this video directed by Ernest Desumbila for Lighten Up, the latest song by Citizens! This London band kind of reminds me of Phoenix after going through a dance club blender mixed with some LCD Soundsystem and Pet Shop Boys ice. Good track to drive around LA, destination unknown.

Watch The Simpsons Couch Gag Get Recreated In Glorious Pixel Animation

Video: Here’s one way to make you nostalgically love The Simpsons even more: add more nostalgia by recreating the entire opening sequence in pixel animation. Animated by Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon, this 16-bit pixelated rendition of The Simpsons completely nails it. It should totally be an official couch gag for a future episode.