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10 Inventions That The Simpsons Totally Predicted

The Simpsons have been around for so long (since 1989!) that it’s no surprise that they have influenced our culture so much. And though obviously it’s much easier to make a cartoon joke about fake inventions than to actually invent them in the real world (and they’re not always the first TV show to predict them), some of these inventions really were influenced by the fiction of Homer and Marge and Bart and Lisa and the rest of the world of Springfield.

Short Animation Shows How Beer Is Destructively Necessary (NSFW)

Directed by Nerdo, this short animation interprets the poem about beer from Charles Bukowski and it’s so dark and bitingly true and totally spot on about the dependency that someone could have on beer (or wine or whiskey or whatever). We get in the mind of a man who has accepted what alcohol has done to him but feels the need to keep on going.

Cute Animation Imagines What Our Dogs Do When We Leave The House

Video: What does ol’ Fido do when we leave the house for the entire day? Does he wait patiently in front of the door? Or does he celebrate the freedom and jump on couches and eat snacks he’s not supposed to? Does he mourn a broken heart? Or does he not even notice? This fun animated short by Pieter Vandenabeele imagines a dog’s life and how wacky he gets when he’s left alone.

Life And Death Are Hipsters In Love In This Short Film

Video: Any longer than it is, and Death Loves Life would be just a bit too twee. But at under four minutes, the love between these personifications of life and death is just sweet.

The Adventures Of Drunky Is The R-Rated Animated Comedy We've Been Waiting For

The Adventures of Drunky is a passion project for filmmaker Aaron Augenblick. It’s about a boozehound who somehow gets stuck in the middle of a wacky bet between God and Satan. It’s also that rarest of creatures: an R-rated, animated comedy feature aimed at adult audiences. But Augenblick has high hopes.

Awesome Animated GIFs Show The Famous Characters Actors Play In Their Careers

Artist Prasad Bhat made this fantastic art series, The Evolution, that tracks the career of famous actors and the iconic roles they have played in different movies. It’s great because the expression of each actor never changes (and the expressions are so, so on point), even through all the characters’ costumes and wigs and facial hair and so forth.

The Adventure Is Bigger Than Ever In The Last Kubo And The Two Strings Trailer 

Video: This winter some huge, epic action films will be coming to a theatre near you, but none of them look like they can hold a candle to Kubo and the Two Strings. The third trailer is here and it shows an adventure on an epic scale we rarely see in movies — and definitely not movies made with stop-motion animation.

How Humans Can Sort Of See The Invisible

Video: What superpower would you want to have? The ability to fly? Teleport? Turn invisible? Time travel? Heal? What about to ability to see the invisible? Not exactly the flashiest power you can have especially because we can kind of, sort of, do that right now. This lovely animation explainer from Amaël Isnard shows how though we can’t see magnetic forces in action, we at least get to see the auroras in the north and south poles, which reveal the invisible magnetic field of Earth.

The Latest Simpsons Couch Gag Highlights Disney's Classic Animation

Video: The couch gag is a fun departure for the opening of The Simpsons, and the latest pays homage to Disney’s classic years, animated by Disney’s own Eric Goldberg.

This Short Film Offers A Simple Yet Powerful Ode To Imagination And Transformation

Video: Everyone who’s stuck in a dull, repetitive routine can relate to Sisyphus — the Greek king doomed to spend his life pushing a boulder up a hill, only to see it roll down every time he got to the top. James Bascara’s Upon the Rock imagines one man’s odd but seemingly much-needed jailbreak from the drudgery of life.

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