12 Rare Flintstones Production Shots From The Golden Age Of Animation

The animated landscape is one big Uncanny Valley now, dominated by massive digital conglomerates. But a half-century ago, the world’s animation powerhouse was an independent outfit run by Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera, creators of The Flintstones, Tom & Jerry and Scooby-Doo. This previously unpublished gallery of imagery peeks inside their workshop as the tiny studio gained global prominence.

Watch A Young Terry Gilliam Explain How He Makes Monty Python Animations

There’s a lot to love about vintage Monty Python — dead parrots, silly walks, lumberjacks, killer rabbits — but Terry Gilliam’s magic touch with his signature cut-out animations really gave the group a goofball creative edge. In this clip from the early 1970s, a fresh-faced Gilliam (with an incredible ‘do) describes his no-tech approach to the process.

The Perils Of Excessive Home Automation Captured In A Cute Animated Film

Video: This beautifully animated short film tells a tale of over reliance on home automation and the perils that come with it. We don’t always own our objects, sometimes they come to own us.

Doodles And An iPhone Turn Adam Savage's Lab Into An Animated Playground

Ingenious animator Marty Cooper has turned the entire world into his plaything using little more than animation cels, an iPhone, and his own cute, imagined critters. Now, Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame has invited him into his workshop so you can see just how Cooper makes his animated magic come to life.

Stuntmen In LED Suits Made This Impossible Parkour Run A Reality

The advent of CGI has allowed us to realise things on-screen we never thought would be possible — from living, breathing dinosaurs, to giant transforming robots. But it’s become so over-used that over-the-top practical effects now draw the biggest wows from audiences, like Lexus’ use of countless LED-suit clad stuntmen to create one unbelievable parkour run across Kuala Lumpur.

Here's Why Frozen Sucks

For a while there, it seemed like all anyone wanted to talk about was the movie Frozen. Elsa. Building a snow man. Letting it go. Lip syncing. Saying things like Disney Animation is better than Pixar now. Yadda and yadda. But was the movie that good? Is it a Disney classic?

Animation Explains How To Easily Understand Your Entire Family Tree

You got your mum and dad and sister and brother. Aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents are easy enough to understand. But what about your extended family of second cousins and those twice removed, or great aunts and kids of that one lady who was always at your family parties? What do you call them? This explainer by CGP Grey breaks it down for you.

This Must Be What Watching Acid Punk On Acid Looks Like [NSFW]

Video: Acid Punk rockers Bo Ningen crank their weirdness amps up to 11 in this demented music video from Marie Schuller. They have it all: sexy naked ladies, rumbling burly guys, androgenous musicians and lots of intense staring directly into the camera.

Ghost In The Shell Animation Intro Turned Into Live Action [NSFW]

This gorgeous video looks at how a live-action tribute to Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell was put together by a group of 20 international artists. It shows the reconstruction of classic shots based on the original opening sequence — the detail is beautiful and I wish they would finish the remaining 75 minutes.

The Most Awesomest Song About Dreamcatchers You'll Hear This Week

Video: Take a fun and fancy free tour of your subconscious in this delightful animated short. Because, really, who among us hasn’t dreamt of 1000 Robocops dancing in order to awaken a Kracken while Emilio Estevez calls for the Flying V?